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Saturday, September 20, 2014

You Might Be A Compulsive Overeater If ...

If you think you might be a food addict, here's a simple test to take to be sure.

I've listed ten signs. Count how many of these sentences or questions that you answer in the affirmative.

1.   You hide food at different places; your home, your job, your car.

2.   You tell white lies. Maybe you say you spent $20 on the kids’ books, but forget to tell that you spent $10 for junk food for yourself.

3.   You think of food all the time, planning what you’ll eat next.

4.   You leave early for work, meeting, whatever to allow time to pick up something to eat in case you get hungry while you're there.

5.   You buy one of your favorite foods, intending to eat it over several days, but you can't leave it alone. Instead you eat and eat until it's gone.

6.   Have you ever eaten so much at one setting that you were stuffed and nauseas?

7.   Have you ever eaten one meal by yourself, and then eaten another meal with someone else?

8.   You’ve  lost weight on a diet only to regain it again  with more added.

9.   Have you every suffered from a sugar overdose and then craved  sweets for days?

10.  Have you ever looked forward to time by yourself at work or at home, when you could eat uninhibited?


If you say yes to three or more of these signs, run, don't walk, to get help. Find a twelve step program for food addicts, a teacher, or class that won’t advise you to just use will power, but will instead send you to the One who has all power.
Don't search for answers. Seek after God.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

#FREE Devotions this month

Is it time for you to lose weight?

Here's the steps to take:

1. Make decision
2. Pray

3. God shows you the strategy to fulfill the decision

4. When you flounder, reinforce your decision to God.

5. God provides the strength to take the next step.

Proverbs 16: 9

   A man’s mind plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps and makes them sure.


Time is going to pass whether you lose weight or not. Isn’t it wonderful if, as it passes, the pointer on the scale is going in the right direction?

          This is a quote from a Weight Watcher leader.

This month only, Pen-L Publishing is offering a free devotion a day from my book Divine Dining: 365 Devotions to Guide You to Healthier Weight and Abundant Wellness.

Don't miss this opportunity even if you only thought about wishing you could lose weight God's way. There is no obligation. All you have to do is click on    

and download  30 free devotions.
 I pray they speak to you.
Sept. 2 Bonnie Lanthripe will be blogging about Divine Dining at

Sept. 7 Winona Cross will be blogging about Divine Dining
Another day in Sept. Lee Carver will be blogging about Divine Dining
If anyone sees any of these blogs and e-mails me @
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I'll be watching this next week for your e-mail, or you can comment here.


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Set Goals and Dreams for 2014

Have you set new goals for 2014, yet? Today is February 1. It's past time.

My devotion book, Divine Dining, offers these suggestions in the devotion for December 31.

But God hath revealed them unto us by his Spirit, for the Spirit searcheth all things, yeat the deep things of God. 1 Corinthians 2:10

      Tomorrow we begin a new year. New Years Resolutions may not work, but setting well-thought-out, written, and prayed-over goals do. It’s time to evaluate the illness that tied us in knots. Has God brought an emotional healing during this year? Has He started a new work? Have you hit bottom where you’re ready to begin?

     Wherever you are on the path, it’s time to focus on where you want to go. In the new year, will it be God’s Way, or My way for you?
     Go through these steps.


     Decide if you’re ready to submit to God

     Read this daily devotion book in the new year and

          everything else that will help, especially the Bible

     Energize through leaving off sugars and fats that drain

          your vitality.

     Admit your powerlessness and Ask God to take over your


     Mentor others as you receive your day-by-day healing.


 Here's another example of how to DREAM. 


    Discern God’s will daily.

    Record your progress and reaffirm God’s leading.

    Eat the Word. Make it part of you.

    Associate with friends that pray and encourage.

    Maintain contact with God regardless of what’s going on in


Prayer: I can’t. God can. Lead me in the coming year.
Check out also the post under, Dream on, Writers, published on another page on this site. This article has appeared in several magazines and newsletters and aims the goal setting more for writers. As you can tell, I love acrostics.

Many of you already own Divine Dining. If you don't, go to the link above now to purchase it, or find it also on Amazon in print or kindle version.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

My 10 Best Tips for Losing Weight

In October, many of us run a mad dash to lose weight before the holiday season. Even ones that try to maintain their weight loss are thinking of ways to keep down the pounds before holiday temptations seduce us to indulge.

Time to think of ways to help. Here's my best 10 tips:

1. First Things First
      Give your body what it needs, give to God your worship and devotion.
      Often we put food on the throne of our lives. No one can lose weight this way.
      Through God comes power.

       Stress, loneliness, boredom, depression; these are things that drive us to overeat.
       Get in the habit of writing out your problems every day. In this way, you release them to God and no longer need worry.

