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Saturday, January 11, 2014


I use every wonder cream modern technology devises. Maintaining my weight loss makes me appear younger than I looked twenty years ago. Despite my efforts, my age races ahead and catches me. Every day, I awake with a new pain, a new wrinkle, and less energy.

Life runs through cycles. Each time we transition, we face challenges.

 My childhood friend and I spent many happy days. Since she lived down the street from me, we were together all the time. I could never have imagined life without Janis. Then, we entered junior high. She gained bad habits that my parents didn't like, and I was no longer allowed to associate with her.  My heart broke. Our ways parted. I pushed aside my timidity and made new friends, even a boyfriend, so thus, I moved into the teen years. God went with me.

My fiancĂ© returned from a navy tour in Japan, and we married. He moved me several states away from family and friends. My sweetheart went on with his work leaving me alone and unhappy. Fights erupted between us. Money was scarce. With the birth of our first child, my overeating compulsion that I thought I left behind back in college, returned with new struggles to face. Still, God blessed us.

My husband's career blossomed. I fluctuated between mom of three daughters with all the PTA, softball games, and girl's church groups. When our finances tightened, I got an extra job for awhile. I attended parties and banquets with my husband as he became more and more well known and successful. During this cycle, my life revolved around my family, my church, and my community. Then, while I was in my late thirties, we moved to another town where I knew no one. God moved with us.

Through my forties and into my fifties, my compulsive overeating devastated me. I reached out for help to psychologists and tried every diet plan or medicine I hadn't tried in my thirties. I worked in the medical field and took part in church projects. God never forsook me, keeping me from the pits of suicide and hell. My health deteriorated. I started a Weight Controllers class at church. God began an emotional healing in me, and I started to lose weight.

The time of retirement brought the next change in the cycle. I searched for God's will for my life. He hadn't intended to heal me without using me, and so my writing career began. Within seven years, My debut novel released. A few months later, my devotion book about healing from compulsive overeating, came out. My life-long dream became reality. God used my weakness to magnify His strength.
Booksigning at Wichita Falls, TX library

Now, a new transition looms. My husband has semi-retired. We long to spend more time in our travel trailer, visiting with our family, and taking life easy. As I told my oldest daughter, I'd like to start acting more retired.

At the same time, my writing is my dream come true.. Each new book especially in a different genre brings more and more speaking engagements, booksignings, and online promotion. This is part of the dream. The challenge to this transition is find a balance. I want to continue to succeed with my writing career at the same time I want to start acting more retired while I still have energy enough to enjoy traveling and hiking.

I don't know yet how this will look, but from the cycles I've already weathered, I know this one thing.

God will go through it with me.

But He knows the way that I take (He has concern for it, appreciates, and pays attention to it). When He has tried me, I shall come forth as refined gold (pure and luminous). Job 25:10 TAB

What cycle in life are you in?
What challenges and struggles is it bringing?