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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Today is Launch Day for Worth Forgiving

I'm so excited. Today is the day Pen-L Publishing will release Worth Forgiving.

If you pre-ordered in August, the winner for the free, signed copy was drawn this morning.

Worth Forgiving


Second in the Wharton Rock Series



Prejudice and mistrust hinders an ex-con, drug addict’s new beginning.


The state of Texas releases from prison Katie Smith. Full of optimism, she sets out to get a job, rent her own place, and make a home for her eight-year-old daughter, but Katie gave away her daughter three years ago. She could use a friend, but her past choices threaten to doom her to continued failure.


Larry Pullman graduated from seminary with high marks, but the fact that he has no wife makes finding a preaching job almost impossible. It doesn’t help that running from God as a teenager gave him a past that he can’t undo. All he needs is an ex-con, drug addict messing up his life, but then why did God lead him to her? Or did He?


Isn’t it enough that Lacey Chandler gave her sister’s daughter a home? Does that mean she has to clean up Katie’s messes forever?


Could it be that Katie is not Worth Forgiving?

Now, it can be purchased at Pen-L Publishing, on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or ordered through any retail book store.

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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Author Interview with Susan York Meyers

Welcome author, Susan York Meyers, to Writing with God's Hope blog. I met this fellow author online when my debut novel released. I loved asking Meyers questions and learning more about her. I think you'll enjoy her answers.

1.    Susan, tell us something about yourself, especially about your writing journey

In high school I loved to write scenes, usually dramatic and tension filled (or at least I thought so). It was fun. However, in college, I began to take the idea of writing seriously. I graduated from emotion filled drama to actual full stories. But, it wasn’t until several years later when I started telling my son bedtime stories that I found my passion – children’s writing. That’s when I joined the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and realized I knew nothing about writing! But I learned. Now I am the proud author of two chapter books and two picture books, one the award winning “Grrr … Night!” I’ve also stretched my writing wings and this past year my first adult book, “Two Old Ladies – It’s all in the Attitude” was published. It’s been a great journey.

2.    Did you ever feel like giving up on your writing?  And how did you press through this?

Yes. A few years ago I experienced burnout. I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to write next. I had so many ideas and half-finished stories on my computer that I felt overwhelmed. I had to step back and decide exactly what I wanted to accomplish. I picked out a couple of stories and put the rest in a folder where I couldn’t see them. At the moment I am working on a sequel for Grrr…Night!. My middle grade novel, Stone Girl, just went to the publisher and my YA novel, I Spy Something Wicked, is in edits with another publisher. It’s a busy time.

3.    Where did you get the idea for your new book?

Two Old Ladies – It’s All in the Attitude started out as a short scene about contrasting attitudes toward winter weather. I fell in love with the main characters, two sisters, Lillybelle and Annabelle, but had no idea what to do with the scene. So,I put it aside. Every couple of years, I’d pull it back out wondering what to do with it. I finally decided to write a few more scenes. Each humorous “scene” showed how attitude can affect your life. I added a few thoughts and prayers. It became a humorous inspirational book about attitude.
I also have to put in a plug for my poetry book, Shoe Haiku. It’s official launch is next month. It’s for the woman who loves shoes as much as I do! You can find out more information about Shoe Haiku on my website.

4.    How do you feel this book will encourage readers?

Life is hard enough without focusing on the negative. So many things in life we can’t change, but our attitude is in our control. Lillybelle and Annabelle use love and humor to show the difference a good attitude can make in a stressful situation.

5.    How did you find your publisher?

I was very blessed in the fact that the publisher of Doodle and Peck is also a critique partner. She fell in love with Two Old Ladies. I was extremely blessed to have someone publishing my book who loved it as much as I do.

6.    If you were a song, what would it be?

Depends on the day. Many days it might be the hymn “I’m Happy Today.” But, there are a few days when “I’m Not Crazy” by Matchbox 20 definitely fits.

7.    What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Read. I’m a huge mystery fan. Crochet. I’m making a Halloween afghan at the moment. Play on the computer. (Wayyy to much!) Drive. I love to drive back roads listening to CDs. Spend time with my family.

8. Tell us what your new book is about?

When your late husband worked downtown, thongs were something people wore on their feet,” Lillybelle Maudine Granger told her sister, Annabelle Verline Kingston. This pair of seventy-something senior citizens tackle everything with flair and humor, whether it’s trying to imagine heaven (“Wouldn’t a purple halo be nice?”), playing matchmaker for the youth minister, or helping a stressed-out young mother. Because, for these two old ladies, it's all in the attitude!   

