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Friday, July 4, 2014

God bless America

God blessed America with beauty. Here's my gift to you: beautiful sites I've visited in U. S. A.  

From the mountains
Mountains in Yellowstone National Park


                To the prairie          
                                                                   Clara Cemetery on North Texas plains (setting for "Victoria and the Ghost.


Charles and Janet at Rockport, Texas beach

To the ocean white with foam

God Bless America

Other beautiful sites in America

Overlooking Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Hill country in central Texas
I'm thankful for America. God has truly blessed our country.
Hope you're all enjoying your 4th of July weekend.
 Where in the U.S.A. do you like to visit?

Saturday, October 19, 2013


Fall fascinates me. The intrigue of trees dressed in their green summer duds changing into clothes of multi-colored glory sparks my creativity.

I think this is a sassafras tree..

On Tuesday, Oct. 15, fall finally made an appearance in Texas. My hubby and I found fall first, though, when we traveled to Eureka Springs, Ark. on Oct. 10. Such beauty ...

"How far until the highway?" Charles would ask.

I would pick up the map, then lay it down again. "I can't check now, I'm looking at trees."

Charles laughs.

"Look at that one," I say.


"Oh, and lookee, All along there, the red is brilliant."
Overlooking Eureka Spring and Crescent Hotel

We cruise on the Belle of the Ozarks, a 75 minute excursion along the shoreline of Beaver Lake. Our guide gives us the names of many of the trees that captivate us.

Our guide took our windblown picture on the boat.

 In early October, the black gum trees turn dark red, some almost purple. Sassafras trees don orange foliage. Hickory trees prefer yellow leaves. Sumac lines the shoreline and many of the roads with small red bushes. Virginia Creeper winds branches of both green and even brown, dead trees with scarlet.

"But, watch out for the red cover," our guide cautions us. "Poison ivy also decorates trees with red vines of three leaf clusters, while Virginia Creeper has 5 leaves."

As a writer, blogger, Christian, and all around curious individual, I look for a lesson in everything.

Trees are in many stages of turning colors. Some were totally yellow or orange with no green left. Some were half and half, or covered with three or four colors. Many trees retained their luscious greenery with the exception of one branch of orange, or red.

How like that we are in our Christian walk. Many of us are well into the process. Our minds and hearts turn naturally to God in most circumstances. Some of us call on God as the last resort. New Christians may ask Jesus to come into their hearts and start their Christian walk, while still clinging mostly to their old life out of habit.

Do we more mature Christians offer understanding, guidance, and a little patience to those who've only started to travel the path?