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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

12 Steps of God's Hope

Without hope, we can’t make it through life. Addictions and compulsions bring ruin and destruction to many lives. God ordained a life-giving philosophy, utilizing twelve steps, to save those addicted ones who lost hope.


In 1935, the group became known as Alcoholics Anonymous. Since then, these twelve steps have been found to help with any addiction or compulsion, not just alcoholism. Groups sprang up titled Narcotics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, Emotions Anonymous, and many others.


The guide book, Alcoholics Anonymous, for the twelve step programs is called “the big book” by adherents to the ideas. The big book teaches us to admit our powerlessness in what afflicts us and realize that it takes a higher power to heal the problem.


Quotes from the big book:

The fact is that most alcoholics, (drug addicts, overeaters, etc) for reasons yet obscure, have lost the power of choice in drink.                                 Page 24

The alcoholic (drug addict, overeater, etc) at certain times has no effective mental defense against the first drink. Except in a few rare cases, neither he nor any other human being can provide such a defense. His defense must come from a Higher Power.                    

                                      Page 43


Does this sound familiar? It should. Here are quotes from the Bible.


  I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.
                                      Romans 7:15 NIV



But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me.
                           II Corinthians 12:9 NIV


I set out to write compelling stories about people in the grasp of addictions who find their only hope is God, using the twelve steps.


Wharton Rock is small fictional North Texas town.


Since Sept. 1, Worth Forgiving, the second in the Wharton Rock series is available for purchase at:

The first book in the series, Worth Her Weight, deals with food addiction and low self-esteem.

How can a woman who gives to everyone but herself accept God’s love and healing when she believes she’s fat, unworthy, and unfixable? Can she be Worth Her Weight?
Both my women's fiction demonstrate the twelve steps of God's hope.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Pick Your Favorite Blog This Month

On August 29, I posted several blogs that pertained to my new release Worth Forgiving.  The link about blog-hopping those posts is  This post goes through Sept. 7.

Today, I wish to add another group of blogs for the rest of the month of September. Pick your favorite.

9/13/16 Peg Phifer - Why write a series?

9/15 Jo Huddleston - a new author interview

9/16 Rose Allen McCauley - interviews a secondary character in Worth Forgiving

9/20 Toni Shiloh - an insightful author interview

9/23 Elaine Stock - posts my story of God's deliverance from food addiction

9/29 Patti Shene over 50 blog This is an inspirational article. You're never too old.

Then on into October,

10/25 Leeann Bates posts my tips on storyboarding

10/27 Donna Schlacter -   promoting my new release, Worth Forgiving

Check them all out. Some have giveaways. All have great information on the topic and about my new release. Which is your favorite?

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Today is Launch Day for Worth Forgiving

I'm so excited. Today is the day Pen-L Publishing will release Worth Forgiving.

If you pre-ordered in August, the winner for the free, signed copy was drawn this morning.

Worth Forgiving


Second in the Wharton Rock Series



Prejudice and mistrust hinders an ex-con, drug addict’s new beginning.


The state of Texas releases from prison Katie Smith. Full of optimism, she sets out to get a job, rent her own place, and make a home for her eight-year-old daughter, but Katie gave away her daughter three years ago. She could use a friend, but her past choices threaten to doom her to continued failure.


Larry Pullman graduated from seminary with high marks, but the fact that he has no wife makes finding a preaching job almost impossible. It doesn’t help that running from God as a teenager gave him a past that he can’t undo. All he needs is an ex-con, drug addict messing up his life, but then why did God lead him to her? Or did He?


Isn’t it enough that Lacey Chandler gave her sister’s daughter a home? Does that mean she has to clean up Katie’s messes forever?


Could it be that Katie is not Worth Forgiving?

Now, it can be purchased at Pen-L Publishing, on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or ordered through any retail book store.

2 Purchase Links



Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Blog Hopping

Many sweet author friends have welcomed me to their blogs while I'm promoting my new women's fiction release, Worth Forgiving. (See below for what the book is about). Here's the lists and links from August 24 through Sept. 8

August 24: I'm the guest of Beverly Stowe McClure who interviewed Katie, the main character of Worth Forgiving  How interesting that she's compared to Scarlet O'Hara. What do you think?

August 28 Peggy Chambers blog -I listed the things I'm grateful for about a writing career. See if your list compares to mine.

August 29 Gail Kittleson - Gail interviews Author, Janet K. Brown

August 30 Blanche Day Manos - How did Worth Forgiving come to be?