Find Susan York Meyers at:

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Links where your book can be purchased.


Doodle and Peck:!product-page/cekl/1043888d-0a0e-2ce5-9973-1bd4e2d231e4

Susan York Meyers is the author of two chapter books and two picture books. Her latest book, Two Old Ladies, It’s All in the Attitude, is a humorous inspirational book.

Susan worked in elementary school libraries for over 12 years and is familiar with both books and the children who check them out. She is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. Susan is a past judge for the Oklahoma Writer’s Federation as well as a speaker for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators in Oklahoma.

Thank you for visiting us, Susan. I sure enjoyed the interview. Since I am "an old woman," I think I must read that book. I'm glad you shared it with us. I also wish you great things with the upcoming book of poetry. You're a busy woman.

Any questions or comments for Susan?

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Release of Let the Sea Roar

Announcing the release of our anthology, Let the Sea Roar. I'm blessed to be the only American included with my online Australian friends. I pray the stories will encourage, inspire, and establish a stronger walk with Christ. I wish to share one of such stories now.

Inspirational stories by women for women. With twenty-eight inspirational short stories by nine authors, Let the Sea Roar explores how women cope with turning points in their lives. The fictional stories trace women’s journeys through overwhelming challenges and difficulties as they find their way to comfort, direction, and an encounter with God. These moving stories explore spiritual insights on universal themes such as grief, alcoholism, marriage breakup, domestic violence, teenage pregnancy, poverty and homelessness. The anthology portrays the human condition from a Christian world-view. Recommended for women of all ages and walks of life.

