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Saturday, October 10, 2015


      Personally I hate change. It has been said that nothing is certain in life but taxes and change.

CHANGE Changes sweep through our lives, sometimes like a gentle breeze, other times like a tornado. Beginning to walk with God in the realm of weight loss (as well as other areas) will entail new habits, new ways of doing things, new mindsets -- Change.

FOOD ADDICTION The healing from food addiction comes by viewing food differently. No longer does God want us to see food as our comforter and friend. God wishes to change us so that we run to Him for those benefits.


When all else is lost, the future still remains. –    Christian Bevee, a late 1800s author



Salvation brings hope.

Trusting in God brings peace.

Days started with prayer brings serenity.


SERENITY PRAYER The prayer of Francis of Assisi has been repeated many times through the years, especially the part known as the serenity prayer.


Lord, give me the serenity to accept the things I can not change; the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

instead of fried apple pie
  Notice even in that prayer, we speak of change. We must change the things we can.

NEW HABITS In the realm of weight loss, the change varies from gentle breeze to tornado and back again. It takes twenty-one days to form a habit, so if, with the Lord’s guidance, you’ve made the decision to eat a healthy breakfast, and you mess up on the fifth day, give yourself permission to be human. Start afresh. Aim for twenty-one days the next time. Ask God for His power.


GOOD CHANGES Remember, change can blow us to a new place, a more desired place. Though we resist it, we may be thankful when we’ve turned that corner.

Once my husband lost his job. It was devastating. He could see nothing good about the change, but it brought him into opening a business of his own in real estate. He’s been a realtor for thirty years and still loves the work. Unlike his previous job, he’s been able to go into semi-retirement with real estate, and that’s been a blessing to us both.

instead of fatty sausages
GOOD OR BAD HABITS The habits we formed during our overeating years were destructive, selfish, and demoralizing. Our new habits will build us up, draw us closer to God, and indwell us with serenity.


What changes is life sending you right now?


Every change is an opportunity to choose life over death, Godliness, over selfishness, humility over pride. 

Instead of pasta

What new habits do you want to form?

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Love Hunger

In my weight controlling classes, I use quotes and examples from many books. In Love Hunger: Recovery from Food Addiction by Dr. Frank Minirth, Dr. Paul Meier, Dr. Robert Hemfelt, & Dr. Sharon Sneed, we read, "The first step to food addiction, Love Hunger, most often begins in childhood, but one can get on the addiction cycle later in life as well." 

Finding the root cause of our compulsion or addiction means discovering when and where it started. A baby isn't born that way. I wracked my mind trying to determine what gave me love-hunger.

I was very fortunate that both my parents were in my life, and both loved me. However, I will say that I never lived up to my mother’s expectations. She loved me, but more than that, she loved what she wanted me to be, only I wasn’t that perfect daughter in her mind. She complimented me a lot, but always with a but … .
“You’re such a beautiful girl, if you would just lose a little weight.”
 “You are so smart, but I wish you’d speak up more for yourself.”
Mother took me to my first weight loss place where I began a diet when I was fourteen. Thinking back, I guess this was my trigger (my love-hunger). I was embarrassed and felt insecure to need such a place.

To receive my total emotional healing from God, I began with that trigger time. Before I could heal, I had to forgive. By this time, my mother was gone. I didn't know how to express my forgiveness. One time, while I was taking a course on the book of John in the Bible, God spoke to me to write her a letter.

I did, writing to my mother and telling her how she hurt me with her comments, with her lack of acceptance of who I really was, then I told her that I knew she did the best she could do. I remembered her telling me about her mean-spirited grandmother. Compassion welled in my heart for the little girl who was sickly and unable to work in the cotton fields with her brothers and sister, for the taunting and harsh words that befell her though she was unable to change her health. The more I wrote the freer I became.

When I was bound in addiction, I could've never imagined that God would have me writing at this desk as He dictated. Praise God for His miraculous healing.

I'm not saying that you need to write a letter of forgiveness, but maybe you do. What I'm saying, is if you're bound with a food addiction, ask God to show you the root cause. Then, ask Him to heal that love hunger.

