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Saturday, August 24, 2013


Fire reeks havoc, right now, in Yosemite National Park, California. The lake watershed for my city of Wichita Falls, Texas is now at 32% capacity, a mere 3 years of water supply. My husband and I recently traveled across north Texas, northeast New Mexico, and east and west Colorado. All three suffer from drought.

Fields and forests lack sparkle. Borders of lakes retreat. Creeks disappear. Trees looked stressed , colorless, and wilting.  Everything is dry and brittle.

Life requires moisture to live, to flourish, to be strong, whether it's plants or people.

But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.
                                                                                                      John: 4:14

Are you thirsty? Are you dry, parched? Or, are you a well of water?

Every day, we see in the news or out our back door evidence that woods and lawns becoming too dry are vulnerable to destruction.

We, also, when we become dry are then vulnerable to ensnarement, temptation, defeat.

Today, I feel the need to refresh my water supply. Lord, send Holy Spirit rain on me and my family.

Thirsty, anyone?

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Power Up

Last weekend, I completed a 4-day Immersion with psychologist, writer, and world-acclaimed teacher, Margie Lawson. Her courses are all about powering up your writing. Anyone that has taken an online course or an in-person workshop knows that Margie is a slave-driver, but she improves our writing. She teaches her students how to empower descriptions and dialogue cues, similes and smiles, driving our writing to a higher level.

The tool she uses most is compliments and smiley faces. What student wouldn't work hard to get a word of praise from the master?  Margie points out several areas where our writing needs help, and we hurry against time to make every change suggested. With the finish line in sight, (Margie's praise) we race for the ribbon.

But, in Margie's classes, we receive praise and then new instruction. Each session with her sends us scurrying with a new assignment to empower the same few sentences. We fix, we change, we scrap old copy and write anew.

"Are you ever satisfied?" one student asked Margie.

With glasses on her head, and legs tucked under her hips, Margie flashes a know-it-all smile that answers that question in the negative. Switching from college professor to long time friend in the course of an hour, she provides the tools, the trials, and the kick in the already-sore-from-sitting behind to inspire us to reach for the prize-winning prose.

Thinking of empowering my words reminds me how anything in life can be powered up and improved if we set our mind to do so. Power tools are needed in every field. When my husband and I married, he used a crank style screwdriver and a hand saw for those around-the-house chores. The invention of power tools revolutionized the building industry. Now, we want electric screwdrivers and chain saws.

Low fat foods and plentiful fruits and veggies are the hand tools that help me maintain my weight loss, but turning my anger and pride over to God daily is the power tool that boosts me to lasting success.

Computers power up our global communication, allowing us to talk with a friend from Australia as easily as we can call a neighbor across the street. The internet changed the face of my husband's real estate business and added oomph to my books sales.

Even our walk with Christ benefits from powering up our prayer life. The Holy Spirit is our power tool for Christian living. Our own abilities fall flat and weak without the power and strength that only the Spirit can add to our attempts. Just as I improve as a writer by submitting to Margie's tools, so also do I draw closer to God, magnify my mission, and inspire others to love Him by submitting to the teaching of the Holy Spirit.

What do you find that you need to power up today? Is it your writing? Your weight loss? Or, your witness?

There's a power tool for that.