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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

This is How We Roll

God made each of us unique. We have different personalities and different likes and dislikes. Isn't the Lord amazing? With some of us, we see God's sense of humor. Others indicate His love of organization and compartmentalization.

When we left on vacation with our travel trailer in July, I couldn't help but think. "This is the way we roll." My husband and I enjoy nothing more than pulling our second home behind us, parking it close to nature, and spending much of time outside considering the wonders of our Creator.

Our truck & trailer looking across Texas plains

This reminds me of one of God's unusual creations; the turtle or tortoise, that carries its house on its back. Whenever, it needs rest or protection, it goes into its house, only to stick out its head again to travel.

A tortoise in Amarillo zoo

As we travel, a picture comes of a cowboy riding across these Texas plains with saddle bags (all their possessions). On a cattle drive, a chuck wagon followed the cowboys and cattle. When they stopped for the night, the cook dished out dinner. That was how they rolled.

What's your favorite way to travel?