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Friday, July 3, 2015

How does nature speak to you?

To me, it's like God calling my name and inviting me to stop awhile and visit.

I especially love flowers. My family knows they can always please me with flowers or even clothes or accessories with flowers on them. The saying goes, "stop and smell the roses." Well, unfortunately, I have very little sense of smell, but roses, or any flower give me a feast for my eyes.

Sneeze wood (Bet I know where it got that name.)

This May in Colorado showed brilliant displays of wildflowers while we were visiting. Our daughter took us to Castlewood State Park near her house. She and my hubby laughed as I poised my camera over one more beautiful flower and went snap.

Blue flax

I also love hearing little known facts about places I visit. Did you know rocks around Castlewood wash down from as far away as Pike's Peak, thirty miles away. This state park is a spot of beauty after you leave the mountain majesty and before the land flattens into the Midwest's plains.

Though nature can be enjoyed alone, everything is better with loved ones.

My daughter and hubby in front of the dandelions

On this Wednesday, how does nature speak to you?
What does it say?
What is your favorite of God's creations?