(See the way God does things and fall into line. Don't fight the facts of nature.) Who can straighten what he has made crooked?
            Ecclesiates 7:13 The Life Recovery Bible

Not everything is fair in life, but God is control.

And, God heals. My life is a testimony to that.

Saturday, April 18, 2015


Sometimes, we just wake up hungry. We eat a healthy meal and walk away unsatisfied. A few minutes later, we peruse the refrigerator looking for something that sounds good.

 We follow advice from our support group and weight loss buddy and slice an apple. We eat slowly. An hour later, we're back looking through the pantry.

A handful of nuts is healthy. We dig in. Our handful becomes three handfuls. We decide to have one scoop of ice cream, but the half gallon container is soon empty.

What happened?

We, who are powerless over food, are also powerless over other areas of our lives. We need God.

Sit and soak in the Word of God. Ask Him to examine your heart and illuminate you as to what needs changing. This acronym below suggests some possibilities.

H - hunger - Are you getting too busy and not stopping to eat  before you're starved?
A - anger - Come on now. Don't tell me good Christians don't get angry. That idea tripped me up for years. If you don't admit it, how will God be allowed to heal it? 
L - lonely - Are you alone? Bored? Do you need to help someone? Be a friend to the friendless? 
T - tired - Are you getting enough rest? Are you sick? Did you change medicines?

This list highlights several problem areas. Ask God to open your eyes.

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not, and It shall be given him.
                                James 1:5

Have you ever had the munchies?

Do you know why?

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Who is Your King?

O Israel, thou hast destroyed thyself, but in me is thine help.
I gave thee a king in mine anger, and took him away in my wrath.
                                  Hosea 13:9 & 11


Destruction – a word we don’t like



     God speaks plainly to His people in Hosea.



They wanted a king besides God. He let them have their way, but he told them it would destroy them. If we place something or someone else as king of our lives, He might allow it in His anger knowing that it will destroy us.


     God created us to serve Him. Only He can fill that special place in our spirit created for communion with God. Any substitute is destructive. Anything else on the throne ruins us. Another king prevents God’s wonderful plans from coming to pass.
     America is a republic governed under democratic rules. The kingdom of God isn't like that. We don't get a vote. We can't change the ruler. We can only serve or not serve the one, true, Living God. He is sovereign. Humans are raised up or destroyed only if He wills it. It's time for us to raise our hands and surrender. Only then can we be assured that all things will work together for good (part of Romans 8:28)
     God wanted my life to work for good, but for years, I couldn't let go of a sack of Reese's peanut butter cups or cream-filled donuts to allow God to reign in my life. I had another king, and it was favored foods. I could give them up temporarily to lose weight, but then I added them back and regained the pounds.
    I talked yesterday with a friend that God had told her to remove the liquor from her refrigerator Forever. She was faced with a decision of Who or What was king of her life. 

What’s the solution for us?


How do we get rid of the battle the devil sends to plague our minds & defeat our witness?



I think the best solution comes from Philippians 4: 6-8

On Saturday, we'll go through those verses and see how, through them, we find peace.

Have you ever found yourself in this same situation where something or someone vied with God for top place in your life.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Review from a Critique Partner

             Worth Her Weight                                                           


Reviewed by Sue Watson


Worth Her Weight  by Janet Brown is a story of inspirational fiction about a woman who has struggled with  her weight for many years. She has tried every kind of diet and failed. Mostly she has lost a couple pounds, and then gained them back because of treating herself to unhealthy food choices.  She eventually learns she is indulging in emotional eating due to stress, anger, or hurt feelings.


Lacey works full-time for a demanding boss, takes care of her disabled mother, and eventually takes over the responsibility for her four-year old niece after her sister is busted for drugs. She’s the person everyone seems to lean on for whatever they need done.  She finds her self-worth in doing for others even when it is not a good idea to do so.


Her long time police officer friend, Toby, comes around a lot and helps with heavy chores and gets very involved in helping her raise her niece. Unfortunately, the pastor’s beautiful, slender daughter has her eye on Toby as potential husband material.


