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Thursday, November 17, 2016

God Is In Control

Husband Charles and son-in-law Mark fix cars
God controls my non-unhealthy life at least for a few months. I regret that I'm unable to blog or write further books at present. Thank you, thank you, Jesus, for pushing out the message of God's guidance. I pray it helps many of you.

Check back here at any time to see if there are further posts. Until then, feel free to go back and read any of the older posts that might help you. I've posted on this blog since 2010. When you go through many God-ordained or funny-needed blogs that might help you, go through any of the posts that might give writing alignment, ghost stories, devotions, introduction to new authors or new books, or just a spot of what you need. Enjoy old blogs at any time.

Thank you for those who've read me for years. If God heals me, I will be back to writing.

Mother's Day, 2016
Fun with my Colorado daughter Sept. 2016
Feel free to go through The My Books page. I do have 5 available still for purchase. I pray they minister to you.