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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Dreaming and Setting Goals

If you don't set a goal, how do you know you're on the right path?

If all you do is tread water, you'll never reach the shallow end of the pool.

When you stop dreaming, decay sets up in your mind.

My ninety-year-old mother-in-law inspires me. I wrote a true story about how God uses her in old age. It is titled "Never Too Old." Union Gospel Press published it in their periodical, Christian Life, January, 2014. Here's a quote near the end of the story, " The fighting spirit that has overcome depression, poverty, the loss of husband and child and now illness and old age, rises up to seek the victory provided by Christ’s stripes."

Granny never quits. As I said in my article on another page of this site, Granny is the one who told me to "keep dreaming." The link to that story is

Granny set a new goal.
My new pillows from Granny
From making quilts, to purses, and now toss pillows. On our last visit, she gave me a set of three. To me, they represent that keeping-on dreaming, never-quitting, setting-new-goals type spirit. If she, at ninety, thrives from setting goals and living new dreams, how much more do I need that for a full life?

In the Divine Dining Weight Controller class at my church, goals are important to lose weight. For me and others who maintain their weight loss, our dreams might include being at a certain weight after vacation or a holiday, or it might be to call someone to encourage their weight loss.

Whatever we do, goals drive our success.

The Bible reminds us of that.

Where there is no vision, the people perish.
                                 Proverbs 29:18

Writers need to know something about the end of the book to ever reach it. An outline, even though loosely woven or thought-out keeps us on target.

On the last book contract I signed, I agreed to make out a marketing plan and send it to them. Why did they require this? Because if I have no idea how I might promote the book, it might remain unknown.

Goals must be specific.
    Don't say, "I will write a book."
        Say, "Tomorrow morning, I will start writing words on the page and keep writing until noon."
    Don't say, "I want to lose weight."
        Say, "I will eat more fruits and vegetables, leave off white sugar, and lose five pounds before this date next month.
Goals must be written.
     If we say our goal and write our goal, our senses absorb it in two ways. Written becomes reality. Written is a measurable reminder. Written is harder to forget.
Goals must be forgivable.
      If we determine to lose five pounds, but only lose 3 1/2, we must not run ourselves down, but we should rejoice in our victory.

Never quit dreaming.
    You're never too old.
    You're never too sick unless you're unconscious.
    Life might delay you, but never let it stop you.
If you do, don't tell my mother-in-law.

What's your dream? 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

How Can You Lose Weight on Vacation?

Summer time brings vacations. Often, this comes right in the middle of our weight loss plan. We eat healthy, lose ten pounds or thirty, and then comes vacation.

Though excited, we worry that all those pounds will return. At best, keeping up our weight loss is impossible. Why, we can't even expect to maintain, can we?

Yes, you can.

Without giving up all the fun.

And, have the vacation of your life.

Here's 10 suggestions:

1. Where's the action?
     Going to the beach? Plan on swimming, snorkeling, or running along the beach. Running in that sand gives resistance and burns lots more calories. Swimming will use up twice the amount of calories walking on land will do. How about organizing a sand volleyball game or joining in with someone else?

     Like mountains? Bike. Hike. Plan a new route each day, some shorter, some longer. Buy that pretty suncatcher as your reward for finishing the longest trail. Join the kids in horsebackriding. Don't just watch them. And, when they beg to do the super water slide, say, "sure," then join in.

     Is cities your thing? In Boston, do the walking historical tour. Trudge over the areas where our forefathers fought. In New York City, hike from the Empire State Building to Central Park. In San Francisco, hike from Chinatown to Fisherman's Wharf. Walk the full length of the riverwalk in downtown San Antonio and then hop on over to the Hemisphere Tower.

2. Visualize.
     Our minds play tricks. Once fat, always fat. When we see ourselves as fat, what difference does it make to eat and gain a little more? Why take our loss so seriously?

