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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

One Last Ghost Story from Deb Hockenberry

Deb Hockenberry, Children's Author
Where Can We Have The Party? - Coming soon from 4RV Publishing
Entertaining, one word at a time
Deb visits us again on this last day of 2014 with another of her ghost stories from the old home near Gettysburg, Pa.

There was only one ghost that really bothered Mom. This was a modern ghost. Mom woke in the middle of the night to find an old woman sitting on the hope chest, which was next to the bed. Mom pinched herself and felt the pain. The clock gave her the correct time.
The woman had shoulder length greasy hair and was dressed in a modern day sweatshirt which had satin ribbon woven in around its neck. She wore ordinary slacks like any woman would do today. She gestured over and over for Mom to come to her or follow her. Mom didn’t. The old woman gave her a creepy feeling and intuition told her not to follow the instructions. When Mom didn’t move from her bed, the old woman finally gave up and just disappeared.

Thank you for your stories, Deb. Perhaps God warned your mother that this ghost was evil.
What do you think?


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

2 More Ghost Stories from Deb Hockenberry

Children's author, Deb Hockenberry, visits us again on Writing with God's Hope blog. She has two more ghost stories about her mother's haunted bedroom. After all, it is Weird Wednesday.
A few weeks ago, Deb spun a tale involving people marching across her mother's bedroom in the home near Gettysburg, PA. She returns today to tell us two more "weird" happenings. Thank you, Deb.
One Christmas I was staying with Mom and slept in that same bedroom. I was having trouble getting to sleep. I heard loud footsteps on the stairs leading to the living room which was right off my mother’s bedroom. Slowly, they came up the stairs.
Mom heard them, too, but she also saw something. The person wore a short blue coat that came down close to his knees. Mom thought it was my brother.
When she questioned him about it, he assured her it wasn’t him. To this day I’m convinced it was a Union Soldier who was still on guard duty.

Once again, this time at Easter, I was at home in Gettysburg for a visit along with my sister-in-law's parents. In the middle of the night, we were all awakened by horses snorting, the metal in their bridles clanging, and marching through the house.
Oh, my, Deb, you are full of ghost stories. I love it. What an exciting place to visit, obviously.
 I wish Deb well with her upcoming children's book soon to be released by 4RV Publishing.
 Find her at
She has wonderful helps for new writers, so be sure to seek out her site.
One more thing, Deb, will you return another Weird Wednesday to tell us another Gettsburg story?

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Ghost Story by Mary L. Hamilton

It's Weird Wednesday, again. Eek!

My good friend and wonderful author, Mary L. Hamilton has a "weird" ghost story for us today.

The Ghost in the…Bathroom?

The sound of water running in the downstairs bathroom halted my steps on the stairway landing above. It wasn’t the first time I’d discovered the water running with no one around. I’d always blamed it on the kids, thinking my son forgot to turn off the faucet in his rush to get back outside with his friends. Or my little daughter, just tall enough to push the lever up to wash her hands but too short to pull it down when she finished. I’d always imagined a reasonable explanation.

Until now. 

There was no explanation—reasonable or otherwise—for water to be gushing into the sink in that bathroom. The kids and I had played games in the family room downstairs all evening. At bedtime, we passed that bathroom on our way up to their rooms. No water was running then, and no one had been down there since. The kids were all in bed and accounted for. So why should the faucet be running full blast?

My pulse raced right alongside my imagination. Is some psychopath down there waiting to kill us? Should I call the police and tell them the water is running in my downstairs bathroom? No, I’ll call my next-door neighbor, ask him to come over and check out the house for me. Except, I’d have to go get my phone. Which I’d left in the family room. Downstairs.

  Okay, seriously, if somebody wanted to kill me, he probably wouldn’t lure me downstairs by turning on the bathroom faucet and waiting for me to notice. I grab my son’s baseball bat anyway, just in case, and silently descend the first six steps. The bathroom is at the bottom on the left–the bathroom where the water is still running. I flip a switch, illuminating the family room below and take two more steps down. The water continues to run. Another step. 

    Holding my breath, I peek into an empty family room before descending the next step. I swallow my heart that’s pounding in my throat. One more step. My sweaty hands twist the bat and I raise it over my head as I reach the bottom. The water is still running.

I consider uttering a battle cry as I burst in swinging, but first I peek between the hinges…a little further…around the door until I see–

Nobody. Just water gushing full blast into the sink. I slam the lever down, take the first three steps in one leap, race up the rest of the stairs and hide the bat under my pillow.

My husband always manages to be out of town when things happen—floods, tornadoes, fires, ghosts. When he calls, I casually ask, “Do you believe in ghosts?”

“What kind of question is that?”

 I explain what happened, but since I’ve never mentioned the earlier episodes of running water to him, he’s skeptical.

 “There has to be a logical explanation for it,” he says.   

