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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What's the 3 Components of Weight Loss?

Compulsive overeating, despite our own wishes, hits us on 3 levels: physically, mentally, and spiritually.

1. Spiritual:   Study the Bible daily. Read a devotion or spiritual lesson to help with the spiritual side of weight loss or weight maintenance. Many great groups like Weight Watchers or TOPS hit the physical and mental part, and that’s important, but few address the spiritual element.
     Pray daily, "Not my will, but Thine be done."

*****Without Christ’s power, we will never find permanent victory, merely temporary relief.

Most of us have discovered the temporary.

Many of us have lost hundreds of pounds in our lifetimes.

We must learn to conquer it forever, and that requires submitting to God’s will and utilizing His power.

2. Mental  Support groups such as Weight Watchers and Church groups help with this. Share tips for changing your mindset.  If you don't have a support group, find a friend fighting weight.

Our goal is to look at food as we would the mountains or the beach, something that God has given us to make life more enjoyable.

We want to look at food as we do God’s Word, something we take in daily to nourish our bodies, like His Word does our souls.

Food isn’t a drug.

Food isn’t what will fix your problems.

Food isn’t your friend.

Food isn’t your god.

Anything you put on the throne of your life instead of God is an idol.

Though we love God and desire to serve Him, we build up habits. Habits require mental changes. To stop one bad habit, we must replace it with a good habit.

That's where tips that work for others can also help us.

****My best tip for eating out is to choose wisely, but then take half of it home.

****My second best tip is when faced with a dessert, I eat half and cover the rest with my napkin. Also, if it isn't a real favorite, I consider it not worth it. I'll wait for cheesecake.

3. Physical  Don't overwhelm yourself. Start small. Change one thing at a time.

Obsessing over what not to eat is as bad as obsessing over what to eat.

God is the author of freedom.

*****The first change is this:

Eat breakfast every morning this week.

Not just any breakfast, but choose from these choices.  (One in each category.)

One starch or grain

      Suggestions: ¾ c. ready to eat cereal without added sugar

                        1 c. Hot cereal like oatmeal or cream of wheat

                                                  without added sugar or margarine

                      1 slice Whole grain toast

                        Half bagel or English muffin

One dairy or high calcium food   1 c. skim milk or 2% milk

                                                 8 oz. yogurt (80 calorie)

                                                 1 oz. 2% fat cheese

                                                 ½ c fat free ricotta cheese

One protein             Can be the above cheeses

                            1 T. peanut butter

                           1 egg

                          ½ c. eggbeaters

                       1 oz. ham or Canadian bacon

One piece of fruit lots of choices there apples, strawberries, bananas, nectarines, etc.

Double these portions if you’re over 200 lbs. or if you do intensive exercise.

That's my lesson for today. Compulsive overeating hits us on all 3 levels. It takes fighting back on all 3 to lose weight and maintain the loss for life.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

You Are Special!

Which is correct?

Lose weight to increase your self esteem.


Increase your self esteem to lose weight.

With my now 23 year old granddaughter
When I weighed two hundred, fifty pounds, my self esteem drug the ground. I had tried every diet known to the compulsive overeater,
pills, shots, grapefruit diet, Atkins diet, weight loss clubs, and hundreds of other remedies. I could lose weight, but I always regained it.

One day, I joined another group called Christian Weight Controllers. What I gained there was more than a diet or exercise club, more extensive than visualizing my success and using positive self-talk. I required healing, not only in the realm of the physical and mental, but I required a touch from my Heavenly Father.

Yes, I followed a prescribed way of eating called the American Diabetic Exchange Diet. Yes, I began a walking campaign with a friend. Of course, I attended a weekly support group. But, I went a step farther. I followed the twelve steps.

Here are the first three steps of the original Alcoholics Anonymous book. (with my personal spin).

I admitted I was powerless over food, that my life had become unmanageable.

I came to believe a Power greater than myself could restore me to sanity.

I made a decision to turn my will and my life over to the care of God.

Denton book fair with my 3 books
God healed me emotionally. I've maintained my ninety-five pound loss for eighteen years. God gives freedom, not bondage. When I lost weight previously, I obsessed over doing it perfectly as much as I obsessed over food when I was binging.

My problem, my sin, was control. Instead of God being on the throne of my life, I replaced Him with food.

I can now glory in my weakness.

God perfects my weakness with His strength.

God's truth gives freedom. He freed me not just from food. I eat what I want, but He frees me from compulsion.

In this day, we hate the word "slavery," yet compulsive overeaters live with slavery every day.

Don't believe me?

Have you ever planned on starting a diet one morning that you relinquished by lunch?

Have tears ever flowed because you were so heavy, but couldn't stop eating?

Have you believed yourself worthless because you were fat?

Now, go back to my original question.

Which is correct?

the second one - Increase your self esteem to lose weight.

My suggestion: Start by listing ten things about yourself that you like.

Hint: Remember, you're God's creation, so you are special.