Sept. 1 Julie Arduini - Hope comes from surrendering my food addiction to God. The Wharton Rock series focuses on God's power over addictions.

Sept. 2 - This is my regular monthly date to write a devotion on Putting on the New, a blogging ministry of several authors. It was begun by author, Cherie Brubach.

Sept. 3 - I post every Saturday on a Facebook devotion group called I Can Hear the Sound of Rain. I encourage you to join the group. The pictures and posts are fantastic, so uplifting.

Sept. 7 - Jodie Wolfe  This author had some interesting questions for Janet K. Brown.!blog/cqs9

Sept. 5, Labor Day!  Lena Nelson Dooley - Lena is known for her in-depth author interviews. This is no exception.

Check out all of these posts. Some feature giveaways. All offer some interesting tid-bits.

Prejudice and mistrust hinders an ex-con, drug addict’s new beginning.


The state of Texas releases from prison Katie Smith. Full of optimism, she sets out to get a job, rent her own place, and make a home for her eight-year-old daughter, but Katie gave away her daughter three years ago. She could use a friend, but her past choices threaten to doom her to continued failure.


Larry Pullman graduated from seminary with high marks, but the fact that he has no wife makes finding a preaching job almost impossible. It doesn’t help that running from God as a teenager gave him a past that he can’t undo. All he needs is an ex-con, drug addict messing up his life, but then why did God lead him to her? Or did He?


Isn’t it enough that Lacey Chandler gave her sister’s daughter a home? Does that mean she has to clean up Katie’s messes forever?


Could it be that Katie is not Worth Forgiving?

This is the last day to preorder Worth Forgiving at

If you preorder, you're entered into a drawing. 1 lucky person will receive their copy signed and free. Don't miss out on entering the drawing by ordering before midnight tonight.

Tomorrow (Sept. 1) you can order from that link or through Amazon, Nook, or any retail store that sells books.

Which is your favorite blog post of the ones listed above?

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Cover Reveal for Worth Forgiving

My next inspirational women's fiction, Worth Forgiving is set to release on Sept. 1, 2016. My excitement bubbles over at the prospect. This is the second in the Wharton Rock series. The first in the series, Worth Her Weight came out in January, 2015.

Wharton Rock is a fictional small North Texas town where everyone knows everything about you, and gossip runs wild. The series focuses on self-worth destroyed by addictions, habits, and hang-ups.

But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me.
                                                                                2 Corinthians 12:9

Worth Her Weight deals with a woman controlled by food addition, a man who must let go of control, and a mother who fights anger over her fate.

In small town Texas, a drug addicted woman who is released from prison faces an uphill climb to forgiveness. This is the story of Worth Forgiving.

With that introduction, for the first time, I wish to reveal the cover Pen-L came up with for this new book.

And now, ta-da!

Pen-L will be offering it for pre-order on August 1, so watch for the link.

What do you think about the cover?

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Goodreads Giveaway

Goodreads now offers a chance to win one of two signed copies of Worth Her Weight.

It's easy. Go to the link and click to enter.

The contest will close out after August 10, 2016, so don't delay.

TOBY WHEELER loves being a policeman in Wharton Rock.


           He can’t help his best friend, Lacey

           He can’t stop the town’s drug problem.

           His best never seemed so inadequate.  


LACEY CHANDLER hates her life as a single mom,

           So she eats. It’s the only control she has.

           She wonders if God even cares.

           Is she following her dad’s footsteps into insanity?


BETTY CHANDLER, Lacey’s mom, faces disability, despair, and anger at the only daughter who takes care of her.

3 people who are unfixable

Is God enough?

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What's Your Favorite Healthy Recipe?

Foodies search for new recipes like an archeologist digs for history. All my adult years, I suffered from food addiction, gaining and losing weight with each season, until I reached two hundred fifty pounds and cried out to God in desperation.

The Lord healed me emotionally. My weight went down, and I learned to maintain the hundred pound loss. How? A total change of mindset.

For a food addict to maintain a loss, we must
1. change the way we look at food
2. change the way we look at ourselves
3. change the way we look at God.

During the last twenty healthy-eating years, I learned to make many new recipes that add spice to my eating.

If you're a food addict or a compulsive overeater, I wrote two books that might help.

1. a women's fiction: Worth Her Weight
2. a devotion book: Divine Dining: 365 Devotions to Guide You to Healthier Weight and Abundant Wellness.