 Of course, there is.  Like a psycho killer who lures his victims downstairs by turning on the faucet. I think I’m more comfortable with the ghost explanation–a ghost who likes to wash his hands.

  Weeks later, Hubby comes down to breakfast, looking a mite sheepish.

  “I couldn’t sleep last night,” he says, “so I went downstairs to read. All of a sudden, the water came on in the bathroom, running full blast into the sink. I knew no one had gone in there, because I was sitting facing the bathroom. I would’ve seen them. I don’t blame you for being scared. I was scared.”

    “Oh!” I said. “So you met Caspar.”

     “Caspar?” he asked.

      “Of course.  Caspar the Cleanly Ghost.”


Author’s Note: This story actually happened. We never did figure out exactly what caused the water to come on. Our best guess was that water pressure from the upstairs bathroom would build up to a point where it would force open the valve on the downstairs faucet. But, we thought it was much more fun to believe it was a ghost who liked to wash his hands.

Oh, I love that, Mary. Thanks so much for your story. Aren't ghosts fun? I like your Caspar.

Mary L. Hamilton is the author of the Rustic Knoll Bible Camp series for tweens. She grew up at a Bible camp, much like the setting for Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil, the first two books in the series.

She and her husband raised three terrific kids and make their home in Texas with a rescued Golden Retriever. But no ghosts.

Connect with Mary:


Let me say I highly recommend either of Mary's tween books. She is an excellent writer, really has down the voice of the tween, and knows her Bible camps. If you've ever gone to a camp as a kid, you'll love these books.

If you have a ghost story, let us know and don't forget to check out Mary L. Hamilton's books.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I'm excited to welcome Deb Hockenberry to my Writing with God's Hope blog and especially to the 2nd Weird Wednesday. She has a ghost legend for us. Take it away, Deb

Deb Hockenberry

Where Can We Have The Party? - Coming soon from 4RV Publishing
Entertaining, one word at a time.

My mother used to live close to Gettysburg, PA.  near the old battlefield. I talked to her every day on the phone and she’d tell me about her previous night’s experiences. A few of these stories, I experienced when I was visiting.
Here is one I remember.
 One night Mother had trouble sleeping and saw a parade of people walking through her bedroom. They were all dressed from different eras, and all were different ages.  She slowly rolled over to look at her clock to make sure she was awake. There were men and boys dressed in Civil War military clothes and also women that looked about her age and were badly beaten. These women wore long dresses and aprons. There were bruised and battered children passing through in their short pants and calico dresses. Besides these older eras, there were others dressed in World War I, II or later dressed in camouflage uniforms. Some were missing limbs and some had half of their faces blown off. Some people were in one piece with not a bruise or cut on them. All of these ghosts walked into her room through the bedroom door (which was closed), across the room, and out the wall facing the front yard.
 She told my brother and sister-in-law about it the next morning at breakfast. At the time, my brother worked at a college. At work, he talked to a professor of the paranormal and asked what was happening. He said that my mother’s bedroom was a portal from this world to the next and that these spirits were just passing through.
That year, I stayed there over Christmas. It was a nice vacation for me. Since my brother hadn’t any pets at the time, he asked me to bring my cat with me. Against all of my objections, I slept in Mom’s room, and she slept on the living room couch. I had the high light on since I was reading with my cat curled up at the bottom of the bed. I glance at the cat once. Not a hair on her body was moving. but her head was following something (or someone?) from the bedroom door to the wall that faces the front yard. I couldn’t see them. I suppose it was because the light was on, but I felt the presence. My cat and I weren’t alone in that room!
Thank you, Deb, for this exciting tale. You'll have to tell us more another day.
If anyone else has a ghost legend to share, email me at
Happy ghost-hunting!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Lady in White at the Old Collin County Courthouse

     In downtown McKinney stands a tribute to North Texas history. When a new Collin County Courthouse was built, the old one became the home of the McKinney Performing Arts Center, and now provides live entertainment. Last year, the wonderful ladies that oversee MPAC provided me with a tour of the building.

     The old courthouse, by order of the judicial system, belongs to the people of Collin County. Since it can never be closed off to its owners, the east door remains open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Its called the People's Entrance. An iron gate separates the foyer from the rest of the building when MPAC offices or theatre are closed, but the foyer with a water fountain, restrooms, literature, and media board are never closed to the public.

     Ghost legends abound in many downtown McKinney buildings. Self-guided tours will take place during the McKinney Ghost Walk on Saturday, Oct. 18 and Saturday, Oct. 25 in 2014. During that time, the tale will be told of the sightings of the lady in white at the old courthouse. The courthouse was the site of the last public hanging. That, in itself, raises the eye of paranormal enthusiasts.

     During my private tour, I learned the story propagated by local people of the lady in white. Frequent sightings keep the story alive. In 1890, a young divorcee, last name Winslow, was found hung in the courthouse. It was never proven whether she was murdered or if she hung herself. She lived as an outsider with the pain of isolation because of her divorce. She was known to play the organ.