Purchase it now at:
In honor of the release and as a Christmas present for my viewers, here is one of my stories from the anthology. 
One Woman Makes a Difference
By Janet K. Brown
     Vicky Hopkins waited in the restaurant for the interviewer to arrive. She crossed her arms and tucked her trembling fingers into the opposite side. Why would anyone want to tell her story?  She wasn’t anything special, just a wife and mother led by God.
     The interviewer flew in with a flourish. “Thanks for talking to me.” She shook Vicky’s hand and sat across the table. “How in the world did you ever think to start a wonderful organization like Women in Need all those years ago?”
    Vicky squirmed. She gave pretense at studying the menu but instead sorted through memories. How indeed?  “I always wanted to make a difference, but I suffered from low self esteem and feelings of rejection.”
     The friend studied Vicky with questions flicking through her eyes before she formed them into words. “How did you overcome that?”
     “When I was twelve-years-old, I gave my heart to Christ.” Warmth settled on Vicky’s shoulders like a heater vent had been aimed at her.  “I couldn’t do anything without God.”
     The woman closed her menu. She must’ve made a dinner choice. “I agree with that. I’m amazed how God has led me into writing stories. When I heard about yours, I knew I wanted to tell it.”
     Both ladies gave their orders to the young man serving them.
     A dry mouth threatened to choke Vicky. She sipped her water. “Life wasn’t always kind.  A good couple adopted me as a baby in a time when the world considered the term adoptee derogatory. I wasn’t good enough for the woman who gave me birth. Cousins and schoolmates teased me. Even my new grandfather rejected me.” Never call me Grandpa. You’re not blood kin.  Vicky winced as memories flooded through her mind. A bad taste rose into her mouth, and she swallowed.
     “That had to have hurt.”
     Vicky nodded.
     The woman leaned over the table. “Tell me more about your childhood.”
     “My adopted mother’s mother lived with us. She taught me to pray.” Electricity zipped Vicky’s spine and caused an increase in heart rate. How she loved the evening prayers with Grandma, and the music. She loved the music that provided therapy for her wounded heart. Vicky had listened to southern gospel on the radio and would then sit before her upright piano and recreate the tune. “For my twelfth birthday, my parents gave me a Wurlitzer spinet piano. I still own it. At thirteen, I began to play at the family’s Pentecostal church. I loved doing that.”
     Their food arrived, and they ate.
     The woman lay down her fork. “You play so well for church. I can’t believe that came naturally without lessons.”
     “That’s what happened.” Vicky ate a couple bites before she continued. She wished she could leave out the next part of her life, but though it hurt, God led her through it. “Hunger for love brought about an early marriage. My husband was abusive. After the birth of a daughter, I determined to leave him to protect my little girl. Now, not only was I adopted, I was divorced.” Heat flamed her cheeks. “I might as well put a scarlet A across my chest.” Vicky ate a few more bites and tried to swallow the shame and debilitating fear she had faced. “Problems mounted as great as Gideon’s grasshoppers.” She quoted to the interviewer a Bible verse that spoke to her.
     And the Midianites and the Amalekites and all the children of the east lay along in the valley like grasshoppers …. Judges 7:12.
     Vicky’s voice softened, but her heart soared.  “Like Gideon in the Bible, God desired to show His power through me.”
     The woman clasped her hands under her chin. “Oh, tell me, what happened next?”
     “A wonderful Christian man entered my life. His love healed my wounds. We attended church and added another daughter to the family. Again, music saved me. When the girls were old enough to sing, the family ministered in song at church activities. That ended when our daughters left for college, but then my husband and I sang in a quartet with another couple.”
     After a moment of silence, Vicky spoke, “Next to music, I loved teaching. God brought me out of hiding behind a keyboard. I taught a Wednesday night group of girls, then Sunday school for teens and finally young adults. God stretched me. Young people gravitated to me and my husband. Our home was full of life and joy.”
     The interviewer nodded and smiled. “So how did you get from there to starting Women in Need?”
     “In days when support groups were unthought-of, I followed my heart to help other women bogged down with insecurity. God inspired me to place an ad in the local paper. It read Are you a woman in need? Is un-forgiveness destroying your life? Come and share together and be a winner.
    “ Twenty-two women filled a house next door to my church. It grew from there. We added people and programs”
     “Wow.” The woman stopped eating.
     “A Christian radio station referred women to us with a history of sexual abuse. My inadequacy reared its sparks of fear. Who was I to counsel people in pain? My husband encouraged me to continue to follow Christ’s leading but to seek training. I began college. Since I was older and worked schooling around a busy family life, a full time job, and two support groups, I studied ten years before I received my degree in social work. By the time I finished, I was fifty-seven.”
     She was rolling now and couldn’t wait to tell all about what God did through her.  “God’s goal for my life broadened. I wrote scripts for the church’s radio broadcast. The city newspaper published my weekly religious articles. God used my desire to ‘make a difference,’ and ministered through me to thousands. But, the devil wasn’t through trying to destroy my witness. My beloved church faltered, closed its doors, and merged with a larger congregation. My precious soul mate contracted cancer and together we faced chemo with his body growing weaker every day.”
     “Was that when you stopped doing the Women in Need groups?” The woman had finished her meal and listened with undivided attention. She waved away the young waiter. “Tell me about that.”
     “The women’s group was too big. With reports to write and grants to seek, my work ceased to be the hands-on counseling I loved. After twenty-five years, I handed over the reins to the organization. I told my husband, ‘I’ve done my do. I’ll sit back and let others play the piano and teach and write.’ However, God wasn’t finished with me.”
     “You and your husband started to the new, larger church?”
      “Yes, and soon, I was asked to teach a life recovery class. I did for three years. One day during my husband’s chemo, new problems arose. His heart stopped and scared all of us. Though he revived, I spent long hours at the hospital. While I was there, God laid it on my heart to begin a care ministry to address the needs of hurting people in the community. After my husband improved, I presented the idea to my pastor. He put the reins in my hands, and the dream became a reality.”
     Tears blurred her vision as she came to the next part of the story. “My husband of fifty-one years succumbed to his illness. For a year afterward, depression plagued me. God’s grace and again ‘the desire to make a difference’ charged me with new challenges. I returned to school and became certified in Christian counseling. Again, I used my pain and loss to minister to those who had lost loved ones through death or divorce.”
     The woman swiped tears from her eyes. “I would say this would be your epitaph.”
    From the heart of a little girl who wanted to help people to that of a widow who exemplifies love-in-action, Vicky Hopkins “makes a difference.”
                  This is based on a true story.
I hope my story inspires you to do more, despite setbacks. Our book brims with many such tales of victory, and it's available now just in time for Christmas delivery.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

A New Release for Author, Christine Lindsay & A Giveaway

Today, I welcome to Writing with God's Hope blog inspirational author, Christine Lindsay. She tells us about her WILD, TECHNICOLOR IMAGINATION and shares her heart. Lindsay truly "writes with God's hope."

Be sure to read all the way to the bottom to find out about the giveaway that Lindsay is offering.