 Author Janet Brown has lost 95 pounds and kept it off for many years. She wrote a devotional book, Divine Dining, and teaches a weight loss class at her church. Her life long battle with food addiction helps her write a story that touches on the intended and unintended unkindnesses people subject overweight people to.


Since I am a member of her critique group, I have watched this book go from a nugget of an idea to a well-written story. Anyone who reads this book, whether they have a weight problem or not, will not only read a good story, but also gain some insight into the problems over-weight people face.


You can contact Janet on Facebook as Janet K. Brown, Author, and on Twitter @janetkbrowntx, or e-mail her at You can learn more on her website/blog:  Her book is available through Pen-L Publishing on line.

Thank you, Sue, for allowing me to post your review on my blog. God bless.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

You Might Be A Compulsive Overeater If ...

If you think you might be a food addict, here's a simple test to take to be sure.

I've listed ten signs. Count how many of these sentences or questions that you answer in the affirmative.

1.   You hide food at different places; your home, your job, your car.

2.   You tell white lies. Maybe you say you spent $20 on the kids’ books, but forget to tell that you spent $10 for junk food for yourself.

3.   You think of food all the time, planning what you’ll eat next.

4.   You leave early for work, meeting, whatever to allow time to pick up something to eat in case you get hungry while you're there.

5.   You buy one of your favorite foods, intending to eat it over several days, but you can't leave it alone. Instead you eat and eat until it's gone.

6.   Have you ever eaten so much at one setting that you were stuffed and nauseas?

7.   Have you ever eaten one meal by yourself, and then eaten another meal with someone else?

8.   You’ve  lost weight on a diet only to regain it again  with more added.

9.   Have you every suffered from a sugar overdose and then craved  sweets for days?

10.  Have you ever looked forward to time by yourself at work or at home, when you could eat uninhibited?


If you say yes to three or more of these signs, run, don't walk, to get help. Find a twelve step program for food addicts, a teacher, or class that won’t advise you to just use will power, but will instead send you to the One who has all power.
Don't search for answers. Seek after God.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Rebuilder of Walls

     And the Lord will guide you continually, and satisfy you with all good things, and keep you healthy, too; and you will be like a well-watered garden, like an ever-flowing spring.

     Your sons will rebuild the long-deserted ruins of your cities, and you will be known as the ‘People Who Rebuild their Walls and Cities’.

        Isaiah 58: 11, 12 Life Recovery Bible



Though Isaiah prophesied judgment on Judah because of their wickedness, his words brought a message of hope. Hearing the truth is never easy. The people of Judah were living in sin and denial. They were God’s chosen people. Nothing could destroy them, but God sent prophets that would confront them with truth. An enemy would destroy Jerusalem and take the people captive because of their unfaithfulness to the Almighty God. How could the Israelites turn from God after all the miracles?


Are we Christians not like the people of Judah? We find grace from God and accept His salvation. The Bible assures us that nothing can separate us from God, so we feel invincible. We walk away from His goodness, from His sacrifice, from His unfailing love.


Sneaky sins creep into our lives; a bit of resentment, a smattering of anger, a tad of envy, a small disobedience. Maybe, we give into a compulsion for food. We think it’s not big enough to worry about. We keep going to church and confessing Christ. All is well until someone hits us between the eyes with the truth. Our denial has become the devil’s deceit and our destruction.


God’s words of warning to Judah came to pass. They were conquered by Babylonia who took them into exile. Despite their situation, Isaiah preached hope to future generations of exiled Jews.


Are you facing truth today?

Is insanity working its way through your divided mind?

Has your denial caught up with you and hit you with depression?


Facing your sin isn’t a bad thing anymore than a sick person going to the doctor. Doctor Jesus holds out hope for our situation. He promises to rebuild our broken walls, to repair the breaches of sanity, and to restore our long-deserted intimacy with a Holy God.
Whatever your trouble today, I pray this bit of truth will remind you to let God rebuild the broken walls in your thinking. God bless.