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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Inspiration from the Past

Have you ever wondered if the desire to write began with you? Did anyone in your ancestry put words on paper for posterity? My question was answered when my mother passed away, and I shuffled through boxes of memories.

In one box, I found two small books, both titled "Mama's Book of Poetry." My great aunt Nannie Madden Foster wrote them. I've chosen two of her poems to share with you today, and pray that one or both ministers to you.

I was weary and lonely one evening;
And sitting at home by my hearth.
I thought of my life as a failure
And regretted the day of my birth.
For it seemed that with each undertaking
A failure I'd made of it all,
And the more I'd try to do better
The longer and harder I'd fall.
Some day the clouds will vanish,
And the sun will shine again;
Perhaps it will shine brighter
After the storm and the rain.
Just another heartbroken mother
January 29, 1928
A writer is never completely forgotten.
Any mother will understand the rhythm above.
Hope of Mine
Blessed Savior, Hope of mine,
Consecrate my life to thine;
Make me pure without, within;
Savior, keep my heart from sin.
Take my life and let it be
Consecrated, Lord, to Thee;
And may I linger near Thy throne
Thy precious name to call upon.
To give me strength
That I may bear
My burdens to Thy
Throne of prayer.
As I lay them down
At my Savior's feet
Who will hear them all
When conditions meet.
He gives me strength
And courage true
And helps me to be
What He would have me to.
How precious is the inspiration from yesteryear!
I pray that MY BOOKS will live on to inspire my progeny.
Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning

Lamentations 3:23 New Living Translation
What a memory from the past that God's faithfulness is timeless. Blessings today on all those who view this post.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

How to Inspire a Healthy Meal?

When meals just happen, overeating or unhealthy choices are often made.

So, how might you inspire a healthy meal?
Would a bouquet brighten your dinner table?

Preparation of mind and meal

Begin before you're ready to eat.

1.      Pay attention to food choices. Planning meals ahead of time eliminates some of the last-minute temptation to overeat. But even if you're in a hurry, stop first to ask yourself whether you have options that help your weight loss or maintenance.
     One way to look at it is whether the proposed food is worth the calories. Will you be exercising? Where are you eating? If it's at a restaurant, take time to google the nutritional values of possible choices. If it's at home, might you add an extra vegetable, or cook the meat without much oil?

2.     Set a smarter table. At home, use smaller plates and tall, thin glasses whenever possible. At restaurants, ask if you can have your meal served on a salad plate. Or simply divide your meal into a sensible portion for now, and ask the waiter to put the rest in a to-go container.

3.     Take a quiet moment. Before you dig in, stop to reflect on your mood. A prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord for the meal might be a good time to again ask God to have His will for your choices.

 While you're eating:

1.      Take it all in. Engage all your senses. How does the food look and smell? Anticipate that first taste and savor each mouthful.

2.     Downsize your bites and slow yourself down. The meal shouldn’t be a race to the finish line. Take smaller bites, chew each one thoroughly, and take a sip of water before raising your fork again.

3.    Be sociable.  Dining out with friends and family is one of life’s pleasures. Put appropriate servings on your plate, and then concentrate on your friends or family.  Stimulating conversation might cause you to forget your food, and fill up quicker, so that you don't even want all that's on your plate. If this happens, take it home, or leave it. Add it to the waste, not to your waist.  Limit the time spent around food pushers, or at least, learn to hush their efforts.

After your meal

1.      Do a quick check-in. What would you do differently next time? How could you better prepare? What did you do right? Always find something you did right.

  1. Give thanks.  Thank the Lord for helping you.
  3.  Take a walk.  After more talking or perhaps doing the dishes, take a walk outside if it's still daylight, or play a game of volleyball, or take a line dancing class inside. This raises your metabolism and adds to family fun. 
Do you have other ideas to make your meals more healthy? Please share.