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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hope in the Eyes of Kathy Bruins

Writing with God's Hope blog loves introducing authors that are new to her and perhaps, new to this blog's followers. American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) puts me in contact with wonderful Christian authors all over the world. Today, Kathy Bruins joins us and tells about her new release and the causes that God has placed on her heart.

First, I asked Kathy to share a short devotion. I don't know about y'all, but a word from God sets to the tone just right for any post.

Here's Kathy's thought-provoking words:

 Retreating to get ahead

“My soul quietly waits for the True God alone because I hope only in Him. He alone is my rock and deliverance, my citadel high on a hill; I will not be shaken” (Psalm 62:5-6 The Voice).

Being still and silent is not an easy task for me. I normally go day by day checking items off my list. I need to edit a manuscript, write a few chapters, answer emails, send cards, and that’s just for my work. What about the rest of my life?

There’s my family, friends, church, and others. And there’s God. What part of me do they all get? The leftovers? Am I able to turn it around and give of myself to those most important who deserve the best of me?

It takes time to sit quietly to prioritize the important aspects of one’s life. Discovering what we are overlooking in life can bring us to a new level, if we choose to go there.


Prayer: You are my deliverer, Lord. You can rescue me from myself, and have done so many times before. You will not give up on me, even when I’m ready to give up on myself. I’m confident in the purpose you have for me.

Faith Tip: Intentionally sit at Jesus’ feet today.

Thanks for that reminder, Kathy. I needed that today. I must constantly prioritize my life to keep first things, first.

Kathy Bruins believes everyone has a story to tell. She walks with her clients and tells their stories through her writing. She has several books, articles and screenplays published. Her latest book is A Season of God's Daily Influence and Vallikett's Journey.


Kathy encourages the sharing of truth through her speaking and drama ministry. She is an advocate in raising awareness on the issue of human trafficking, and in finding a cure for breast cancer.


Kathy calls southwest Michigan home. She is married to her perfect life-mate, John, and enjoys reading, celebrating life's milestones and knitting socks.


Find out more about Kathy by visiting her website:

That's amazing. You are one busy lady. Hope comes through God whatever our story. Kathy, could you tell us something about A Season of God's Daily Influence and Vallikett's Journey?

A Season of God's Daily Influence has 150 short and impacting thoughts inspired through quiet times with God. These readings give small nuggets of treasure to meditate on throughout the day. Allow yourself to be influenced by God every day. He has a treasure of insights just for you.

Since I also wrote a devotion book (Divine Dining), I obviously love them.

What about Valliketts Journey?

Much of The Dakotas were unsettled, and so was Louis Vallikett. He was angry at God. He lost his job, and with no prospects of work to support his family, his brother, Will, a Civil War veteran, tells Louis about the Homestead Act … 160 acres free! His wife, Lizzy, was cautious. What peril would they be putting on their daughters, Edith and Louisa? What about the Indian attacks they heard about, schools, and leaving all they knew? They pack the wagons to ride to Badus Lake in The Dakotas. The terrifying unknowns are brought to light. Challenges on the trail and homestead are hard, and sometimes heartbreaking. Relating with the Indians (both good and bad), along with devastating natural occurrences and other tragedies, challenge the Valliketts, but they find a community of people dedicated to one another, and the dream they all have in building the town of Badus Lake. This is a heartwarming story of love and compassion, faith in God, and an abundance of courage.
                                                                                                                                                                        Thank you, Kathy, for visiting the Writing with God's Hope blog today. I wish you much success in all your endeavors. The books sound wonderful.