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Saturday, April 11, 2015


How do we rid ourselves of anxiety? The devil uses it to best advantage. Anti-anxiety medicine anyone?

For the solution, let's go to Philippians 4: 6-8

First part of verse 6:  Don't be anxious about anything.


Many of you have a hang-up called worry. It steals your peace, stresses you beyond belief, and keeps you from serving God to your fullest.


An anonymous saying: Worry is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get you anywhere.

I used to sing this song as a solo in church:

Many things about tomorrow;
I don't seem to understand:
But I know who holds tomorrow,
And I know who holds my hand.

What a wonderful reminder for us today.


2nd part of verse 6: Pray about everything. 


 One of the worst things we do is compartmentalize our lives. We divide it up such as God, family, hobbies, and careers. We keep those areas separate.


It's not even good enough to regard God as the biggest piece of the pie. If we see Him that way, we'll still leave Him out of the rest of our lives. The 'pie crust' of God's love, power, and truth is the foundation for everything we do.

              from Extravagant by Bryan Jarrett
We shouldn’t ask God to ride along in the front seat of our life. We should request that he drive while we sit in the passenger seat.

3rd part of verse 6 Be thankful and make your requests known to God.  


God has given us everything we have. How can we be puffed with pride?


****Here’s a quote from Tim Veal, a guest speaker, at my church in August of 09.
We can't go far enough away that God won't come after us.
We can't do anything so bad that He won't forgive us.
God never quits loving and never gives up.
How can we not be grateful for grace such as that!


Verse 7: The peace of God wilt guard your heart and mind through Christ Jesus.

Sometimes God calms the storm. Sometimes, He allows the storm to rage and calms His child.

Asking for help is the first step to a healthy Christian life. Ask for help from God and from others.

God loves giving to us that “peace that passes all understanding.”


It’s said that Clare Boothe Luce said, “Happiness consists of a solid faith, good health, and a bad memory.”


Verse 8: Meditate on, or think about good things.

Ask, seek, and knock. God will answer, be found, and open the door.

An attitude of gratitude is God’s best weapon against compulsions, hang-ups, or flaws.


Gratitude & self-condemnation can’t reside in the same mind. Jesus told us, we can’t serve Him & the devil both. Neither can we sincerely thank God for His bounty and faithfulness and be all wrapped up in how rough it is carrying our load.


Don’t base your action on how you feel. Base it on what you know. Give up your life, your will, your choices each day to God, and base your decisions for all areas of your life on His direction.
So, let's summarize the five ways to combat anxiety.
1.     Don’t be anxious. Give it to God
2.     Pray about everything. If you struggle with what seems like a small thing, remember, there’s no big or little things with God, only things you need to put in His hands.
3.     Be thankful & make your requests known to God.
             Ask, seek, knock
             Keep an attitude of gratitude
4.     Accept God’s peace. If you let go of the problem, God gives the peace
5.     Think about good things. Don’t dwell on the bad stuff
What helps you overcome anxiety?