The recipe below might’ve been one enjoyed by the heroine of Worth Her Weight my inspirational women’s fiction. Lacey faces a food addiction that only God can heal. A good friend brings her a casserole, a salad, and a dessert, hoping it’s something Lacey might eat and stay healthy with during a traumatic time in her life. The reader will find those recipes at the end of the book.

Black-Eyed Pea Casserole

Black-Eyed Pea Mixture:


1 lb. 93% lean ground beef

Onion to taste

Green pepper to taste

2 16 oz. cans black-eyed peas, drained

1 10 oz. can Rotel tomatoes

1 t. salt

1 t. sugar

½ t. pepper

¼ t. garlic powder


Brown ground beef in skillet.


Stir in onion & green pepper, cook until tender

Add remaining ingredients.

Bring to a boil then reduce heat & simmer for 20 minutes





3 / 4 c corn meal

2 heaping T. flour

1 / 2 t. salt

1t. sugar

1 t. baking powder

1/8 t soda

Mix dry ingredients

Add 1 T. canola oil


Put 1 egg in 1 cup measuring cup & then fill the rest of the way with buttermilk


Fold milk/egg mixture into dry ingredients.

Use oil spray for pan before adding mixture.

Cook at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes

Slice into 8 pieces.


Pour one-sixth of black-eyed pea mixture over 1 piece of cornbread.


This gives you 6 servings of black-eyed pea casserole.


 For further help, watch for the soon release of Divine Dining Weight Controllers Workbook. Not only will this book give fourteen classes with questions to answer, memory work to do, and a suggested eating plan, but it gives extra recipes at the end for the bored food addict.


Now it's your turn. What's your favorite healthy recipe? Leave it in the comments section below.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Excerpt from Worth Her Weight Giveaway

It's a new year, and I have a new giveaway to offer my viewers to thank you for reading my posts in 2015. My first gift is two excerpts from my women's fiction and latest release. Scroll to the bottom to find out how to have a chance to win a free copy of this book, Worth Her Weight.

Here's one excerpt:

About twenty feet away, a hissing sound came from the house. Tiny hairs stood erect on Toby’s neck. Shivers crept down his spine. A cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

Lord, please.

A gust of wind cooled his damp brow.

Boom. The house exploded. Toby’s feet left the ground. The blast propelled him toward the tree line. A brittle mesquite tree stopped his backward progression, its thorns buried in his back.

With quick pants to stabilize his breathing, he pulled away from the painful tree, bent over, and breathed in the deep, life-giving breeze. A chemical smell burned his nostrils.


The tall black man, his face powdered with white, neared Toby’s position. “I’m here. You okay, Boss?” Willie’s voice sounded faraway like he was talking through cotton.

 Toby swatted the white powder from his jeans with his Stetson. “Yep, just can’t hear, and that smell makes me sneeze.” The dilapidated house was now a heap of smoldering wood and twisted metal. “Are you okay?”

“Just dandy.”

Toby reached to brush off Willie’s face. “Hey, man, you trying to paint your face so they can’t tell us apart?”

They broke into laughter. Spit flew. Tension evaporated. Fear departed.

“That’d never happen, Boss. Everyone knows I’m the handsome one.” Willie slowed down his chuckles and assessed the situation. “I’m getting tired of watching explosions.”

Here's another excerpt:


By six, Lacey arrived home, ready to flop. Her mother sat on a chair in the kitchen, her cane propped against her.

Lacey carried in the pizza boxes and set them on the table.

Rachel clapped her hands and climbed into a chair beside her grandma.

Without a word, Mom held out a letter to Lacey.

A cold shiver shook her—the same foreboding she had sensed in the morning. “What’s this?”

Her mother shrugged. “Came in today’s mail.”

Lacey opened it, her Mom watching as she read.

She threw the paper across the room. It bounced halfway back to her. “Well, if that doesn’t take the cake.” She paced, her heels clicking on the scratched and scarred kitchen tiles. The noise level grew louder when she snatched plates from the cabinet and dropped them to the table.

“Save the dishes.” Mom’s tone was dry, with no humor.

Something like a growl escaped Lacey’s lips. “Katie makes the messes. Lacey cleans them up. Isn’t that right, Mom?” She crossed her arms over her chest and glared at her mother. “Did you know about this?” Her fingers began drumming on her opposite forearm. Her jaw got so tight, it hurt.

Her mother shook her head. She glanced at Rachel.

The anger was difficult for Lacey to swallow, but she tried. “Sweetie, go wash your hands before we eat.”