3. Be Colorful
        My husband compliments me on my colorful plates. Vegetables and fruits add orange, red, yellow, green, and purple to your meals. Strive for 5-6 servings of vegetables and fruits every day.

4. Tip the Milk
        (Fat-free, of course) Have 2 servings of dairy a day. Stick with low fat yogurt, cheese, milk. Studies prove we lose better with dairy on our menu.

5. Move It, or Lose It
        Activity is important. Weight loss comes from eating less calories than we use up daily. If we use more calories, guess what, we get to eat more. Leave it to a recovering compulsive overeater to utilize that. If you have leg pain, strengthen your upper body with exercise. If you're overweight and out of shape, take short, slow walks to begin. Do something if at all possible.

     Extra benefits to activity are to lower blood pressure, strengthen muscles, relieve depression, increase metabolism, and get our minds off our loneliness.

6. Divine Dining
      Okay, I'm prejudiced since I wrote the devotion book Divine Dining, but long before I wrote this book, I read and still read excerpts from inspirational books that keep my mind on the goal of eating unto Christ. 

    “For wherever I am, though far away at the ends of the earth, I will cry to you for help. When my heart is faint and overwhelmed, lead me to the mighty, towering Rock of safety.” Psalm 61:2 Life Recovery Bible
     Overeating slows our productivity and causes sluggishness and a bad attitude. Our salvation comes not from extra snacks or scrumptious desserts. In devouring these things, we put them in the place of God, but only the one true God can satisfy the weakness of our heart or restore the joy of our lives.
             from Divine Dining, October 26 devotion
7. Get Help
     Find a support group to encourage you. Whether you go to Weight Watchers, a TOPS group, Overeaters Anonymous, or a Christian weight loss group, the support of others who walk where you walk keeps you encouraged, your determination bolstered.
8. New Use for the Frying Skillet
      Refuse to fry meat or veggies. Instead, spray that pan with no-fat cooking spray, put on a lid, and steam those veggies, or stir-fry them with meat. Cook that fish with healthy, good-tasting olive oil.
9. Really? Do I have to use Calories on Oil?
      Health studies show healthy oils like canola, olive, safflower benefits our health with Vitamin E and fatty acids. The thing I like about them is simple. When I eat two teaspoons of oil a day, I don't get hungry.
10.Delete the Sugar, Decrease the Salt
      I'm a sweetaholic. I do best leaving sugar out altogether, but it lies hidden in pasta sauces and prepared foods. Watch the labels. God expects us to be responsible for what we put in our body. It is the temple of God.
Well, there's my top 10. Do you have others? Leave a comment, and let us know. We all need help here.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Recovering Food Addict

Twenty years ago I entered the room at 250 lbs to join a group the leader called Christian Weight Controllers. For the previous thirty years, I'd been on more diets and indulged in more binges than the many mosquitos that stormed me during a Texas summer.

My hope faltered.

My faith drooped.

The words I heard during that meeting filled me with guilt and drove me to the nearest convenience store for a package of Reese's candy treats. I decided to quit, but God nagged my conscience and nudged me with a glimmer of trust.

I attended the second meeting. A sweet, older lady named Sister Stack sat beside me. "I'm so glad you're here. I prayed for you this week," she said.

At that point, I knew that I must give up, quit fighting, and ask God to do it for me.

He did.

One of the things I did in the beginning was write three goals, three reasons I'd like to lose weight.

Top of Lower Falls (our goal)
Here was my three:
     1. Good health
     2. Increased self esteem
     3. Be able to climb mountains

Now, that last one might make you laugh, but here's my story. My husband and I love the mountains and go there nearly every year. When my mother was alive, we took her with our family. One trip was one of humiliation--mine.

My husband, three daughters, and 78-year-old mother, and I climbed a mountain. I took twice as long as anyone else and arrived with a racing heart, heavy breathing, and red face. My mother had no problems. I broke into tears and never wanted to try to climb a mountain again. Only, I really wanted to climb one. I longed to be that fit. I never lost that dream.

Today, I live my dream.  
Lower Falls at a distance

 I maintain a weight of 155 lbs and keep up activity every day. On our summer trip to Yellowstone National Park, my husband and I hiked to the lower falls of  the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.  The trail, steep and rocky, led us 3/4 mile down to the top of the falls to outstanding scenery. Then, we climbed back up the 3/4 mile. Most of the climbers were much younger than us, but it felt good to stretch our abilities. Yes, I had to stop to catch my breath several times, but I made it and I was proud.

My motivation to make that hike showed up my true identity; that of a recovering food addict. I wanted to make the climb so I could eat more and not gain weight. We laughed about that, but, hey, it worked.

Do you have any experiences with recovering from food addiction or compulsive overeating?

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ask the True Expert

We can't always trust our GPS. The helpful instrument is only as good as the information entered and the updates added. Sometimes, that can be wrong.

