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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Chicken Again and a Giveaway

Does it seem as if you always eat chicken? But, you're trying to keep down your weight, you say.

So what? Are you doomed to days of chicken again and again? Did you ever feel like writing a book of 1000 ways to cook chicken?

A rooster at the Sauer-Beckham Living History Farm on LBJ Ranch in
Johnson City, TX.

Yes, eat some lean protein every day
if you're losing weight
if you want to build muscle
if you're over 50
Lean protein includes chicken but doesn't exclude other options, and there are many other ways to get in your lean protein. Here's my suggestions:

1.     pork tenderloin
2.     lean ham
                            3.     turkey
                            4.     eggs
                            5.     tuna
                            6.   shrimp
7.     round steak
  8.     sirloin steak
9.     rump roast
   10.   salmon cakes
              11. 93% fat free ground beef
    12. low fat cheese
                                13. ground turkey
            14. Jimmy Dean has a lighter pork sausage
                 15. Hillshire Farms has a light smoked sausage
                     16.     fat-free franks
                     17. pinto beans (also a carb)
                     18. eggbeaters
18 suggestions and none of them chicken.
Of course, you may count the ways to cook chicken.
Here's my top five:
Grilled on grill
Baked in oven with veggies in foil
Stewed in pan on top of stove and make dumplings
Mix in casserole such as chicken spaghetti
Stuffed in tortillas and cooked like enchiladas

Don't tell me lean protein while you're losing weight is boring. Don't complain to me that all you eat is chicken, chicken, chicken. Don't grumble over no variety.
Can you think of some other low fat options to get in your lean protein? I'm always looking for suggestions.

I will draw a name from all those who comment below with another option or a new way to cook chicken before April ends. The winner will receive their choice of a free book out of the 3 listed on the right side of this blog post. Be sure to sign in with your e-mail or leave your e-mail, so I can contact you if you're the winner.