The child scooted a chair toward the sink.

Lacey halted her. “Go to the bathroom and use the stool there.” Her voice shook from her effort at control.

Rachel looked at the pizza with longing, but she obeyed.

The pepperoni and mozzarella aroma permeated the house. Nausea churned in Lacey’s stomach despite how good it smelled.

“Has Katie gone?” Mom asked with a soft tone.

In contrast, Lacey nearly yelled. “Of course, she has!”

The lines in Mom’s face seemed to deepen. Her skin paled. Lacey was sure the cane was the only thing that kept Mom from falling as she coped with the pain inflicted by her favorite daughter.

The fight had gone out of Lacey. Her knees wobbled. She eased into a chair and nodded. “She wants me to have custody of Rachel. She doesn’t even want her own daughter, Mom. What kind of woman walks away from her flesh and blood?”

Both women turned when a whimper came from the living room.

Heat rushed up Lacey’s neck. She jumped up and ran, wishing she could erase her careless words.

Rachel curled into a ball on the sofa, her right thumb inserted firmly in her mouth.

“Aunt Lacey’s sorry. I didn’t mean what I said.”

Rachel sucked harder, pulling it out momentarily to speak. “Is my mama coming to get me today?”

“No, sweetheart, not today. Maybe another day.” She patted her niece’s bare legs.

There was no sound except the sucking. Lacey sat on the floor patting and wondering what to say or do. A clap of thunder reminded her of the unsettled clouds. “I need to go close my car windows. I’ll be right back.”

She ran outside, started the car, and raised her driver’s side window. Just as she got back inside, the downpour began.

Mom still sat at the kitchen table, her head in her hands. She rose, grabbing her cane. Red puffy eyes alerted Lacey to her mother’s tears, something that seldom happened.

Compassion knocked at Lacey’s heart, but she locked it out, when she realized the tears were all for Katie.

Lacey sat on the floor beside Rachel. “You ready for some pizza?” Lacey wanted kids one day, but she wanted her own with a husband by her side. She couldn’t attract a man, but now she had a child.

Mom plopped into her recliner. “Do you think food will fix everything?”

“Works for me.” Lacey tried a teasing note. “Whenever things go wrong, food makes it better.” She huffed at Mom and grimaced. “Didn’t you know that?” Good thing she hadn’t planned on the cruise. She crunched up the pamphlet and threw it in the trash along with a few other dreams. She’d stay fat and lonely.

What was she going to do with a four-year-old?

Here's how to gain a chance to win a free Worth Her Weight, and help me at the same time.

Click on "Post a comment" below. Tell me if these excerpts made you
1. want to read the book
2. not want to read the book
3. or, doesn't sway you either way.

Also, tell me which excerpt you like the best.

Don't forget to leave your e-mail address, so that I might contact you if you're the winner. My hubby, and official drawer for contests, will draw a name from the ones who comment before midnight on Tuesday, January 12. That Wednesday, I will post the name of the winner. If you win, you may choose your copy from kindle copy, pdf copy, or print copy.

P. S. If you try to comment by using anonymous, google log-in, or any other option and can't get it to post, go to my Facebook page
and post that this is your comment about the excerpts of Worth Her Weight, and I will include that in the drawing.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Welcome, Author Peggy Blann Phifer

Regular Writing with God's Hope blog followers know that I cherish the opportunity to introduce you to some of my favorite writers. Hope abounds in Christian books, both fiction and non-fiction. Today, I'm honored to interview a great "online" friend, Peggy Blann Phifer. I've read her fiction and heartily recommend it. She offers an entertaining read with a Christian worldview. 

Peg, tell us something about yourself.

I was born in Upstate New York and have lived in Connecticut, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Michigan, and Nevada. I'm now back in Wisconsin. It wasn't until I passed the half-century mark that I started taking my random scribblings seriously.
Did you ever feel like giving up on your writing? 
And how did you press through this?
Oh, yeah, I wanted to quit more than a few times. What writer hasn't? But I'd been bitten by the writing bug by then and pushed on through. Especially after I was sure God had given me a task to write the stories He gave me.
What gave you the idea for this book? How did you find your publisher?