     At night, organ music has been heard coming from the second floor. The theatre is located there and houses a mighty Wurlitzer - Vintage theatre pipe organ. Different ones have spotted a woman leaving the organ as they entered the theatre, but when they follow her down the hall, she disappears.

     Others claim a view of the lady in white overlooking the eagle on the east side. Back in 1890 when Ms. Winslow died, the courthouse had a clear view of her home site to the east near the cotton mill. Now the bank with an eagle statue on top hides where she used to live.

     The second book in my YA ghost series will be released soon by 4RV Publishing. The title is A Ghost for Shelley. Shelley, the mean, all-country girl in the first book, Victoria and the Ghost, moves to Dallas. She and her dad clean the old Collin County Courthouse. Ridden with bitterness and guilt, Shelley adds fear to her list of emotions when she is visited by the "lady in white."

     That's my story. Read all about Shelley soon.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sneak Peek at my Sequel

This week, 4RV Publishing and I signed a contract for a sequel to my inspirational YA, Victoria and the Ghost. We're looking at a release date in May or June, 2014.

For those who have read the first book, you'll remember mean girl, Shelley, who's country born and bred. The sequel tells her story.

                                       A Ghost for Shelley

A guilt-ridden country girl, forced to move to Dallas, confronts betrayal, arrest, and a loss of faith but meets a jet-set jock with a heart for God, and a ghost with a message just for her.

Guilt lassoes country girl, SHELLEY HALVERSON, reminding her of the snide remarks, gossip, and deceit from her past. If she could hurt herself, she might forget.

The only one who seems to care is COLSON CONNELLY, but who can trust him? He’s popular, rich, handsome, and everything she's not.

Thank you, 4RV. Looking forward to getting out this story for teens and adults.

Watch next year for the release date.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Check out old post

This weekend, I'm attending an "Immersion with Margie" Lawson, that is. I hope to learn how to make my writing POP.

This last week I submitted my sequel to Victoria and the Ghost to 4RV Publishing. While I wait with fingers crossed and a prayer in my heart for a contract, my mind still dwells on ghosts. The working title of my new book is A Ghost for Shelley. This story is based on a real life ghost legend in the old Collin County courthouse in McKinney, TX. My first story Victoria and the Ghost told of a real life ghost legend in a Texas ghost town, Clara.

What do you think about ghosts? Read my old post on "Are Ghosts Real?"

Let me know what you think.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


I’ve been tagged to take part in The Next Big Thing by fellow 4RV author, Melanie Robertson-King Find her at:

  I answer ten questions about my next book in progress, then pass the baton on to two more authors. It’s loads of fun and you never know what you might find out about an author’s book.
So here we go!
What is the working title of your next book?
A Ghost for Shelley
Where did the idea come from for the book?
After 4RV released Victoria and the Ghost last year, I was asked if there was a sequel coming. I decided there should be and started at work writing it. In Victoria and the Ghost, Shelley Halverson is the girl you love to hate, the country girl who gives city girl, Victoria, a rough time. I thought what if....? I find it fun to play that game. What if Shelley got moved to the city? What if the move made her feel ashamed of her actions toward Victoria? What if she fell for a rich city boy that had everything when she had nothing.
In what genre does your book fall?
Inspirational YA with paranormal elements
What actors would you choose to play the part of your characters in a movie rendition?
Amy Adams as Shelley. Adam Senn as Colson, the hero.
What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?
A guilt-ridden country girl, forced to move to Dallas, confronts betrayal, arrest, and a loss of faith but meets a jet-set jock with a heart for God, and a ghost with a message just for her.
Who is publishing your book?
4RV Publishing (I hope). I submitted the first 3 chapters and synopsis and received a request for the full manuscript. I'm in the process of doing a final editing of it before I send it. I hope it's good enough since they published Victoria and the Ghost and this is a sequel.
How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript?
I began Sept., 2012 and ended April, 2013 so seven months. However, I do many projects at the same time, so I wasn't always writing on this one. My non-fiction devotion book Divine Dining came out in Dec., 2012, so I also worked promotion on both of my books during this time.
What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
Live on Hold  by Beverly Stowe McClure and the Laurel Shadrach series by Stephanie Perry Moore.
Who or what inspired you to write this book?
The what if question.
The first book explored a teen's view of a mother's rejection and a world with no friends because of being moved from city to country. A reverse viewpoint drew me to the sequel. Another thing that brought about this story is hearing of struggles with teen self-mutilation. I discussed the reasons and forms with our church youth pastor, and I sought to help the reader understand this progression in a teen.
What else about the book might pique the reader’s interest?
The proverbial opposites-attract love story. Colson hates being loved for his money and his family connections. Shelley hates being classified as a freak because she comes from the country.

Now, to select one more person to take part who will post their next big thing on May 23  TODAY.
Susan Meyers

Now, to select one more person to take part who will post their next big thing on May 30.
  Eileen Rife @