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Saturday, October 22, 2016

I Am Powerless

I work at eating well,  similar to the goals I've followed for twenty years. At that time, I lost one hundred pounds and maintained the loss. Nevertheless, I've failed many times this last month. As usual, I use God's twelve step program.
Time and time again, I face days of eating out several meals in a row, though I believe I've got days to cook at home, I find time out of town when I eat in restaurants, and when I stay at home, my craving for sweets turns me into eating candy corn or a box full of Fiber One bars.

I'm powerless.  God is full of power and brings victory.

Never give up.
Always read my twelve steps.
Rely on the Lord.
Though occasionally, I rise four to five pounds above my goal, but as God works in my life, I again drift down to goal weight. I'm a food addict. God is my strength.

I think again of the first three steps where I trust in God.

Honesty. 1. I admit I am powerless over food and that my life has become unmanageable.

Hope 2. Came to believe that a Power greater than myself could restore me to sanity.

Action 3. Made a decision to turn my will and my life over to the care of God as I understand Him.

Thank you, Lord, for continuous power over food addiction.

On Oct. 29, I will be the speaker for the district meeting in Wichita Falls, TX for TOPS (Take off pounds sensibly). Lord, speak wisdom through me that day.

In December, 2016, Pen-L Publishing will be releasing Divine Dining Workbook. My upcoming book will compliment my first book, Divine Dining: 365 Devotions to Guide You to Healthier Weight and Abundant Wellness.
The workbook will provide fourteen classes to begin a class to share problems with others to overcome compulsive overeating and lose weight. If you prefer to work at home by yourself, the new workbook will allow you to follow God's guidance at home.

Thank you, God, for confidence over my food addiction or compulsive overeating. Use me to maintain victory and touch other lives.

I am powerless. God is full of power.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

A Boost for Your Prayer Life with Author, Wade Webster & A Giveaway

I love meeting new writers, even if it's online. Recently, I was "introduced" to Wade Webster. His book sounds fascinating, and I desired to know more about him. After contacting him by Facebook and e-mail, we agreed that he would visit us today on Writing With God's Hope blog.

Don't forget to scroll all the way to the bottom and leave a comment for a chance to win a signed copy of Wade's book.

Wade, tell us something about yourself and your journey with writing and with Christ.

When you say yes to God expect to be surprised. That’s my experience. That, and dealing with doors in life.
I’m a member of a large church. Our adult fellowship is the size of an average church in America, about 150 folks. The year I was able to get plugged into the weekly prayer rotation to open the class was also the year my wife left me.
The leadership of the class asked me to step down. That’s the only explanation I received.
That was the same year the American Christian Fiction Writers opened email genre loops. I joined the children’s fiction loop. A member of that group began offering weekly prayers to encourage us, but complications in Sally’s life made it so she had to step away from that role. She offered it to anybody who wanted to continue the prayers. I decided to pick up that torch with the stipulation that if the prayers became weakly someone would tell me to stop.
I learned of people in the group I had never heard of from emails they sent me telling me how much my prayers spoke to them.
I found lists in the Bible to use as ideas for topics to pray about. The pieces of spiritual armor came first. The Beatitudes came before the 1 Corinthians 13 love chapter and so on.
After a year I realized I was writing enough for a small book. I kept going one week at a time until ACFW decided to move to Facebook groups instead of the email loops. I talked them into continuing the loop a few more months so I could write more prayers.
I composed the last few prayers to a non-existent group to come up with the quantity I was looking for. 100 PRAYERS OF A WRITER came about as an act of obedience not a plan to make a book.
To make the book appealing to a wider audience I edited the prayers. The plural pronouns became singular—we became I, us became me, and so forth. They now read like someone is praying them directly to God.
I took out some of the references to writing so every reader would benefit from the prayers.
In Matthew 18 Jesus tells His disciples they must approach God as a child. Many of these prayers do exactly that. The tone of the prayer is set by the attitude as we enter God’s throne room.
God, the Father, opens Himself to us each time no matter what we’ve done. Time with us is always His deepest desire.
I believe these prayers will help people come to God as they should. He’s to be the respected father figure and the familiar daddy who knows us well. Yes, it’s complicated, but do-able. is the website where you can find ordering information. You can get an autographed copy there or go to Tate Publishing or any mainline online retailer.

Feel free to subscribe while you’re there to receive my monthly newsletter and weekly biblical fiction-based devotional that I’ve been blogging into upcoming books.

 What is prayer? Prayer is a conversation with God.

