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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Intense Feelings about Halloween

Halloween provokes intense emotion among Christians.

Some prefer ignoring it as a holiday altogether saying it's a night for demons and witches.

Others poo-poo that idea and continue with their trick or treating and dressing up in silly costumes as a way of Christians just having fun.

To my way of thinking, the first plan is too legalistic. We can't earn our salvation. We can never be good enough. No amount of works, no amount of giving up things, no amount of doing good can replace God's grace. He provides freely for our salvation. We need only accept His gift.

The second plan, I agree with to a point. Christians can be happier than anyone because God takes away our guilt. Why should only non-Christians have fun on Halloween day, or whatever we choose to call the night? My actions should be qualified by the time-old question, "What would Jesus do?"

Jesus went to a wedding, had dinner with his followers, and celebrated Passover with his disciples. I believe if Halloween had been celebrated during that time in Israel, Jesus would've used it to give a parable to steer his companions in the right way. After all, Halloween began as a time to honor Christian saints and martyrs. As usual, the devil perverted something that started out as good. Wouldn't Jesus have wanted to set the record straight?

Shouldn't we?

This year, our church did two function we called "Light the Night." Both locations provided bounce houses, carnival booths, prizes for all, and lots of candy to "set the record straight" that Christians know how to have fun.

We're not weird.
We're not tied in knots with rules and regulations.
We desire to "light the night" with the gospel as Jesus brought light to the world with His sacrifice.

I know this is a controversial topic. Since we just passed another Halloween, Oct. 31 night, and each of we Christians followed our own consciences, I truly want to know your opinions.