As a child I was constantly getting into trouble because I was one of those dreamy kids always lost in my imagination. Later as a professional fiction writer I discovered that my wild, technicolor imagination was actually a god-send.

But let’s face it, some of us have tough childhoods. Maybe that’s why I was always retreating into my imagination. My dad was an alcoholic, no need to go into detail, but learning to overcome childhood challenges through my faith in Christ taught me to believe in happy endings.  

Mix that with a fascination for exotic India during British colonialism and I came up with  Twilight of the British Raj—a trilogy of historicals that I like to call Big Love Stories.

My critique partner describes my brand (my promise to my readers) as the following:

“Wonderful historical detail and historical events colliding into the heart of deep psychological and relationship drama. Rounded characters, profound spiritual threads, sacrifice and satisfying endings.”

Wow, isn’t that nice of her to say that. But really I took instances from my own background, my dad’s drinking, his abuse of my mother, various types of trauma in other people’s lives, and came up with a British and American family saga that shows how the family curse of alcoholism can follow people, but more importantly how that can be overcome and lives and family find healing. I set it all in India between the first two World Wars as India was fighting British for her independence.

Throw in handsome, dashing British Cavalry officers, gorgeous horses, Gandhi, a Russian spy, beautiful Indian women in their saris, the beauty of tropical India, a cholera epidemic, cyclones, missionaries, and American and British women who overcome tough obstacles and find love and joy, and you have my three books in that series Shadowed in Silk, Captured by Moonlight, and Veiled at Midnight. 

What can I say—it was a blast writing them. And now it’s time for me to retreat back into my imagination and write the next series.

Shadowed in Silk

After the Great War Abby Fraser returns to India with her small son, but her soldier husband Nick has become a cruel stranger. Major Geoff Richards, broken over the loss of so many of his men finds his faith does little to help him understand how to protect Abby and her child from the husband who mistreats them. Amid political unrest, inhospitable deserts, and Russian spies, Geoff and Abby, caught between their own ideals and duty, stumble into sinister secrets and are thrust in the fires of revolution.

Captured by Moonlight

Nurse Laine Harkness and her friend Eshana flee to the tropical south of India. Laine takes a nursing position at a jungle plantation only to discover that her former fiancé is the owner. Eshana, captured by her traditional uncle, forced into the harsh Hindu customs of mourning, doubts freedom will ever be hers again, much less the forbidden love for Dr. Jai Kaur. Amid cyclones, epidemics, and clashing faiths, will the love of the True Master give hope to these searching hearts?

Veiled at Midnight

Caught up in the explosive and passionate wake of Britain’s relinquishment of India, is Captain Cam Fraser, his sister Miriam, and the beautiful Indian Dassah. Cam has never been able to put Dassah from his mind, but a British officer and the aide to the last viceroy cannot marry a poor Indian woman, can he? As for Dassah, she has no option but to run. Cam may hold her heart, but she cannot let him break it again. Miriam rails against the separation of the land of her birth, but is Lieutenant Colonel Jack Sunderland her soulmate or a distraction from what God has called her to do?


Christine Lindsay was born in Ireland, and is proud of the fact that she was once patted on the head by Prince Philip when she was a baby. Stories of Christine’s ancestors who served in the British Cavalry in Colonial India inspired her multi-award-winning historical series Twilight of the British Raj, Book 1 Shadowed in Silk, Book 2 Captured by Moonlight, and Book 3 Veiled at Midnight.

Londonderry Dreaming is Christine’s first contemporary romance set in N. Ireland, and she is looking forward to the release in 2016 of historical romance Sofi’s Bridge, and of her non-fiction account of her birth-mother experience called Just Like Hannah.

A busy writer and speaker, Christine makes her home on the west coast of Canada with her husband and their grown up family. Her cat Scottie is chief editor on all Christine’s books.


Please drop by Christine’s website or follow her on Twitter and be her friend on Pinterest , “Like” her Facebook page, and  Goodreads.


PURCHASE LINKS FOR Veiled at Midnight and all of Christine’s novels.

Thank you, Christine for visiting with us today. All three books sound amazing. Stories set in this time period and in India are unique, and I find that fascinating.

*****NOW FOR THE GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT: Do you have a comment or question for Christine Lindsay? For everyone leaving a comment below along with their e-mail, they will go into a drawing. I will draw the name on Saturday, Nov. 7. The winner will receive the full trilogy on e-book. This offer is for anyone anywhere in the world. Don't miss this chance.