What does God expect in your prayer? God wants you to pour out your heart to Him.

These prayers are not meant to be memorized, but experienced. This collection of prayers began as a weekly offering to the American Christian Fiction Writers' children's fiction email loop. 100 PRAYERS OF A WRITER combines Wade Webster's two greatest passions: talking to his Heavenly Father and writing. If your prayer life needs a boost, these prayers will give you the spiritual lift you're looking for. Experience a depth and honesty that only comes from a lifetime walk with God through Jesus Christ. Although these prayers were originally written to writers, everybody will grow in their understanding of their relationship with the Creator of the universe. People curious about how Christians approach God will have their eyes opened to what makes us tick. Enter the throne room of God as Jesus tells us to--as little children. Leave the same throne room with renewed hope and encouragement. Christianity wasn't meant to be a rote religion, but a living relationship. Your Father longs for your attention.



Wade Webster lives in Plano, Texas with his best friend, Jesus Christ. He gave his heart to Christ so young he doesn’t remember not being born-again. He attended Grace Bible College in Wyoming, Michigan sometime in the last century and gains most of his income from driving trucks. Yes, there are many born-again truckers out there, my friends. He blogs at

 All leaving a comment will be entered into a drawing for a signed copy of 100 Prayers of a Writer. The deadline to enter is midnight April 8, so leave a comment now. Do you have a question for Wade? Or, just let us know you would like to win the book.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Our church has a prayer loop. I noticed this week three requests for someone suffering from depression. It's real. It's devastating. It's one of the devil's best tools, but God can and will heal it. Praise His Name.

The devil delights in causing depression for saints. He whispers lies in our ears. We repeat them over and over until our spirits are so defeated only a miracle can redeem us, but God is in the miracle business.


Depression isn’t new.


Look at the prophet, Elijah’s words.


“I’ve had enough,” he told the Lord. “Take away my life. I’ve got to die sometime, and it might as well be now.”

                      1 Kings 19:4 Life Recovery Bible


Jeremiah poured out his depression on the page.


He has filled me with bitterness and given me a cup of deepest sorrows to drink.

                 Lamentations 3:15 Life Recovery Bible



In that same chapter of Lamentations in verses twenty-one through twenty-three, Jeremiah tells us the answer to depression.
Yet there is one ray of hope: his compassion never ends. It is only the Lord’s mercies that have kept us from complete destruction. Great is his faithfulness, his loving-kindness begins afresh each day. 

(That's one of my favorite verses.)

Our only hope.


God is strong enough to lift our burdens and loving enough to mend our broken heart.

              Life Recovery Bible, note on page 843


All forms of depression bring a wedge between us and God.

Like Jeremiah, the only remedy is soaking in the Word of God, allowing it to soothe and encourage, and reminding ourselves of His faithfulness in the past.


Depression is like an elephant sitting on you and you can't get up.

“If God never sleeps, why should both of us stay awake?”

                       The Freedom of Letting Go

                        by Donna Clark Goodrich


"Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right."
                                                      ~ Henry Ford

Depression kept me down for years. I tried to eat myself into an early grave. I felt unworthy, unable to cope. Praise God for His healing. I still have days when I feel the effect on my thoughts, but His mercy is new every morning, so I know I must look up. I had one of those days Saturday. God is helping.

 Loss or betrayal can, at any time, throw us into a spiral of depression. Our only hope is through Jesus Christ. I pray today for all those battling with depression's effect.

Saturday, January 30, 2016


To have your dreams become reality, here’s what you must do:


Dedicate your life to Christ.


Read the Bible.


Expect an adventure.


Ask God for your dreams.


Moment by moment, seek God’s guidance, peace, and joy.


This week, my thoughts continue to whirl on dreams and prayer. I wrote another devotion on this topic on a Facebook devotion writer’s site in which I participate. I encourage the Writing with God’s Hope blog viewers to check out this site for a devotion a day to help you cope with life. Find mine on "dreams and prayers" there today.



I love acrostics. For another one using the word dream, click on the page entitled “Dream on, Writers,” listed to the right of this blog, or click on the link:


P. S. I have another dream acrostic listed for December 31 in my book, Divine Dining: 365 Devotions to Guide You to Healthier Weight and Abundant Wellness.

Dreams and prayers are related. God wants good things for us. Have you talked with Him today about your dreams?

What do you think dreams and prayer have to do with each other?


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mothers and Daughters

I wrote the story below several years ago but never published it. God prompted me to post it, today. I pray it ministers to some who might be suffering the same turmoil.  Praise God, my daughter is now in a much better place since I put down these words.

