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Monday, December 8, 2014

Blog Link Giveaway

Worth Her Weight is available now for pre-order at   For all who pre-order, it can be purchased at a 10% discount before Christmas.

Several wonderful blogs are helping me get out the word this week about the pre-order discount. Here's a list of the blog links and what you'll find there. Scroll to the bottom of this list to find how you might win a copy of the new book.

Friday, Dec. 5  Ada Brownell's blog
On it, you'll find a devotion used in Divine Dining Weight Controllers class to help you with  a  healthy, God-driven lifestyle.
Saturday, Dec. 6 Patti Shene's Patti's Porch blog
I give my personal testimony of how I lost 95 lbs. For a comment on this blog, you might win a free copy of your choice of  Divine Dining or Worth Her Weight.

Wednesday, Dec. 10 Beverly Stowe McClure's blog
Here you'll find an excerpt from the book, Worth Her Weight

Thursday, Dec. 11, Ane Mulligan's blog
Here you'll read chapter one of Worth Her Weight.

Friday, Dec. 12 Melanie Robertson-King's blog
The main character of Worth Her Weight has to learn a whole new way of eating. She shares a dessert recipe with you.

Monday, Dec. 15 Cherie Brubach

Friday, Dec. 19 Lillian Duncan
Main character shares a New Years recipe.

Anyone that leaves a comment below and tells me which of the above blogs that you read and tell me something about it will go in a drawing to win a copy of Worth Her Weight as soon as it releases.

Log in again tomorrow in case I add new blogs. Also you can comment and enter to win up to 7 times if you tell me something about another of the blogs above that you read.

Don't miss this chance. Be the first to get a new release.