I combined these two questions together because they're intertwined.
In late 2013, Kathi Macias approached me to write a short story for a compilation she was working on called "Twelve Days of Christmas." I jumped at the opportunity, signed a contract and ended up writing my story called "Best Laid Plans. The publisher was Helping Hands Press.
Since then I have signed four more contracts with HHP, the current one being a series of my own called "Sweetwater River."  This stemmed from a character I created in my second contract for 'Summer in Sweetland' and carried on through the next two series' ''Tis the Season in Sweetland' and 'Sonrise in Sweetland.' All of these focus around foster care and adoption.
At the end of that series, my publisher asked if I wanted to do a series of my own, and the rest is, as they say, history.
I am currently writing Volume 3 in this series.
How do you feel your latest release will encourage readers, or did you have something in mind like this when you wrote it?

I'm hoping my readers will not only enjoy this series, but realize the trauma that is the result of being in the foster care system. And the joys of being a foster care mom, and the delight of adopting these kids-even the older teens, providing them with a forever home they'd never had.
If you were a song, what would it be?
Oh boy. It would have to be 'Amazing Grace' or perhaps an old, old chorus we sang years ago, 'Thank You, Lord, for saving my soul.'
What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
Read-on my Kindle-my eyes are no longer good enough to read print books anymore. I used to do a lot of craft work, and crochet, but arthritis has put a crimp in that.
Tell us about your book.
     I've already mentioned some of it above. The Sweetwater River Series is about Rozene Gentry, a widowed, middle-aged woman, who finds herself involved with four girls in the foster care system. Troubled teens, three of them about to graduate from high school, which essentially disqualifies them from foster care, and they have to leave the Youth Acres Group Home where they've been living, and Rozene takes them into her own home until they can get on their feet and learn how to cope in the real world on their own.
And of course we have some romance and tragedy along the way. Saying more at this point would be spoilers.
Volume 1: 'Ripples,' and Volume 2: 'Undercurrents,' have already been published. Their buy links are embedded in their titles. I'm currently working on Volume 3: 'Moorings' and hope to have it released soon.
Author Peggy Blann Phifer, a retired executive assistant after twenty-one years in the Electrical Wholesale Industry, lives in the ‘boonies’ of NW Wisconsin. A late bloomer as far as writing is concerned, Peg’s first published work was a prayer that appeared in 2000 in a Guideposts Book compilation called Prayers for Every Need. Her debut novel, To See the Sun, a contemporary romantic suspense, released in January 2012. A novella, Somehow, Christmas Will Come, contemporary women’s fiction, released in November 2014, re-released in late 2015. Her work has also appeared in numerous anthologies and she is currently writing a series of her own called Sweetwater River. Peg is represented by Jim Hart, of Hartline Literary Agency.
Social Media Links:
TWITTER: @pegphifer

What an honor to have you visit the Writing with God's Hope  blog, Peg. Thank you. I'm eager to dive into this Sweetwater River Series.

Saturday, March 21, 2015


My thoughts trouble me and cause all manner of difficulty. My overeating, my self-condemnation, my sharp tongue all stem from my mind, and what I think about.  Romans 12: 2 urges us to be "transformed by the renewing of our mind."  As Christians, it behooves us to renew our minds and seek the mind of Christ.

Is that possible?

For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ.
                                                                            1 Corinthians 2:16

Salvation takes away our sin and provides us eternal life.

What then must we do to have the mind of Christ?

    1.     Meditate on God.

I will remember the works of the Lord; surely I will remember thy wonders of old.
I will meditate also on all thy work, and talk of thy doings.     Psalm 77: 11-12 

Meditation is simply soaking in God, dwelling on what He's already done for us, listening to His voice, and obeying His Word..

  2. Give up our critical nature nd words. Be an encourager.

****If it’s not good or uplifting, don’t say it and don’t think it.
          Divine Dining, my devotion book and Worth Her Weight, my new women's fiction seek to
         encourage the readers.

               3. Keep an attitude of gratitude.

In everything, give thanks.
A simple thank you can solve a lot of misunderstandings and hurt feelings.

4.  Remind yourself daily how much God loves you.
Romans 5:8 but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

When we look down ourselves, we negate God’s love.

What I am and what I struggle with are not the same thing.
                                         Me, Myself, & Lies by Jennifer Rothschild
We need to separate those two things. I battle compulsive overeating. I also tend to use negative self talk about myself, calling myself a failure. But that’s not who I am. I’m a beloved child of God who seeks to follow His will and touch other lives with His love flowing through me.
    5.  Be positive.
I'm not talking about just positive-thinking, but positive because I trust Him to make it right.
                  Think of the problems you're facing today. How many of them would wither in the
                      light of God's love if we sought to renew our mind, to possess the mind of Christ?