When my husband and I headed off for our trip to Yellowstone, our first stop to spend the night was Raton, New Meixco. A friend recommended a small RV park there by the name of Summerlan. We entered the address into our GPS and followed the directions. We came into the town on Highway 87. The sweet, feminine voice of our GPS advised us to turn right in one quarter mile. After that distance, the right turn entered Highway 25.
      Our guide told us to take that first exit and go over the interstate highway.
      "Ah, I said, it must be on the other side of the interstate."
      But, on the other side was other businesses, and no RVs. We again reached Highway 87 at the corner of the McDonalds Restaurant. Then, we spotted the sign that gave the street name: Cedar St., the street address of Summerlan RV Park.
     Our GPS guide remained silent.
    "I'm taking it," my husband said. After all, there was no street on the other side of 87 and the GPS had told us to turn right.
     So, we turned.
    We drove...and drove...and drove, but found nothing but residential.
    "The numbers are getting smaller," my husband said. "We're lost."
    When all else fails, call the source, so I dialed the number for Summerlan RV Park. A nice lady understood exactly what happened. She tried to explain it, but her directions were contrary to our
     "I'll stay on the line," she said with a sensitive, thoughtful voice. Her words guided us to the other side of Highway 87, the other side of Highway 25 and to the left.
     There before us spread a small, but welcoming sight, Summerlan RV Park. Though it was raining, that sweet lady met us with an umbrella and helped my husband inside to sign the papers and get our RV space for the night. She may not have had the tech knowledge wrapped up in a GPS, but she owed the park and knew all about it.

A friend's backyard which makes a wonderful place to talk with God.

Sometimes, it's like that in life. Burdened down with depression or turmoil, we seek help and follow advice from so-called experts. We read books on the topic, we listen to speeches, we counsel with ones who supposedly have the answers. When all else fails, we read our Bible or pray. The true expert (God) created us and knows all about us. His answers, His advise, His directions will always be correct.

This is not to say that psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, preachers, teachers, or authors who are expert in their field don't have a place or a need. Our GPS has been our guide in several cities in the past. Without it, traversing unknown area would've been difficult. My point is that to be sure the help we receive is right, we must go to the source.

To the point above, I add this footnote. I'm one of those so-called expert authors. My book Divine Dining: 365 Devotions for Healthier Weight and Abundant Wellness gives advice for losing weight God's way. My own weight loss journey makes me an "expert." However, if you suffer from compulsive overeating, seek out the Bible and talk with God to be sure of getting wisdom for your unique lifestyle.

Are you faced with a problem today that you might need to ask guidance from the true expert?

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Power Up

Last weekend, I completed a 4-day Immersion with psychologist, writer, and world-acclaimed teacher, Margie Lawson. Her courses are all about powering up your writing. Anyone that has taken an online course or an in-person workshop knows that Margie is a slave-driver, but she improves our writing. She teaches her students how to empower descriptions and dialogue cues, similes and smiles, driving our writing to a higher level.

The tool she uses most is compliments and smiley faces. What student wouldn't work hard to get a word of praise from the master?  Margie points out several areas where our writing needs help, and we hurry against time to make every change suggested. With the finish line in sight, (Margie's praise) we race for the ribbon.

But, in Margie's classes, we receive praise and then new instruction. Each session with her sends us scurrying with a new assignment to empower the same few sentences. We fix, we change, we scrap old copy and write anew.

"Are you ever satisfied?" one student asked Margie.

With glasses on her head, and legs tucked under her hips, Margie flashes a know-it-all smile that answers that question in the negative. Switching from college professor to long time friend in the course of an hour, she provides the tools, the trials, and the kick in the already-sore-from-sitting behind to inspire us to reach for the prize-winning prose.

Thinking of empowering my words reminds me how anything in life can be powered up and improved if we set our mind to do so. Power tools are needed in every field. When my husband and I married, he used a crank style screwdriver and a hand saw for those around-the-house chores. The invention of power tools revolutionized the building industry. Now, we want electric screwdrivers and chain saws.

Low fat foods and plentiful fruits and veggies are the hand tools that help me maintain my weight loss, but turning my anger and pride over to God daily is the power tool that boosts me to lasting success.

Computers power up our global communication, allowing us to talk with a friend from Australia as easily as we can call a neighbor across the street. The internet changed the face of my husband's real estate business and added oomph to my books sales.

Even our walk with Christ benefits from powering up our prayer life. The Holy Spirit is our power tool for Christian living. Our own abilities fall flat and weak without the power and strength that only the Spirit can add to our attempts. Just as I improve as a writer by submitting to Margie's tools, so also do I draw closer to God, magnify my mission, and inspire others to love Him by submitting to the teaching of the Holy Spirit.

What do you find that you need to power up today? Is it your writing? Your weight loss? Or, your witness?

There's a power tool for that.