For me, my Christmas cactus is a point of hope.

     My dreams turned to nightmares. I awoke with a start. The room was dark, and my husband snored softly, but I was wide awake. I remembered our daughter that’s floundering in hurt and denial.

     Wednesday night’s class taught on the breakdown of love between mothers and daughters and the resulting scars. While sitting in the class, I’d been convicted. Perhaps my daughter’s anger at me came from the judgmental attitude I had toward her—the same condemnation I had felt from my mother. Two days had passed since that class, and I had yet to act.

     At two in the morning, I crept out of the bedroom and to our computer. I typed a letter to my daughter. With every word, a tear fell to the keyboard. When temptation caused me to venture into what she had or hadn’t done, I deleted and returned my actions for the focus.

     When the letter was finished and reread, I folded it and put it in an envelope ready to mail.

     Last week, a devotion book had been first to call me to repentance for not forgiving my daughter for her lifestyle. Obviously, God had to hit me over the head several times before I’d act.

     I chuckled at that thought. “I’m learning, Lord.”

     Shadows danced on the wall from the moon shining through waving trees outside our windows. The smell of roses permeated the house. My husband and I celebrated our forty-sixth wedding anniversary yesterday.

     “Teach me, Lord. Forgive me as I forgive my daughter.”

    Last Sunday, the preacher used the text Matthew 28:20 KJV

“…..lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.”   To the Christian who has walked away from God, Jesus still stands close, ready to embrace and heal.

    My head rested against the chair. As I floated in a half-awake state, a vision drifted through my mind. Jesus followed my daughter into a bar and sat on the next stool waiting in case she turned to Him. Though I could no longer protect my child from harm, Jesus could go wherever she went.

    My eyes drooped. When I went to bed, my body sunk into smooth sheets. The love of my life covered me with his warm arm. God filled me with peace. My supplication had been heard. Thank you, Jesus.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Snacks aren’t bad. In fact, in some ways, snacking can be your friend in weight loss. Studies show no link between losing weight and having snacks. Often, the snackers lose better.

Must you go a long time between lunch and dinner, or dinner and bedtime?

When I worked, my lunch hour was 11:20 to 12:20. Then, I would get off work somewhere between five and seven, depending on the patient load at the doctor’s office. When I reached my house in the evening, I was ravenous.

Solution: I saved something for a snack about four.

Snacks come in three forms:

Savory, salty, and sweet. Which do you prefer?


It could be different on different days.

It could be a combination. This often works for me.


Plan a snack once or twice a day for when you need it. Each lifestyle is different. Each person is different. Even a different time in life might change our times and our choices.


Now, that I’m retired, I eat dinner earlier, which I much prefer, but sometimes, eating dinner about five-thirty is so long before bedtime that I need a seven-thirty snack. (I still, most of the time, require a mid-afternoon snack, but sometimes, it’s only a glass of Crystal Light or a diet soda.)


Here’s some snacking suggestions:


1 cup broth soup              
1 T. peanut butter

Boiled egg                        
small salad

Light cheese sticks  
tortilla with 1 T 2% fat cheese

Light beef jerky                       
celery or carrot sticks                2 T. hummus

    With 1 wedge Laughing Cow



Chips, 1 oz. not over 100 calories          
  1 oz. Pretzels

2 rice cakes
6 reduced-fat wheat thins

2 peanut butter/cracker sandwiches      
6 light Triscuits

4 Rye wafers                         
3 cups microwave popcorn

Large dill pickle                       
palmful of sunflower seeds in shell

 2 T. mixed nuts                               



Fresh fruit                     non-fat yogurt

2 Blue Bunny fudge lites         7 dried apricots or figs

3 T. raisins                    ½ cup fruit cocktail

1 cup thawed frozen strawberries   
2 T. fat free cool whip

½ cup canned pineapple in own juice  
½ c. natural applesauce

10  caramel corn mini rice cakes       4 hard candies

1 60 calorie Jello pudding    1/16 of a round angel food cake

10 plain or peanut M & Ms (if you can handle them)    

5 large marshmellows                   2 low fat graham crackers

Smoothie with 1 cup skim milk & fruit



Unlimited Snacks:

   Carrot or celery snacks

   Red pepper slices

   Cherry tomatoes

 Sugar free jello
Tip: Nutritious snacks are more satisfying than junk food.

Could it be that having snacks could be the help you needed to lose that weight?

What snack helps you?