     If you've lost five pounds, lift a 5 lb. sack of sugar. If you've lost twenty pounds, pick up a 20 lb sack of dog food. If you've lost a hundred pounds, balance a small woman or larger child on your back, and see how far you can walk. See how hard it is to climb stairs. This can keep a picture in your mind of how important it is even when you're not thinking lose weight.

3. What's your goal?
     If your goal is to stay the same, make it a real goal with an exact number and exact date. Never leave thinking I'm going to eat whatever I want. If you do, you might return several pounds heavier, get discouraged, and give up.
     A goal motivates. Our mind keeps working even when we're not consciously dieting. 
     Goals should be specific (weigh 1 lb less three days after returning home), be written, (Yes, it's important), and be forgiveable (In case you miss it by a bit).

4. Keep a Log.
     Journal. Play like you're a travel writer and will need to remember the details. Plan on sharing experiences with someone when you get home. What did you feel while standing looking out over the vast ocean? What was your favorite restaurant? What was their specialty? How did you make it lighter?

5. Take your first-aid kit.
     Pack lots of fruit, veggies, cheese sticks, and if you have a cooler, take some yogurt or cool your watermelon.

6. Stay hydrated.
     No matter where you go, drink lots of water. Sometimes, a bottle of water knocks the munchies better than anything. Sip instead of bite.

7. Set ground rules.
     Tell your family or friend that's going with you that you expect for you all to get lots of exercise.

8. Watch the salads.
     Our solution to eating healthy is usually get salad. Have you ever looked at how big lots of salad-eaters are? Let me tell you, it's not the lettuce. It's the dressing, the croutons, the nuts, the pasta. Sometimes, a small hamburger is really your best choice. Think about it.

9. Don't be a loner.
     Put your focus on the people you vacation with. Use the time to have a real heart-to-heart talk with you mate. Find out what's troubling your child. Listen to your friend. Fellowship, not food, should be the priority for eating.

10. When is it time for a treat?
     Food addicts have favorite dishes and places to eat wherever we go. What's yours? the best ribs in the west, all the catfish you can eat, their famous blackberry cobbler, peanut butter fudge? Decide when you will have that. Don't skimp. Don't deny yourself. But, have it only once. Make it a real treat.  

Any other tips? Leave a comment and let me know. Or, let me know if you've tried any of mine.      

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Set Goals and Dreams for 2014

Have you set new goals for 2014, yet? Today is February 1. It's past time.

My devotion book, Divine Dining, offers these suggestions in the devotion for December 31.

But God hath revealed them unto us by his Spirit, for the Spirit searcheth all things, yeat the deep things of God. 1 Corinthians 2:10

      Tomorrow we begin a new year. New Years Resolutions may not work, but setting well-thought-out, written, and prayed-over goals do. It’s time to evaluate the illness that tied us in knots. Has God brought an emotional healing during this year? Has He started a new work? Have you hit bottom where you’re ready to begin?

     Wherever you are on the path, it’s time to focus on where you want to go. In the new year, will it be God’s Way, or My way for you?
     Go through these steps.


     Decide if you’re ready to submit to God

     Read this daily devotion book in the new year and

          everything else that will help, especially the Bible

     Energize through leaving off sugars and fats that drain

          your vitality.

     Admit your powerlessness and Ask God to take over your


     Mentor others as you receive your day-by-day healing.


 Here's another example of how to DREAM. 


    Discern God’s will daily.

    Record your progress and reaffirm God’s leading.

    Eat the Word. Make it part of you.

    Associate with friends that pray and encourage.

    Maintain contact with God regardless of what’s going on in


Prayer: I can’t. God can. Lead me in the coming year.
Check out also the post under, Dream on, Writers, published on another page on this site. This article has appeared in several magazines and newsletters and aims the goal setting more for writers. As you can tell, I love acrostics.

Many of you already own Divine Dining. If you don't, go to the link above now to purchase it, or find it also on Amazon in print or kindle version.