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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

One Last Ghost Story from Deb Hockenberry

Deb Hockenberry, Children's Author
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Entertaining, one word at a time
Deb visits us again on this last day of 2014 with another of her ghost stories from the old home near Gettysburg, Pa.

There was only one ghost that really bothered Mom. This was a modern ghost. Mom woke in the middle of the night to find an old woman sitting on the hope chest, which was next to the bed. Mom pinched herself and felt the pain. The clock gave her the correct time.
The woman had shoulder length greasy hair and was dressed in a modern day sweatshirt which had satin ribbon woven in around its neck. She wore ordinary slacks like any woman would do today. She gestured over and over for Mom to come to her or follow her. Mom didn’t. The old woman gave her a creepy feeling and intuition told her not to follow the instructions. When Mom didn’t move from her bed, the old woman finally gave up and just disappeared.

Thank you for your stories, Deb. Perhaps God warned your mother that this ghost was evil.
What do you think?


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ghost Stories from Gettysburg

On this Weird Wednesday, how about two more ghost tales from children's author, Deb Hockenberry?
  Deb's stories of her mother's old homestead have thrilled and worried us for weeks. Today's tales will be no different. Take it away, Deb.
My mother used to live close to Gettysburg, PA. I talked to her every day on the phone, and she’d tell me about her previous night’s experiences. A few times, I experienced sightings myself.
Dress with mutton sleeves
One night, Mom saw two children looking and playing with the things on her bedroom dresser. A black arm (that’s all there was) came into the room and made the kids leave.
The arm, according to Mom, looked like an old fashioned dress sleeve...the mutton sleeves that women used to wear. The girl was dressed in a calico dress and the boy was in short pants.
The first time Mom saw the boy and girl she was woken by a noise and went out into the hall to investigate. She pinched herself to make sure she was awake. Mom saw the kids accompanied by a woman in a long dress. They were looking at all the family pictures hanging in the hallway. When the woman spotted Mom, all three simply vanished into thin air.
Oh, my, thank you, Deb, for reminding us today that weird things do happen--things we can't always explain.
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Where Can We Have The Party? - Coming soon from 4RV Publishing 
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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

2 More Ghost Stories from Deb Hockenberry

Children's author, Deb Hockenberry, visits us again on Writing with God's Hope blog. She has two more ghost stories about her mother's haunted bedroom. After all, it is Weird Wednesday.
A few weeks ago, Deb spun a tale involving people marching across her mother's bedroom in the home near Gettysburg, PA. She returns today to tell us two more "weird" happenings. Thank you, Deb.
One Christmas I was staying with Mom and slept in that same bedroom. I was having trouble getting to sleep. I heard loud footsteps on the stairs leading to the living room which was right off my mother’s bedroom. Slowly, they came up the stairs.
Mom heard them, too, but she also saw something. The person wore a short blue coat that came down close to his knees. Mom thought it was my brother.
When she questioned him about it, he assured her it wasn’t him. To this day I’m convinced it was a Union Soldier who was still on guard duty.

Once again, this time at Easter, I was at home in Gettysburg for a visit along with my sister-in-law's parents. In the middle of the night, we were all awakened by horses snorting, the metal in their bridles clanging, and marching through the house.
Oh, my, Deb, you are full of ghost stories. I love it. What an exciting place to visit, obviously.
 I wish Deb well with her upcoming children's book soon to be released by 4RV Publishing.
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She has wonderful helps for new writers, so be sure to seek out her site.
One more thing, Deb, will you return another Weird Wednesday to tell us another Gettsburg story?