                        I feel the need to fall on my face and seek the "mind of Christ."

                        How about you?


Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Visit and Giveaway from Author, Gail Kittleson

Gail and her husband Lance delight in their grandchildren in St. Ansgar, Iowa.
Winter months find Gail in Pine, AZ, writing and editing like crazy. She has facilitated workshops 
and women's retreats in various hospice, parish nurse, and church venues. She's available for
speaking engagements for book clubs and women's groups, and usually shares on the
writing process, women's spiritual and emotional growth, and transition and loss.
I enjoyed recently getting acquainted online with Gail Kittleson and knew the viewers of Writing with God's Hope blog would, also. Gail has a special giveaway today. Find out how to qualify for the drawing by scrolling all the way to the bottom of this post.
Gail, where did you get the idea for your latest book?
 "From my life" would be the obvious answer for a memoir, but a lifetime of reading paved the way. Other authors' honesty (The Diary of a Young Girl, Tuesdays With Morrie, Julie and Julia, The Glass Castle and many more) affected my understanding of memoir.
But a powerful assignment in a workshop back in the summer of 2003 got me started. This kind of writing goes deep, and a supportive group made all the difference. I use that same pivotal assignment often in facilitating workshops and retreats. 
By the way, I didn’t plan to write a memoir that day in that class—I just started writing, kept on, and the result, years later, was Catching Up With Daylight.
Many of us long for rest, as the author did while renovating an old house after her husband's 
first deployment to Iraq. Yet a different hunger undergirded that desire: a hunger for wholeness
How did you find your publisher?
I read about WhiteFire Publishing, did some research, and submitted. This company’s editors are professional, generous, and reliable. I've been delighted with their work and so appreciate the camaraderie of WhiteFire’s author family. 
Are you working on any other projects that you can tell us about?
Yes, several. I’m awaiting the next edits for my contracted women's fiction and my World War II series is being considered by a publisher. I also keep working on a pioneer series.
What kind of books do you enjoy reading?
Anything World War II, fiction and nonfiction, fascinates me. I read Women's Fiction (Jane Kirkpatrick is one of my favorite authors), Biography, of course Memoir, and lately, a mystery or two. I’ve always enjoyed poetry, especially Emily Dickinson and John Donne. 
Oh, I like Emily Dickinson, too. What has your writing journey been like so far?
Full of starts and stops. Then a big re-start at that writers’ workshop, and pretty steady since then. I always knew writing was my vocation, yet it took a long, long time to believe I had anything worthwhile to say. Some of us have to grow into our calling, and wonder “why all those wasted years?”
But I can also say the journey has been necessary—expressing oneself on paper requires believing in yourself, and that sort of turn-around doesn’t happen overnight. The kind of writing memoir demands can be painful, and I didn’t necessarily realize the effect until after the fact.
Years ago when I prayed for inner peace, I had no idea how much I was asking!
I can so identify with that, Gail. I agree that to express ourselves on paper requires self confidence. Must've been why God delayed my writing for years.
Do you have another book due to come out soon?
Yes. Do you hear my YIPPEE!? I’m not someone who always wanted to write fiction—my first story surprised me to pieces. There have been many since then, but my first contract (with Vintage Rose) is for a women’s fiction titled In This Together.
I don’t know the release date yet, but hopefully this year. It’s the story of Dottie, a Gold Star mother and widow, set in 1947. Having come through a lot and successfully reared three children, she now works at a boarding house, deals with her grief, and expects life to continue in a hum-drum way. Boy, is she in for a surprise!
Oh, I must read that one. Congratulations. Keep us posted.
Where is your favorite place to pray or reflect by yourself?
 Walking, almost anywhere, but preferably in nature. We live in an Iowa small town, so there’s plenty of space, and in the winter I walk in an Arizona Ponderosa pine forest.
Tell me a fun fact about yourself.
I’ve lived on three continents (not for very long periods!) and visited a fourth. Also, I have a title addiction. They pop into my head consistently, like certain melodies that take over your mind.
Oh, that's funny.
Now tell us where we can purchase Catching Up with Daylight. 
Now, how do you qualify to go in the drawing for an online copy of Catching Up with Daylight?
All you must do is click on "post a comment" below and leave a comment or question for Gail. Make sure to leave your e-mail address. We'll draw from the comments at midnight on March 3.
Thank you, Gail, for stopping by the Writing with God's Hope blog today. Happy writing.