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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Winner of Worth Her Weight

The drawing for the book Worth Her Weight ended at midnight last night. My official "drawer of names," my husband, drew the name from the hat, or in my case, the bowl. LOL!

And, the winner is:

Blanche Manos

Big time congratulations, Blanche.
Thank you to those who gave their opinion on the excerpts and the book itself. I really appreciate it.
Worth Her Weight is the first in the Wharton Rock series and deals with food addition.
The second book in the series, Worth Forgiving, will release later this year, and portrays drug addiction and post-prison prejudice. 
I'm hard at work on the third in the series, possibly titled Worth Loving Again. This one will highlight deliverance from pornography.
Watch for further news on this site.
Again, a big congratulations to Blanche Manos for winning the free book. I will contact you by e-mail as to how you prefer receiving the free copy.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Excerpt from Worth Her Weight Giveaway

It's a new year, and I have a new giveaway to offer my viewers to thank you for reading my posts in 2015. My first gift is two excerpts from my women's fiction and latest release. Scroll to the bottom to find out how to have a chance to win a free copy of this book, Worth Her Weight.

Here's one excerpt:

About twenty feet away, a hissing sound came from the house. Tiny hairs stood erect on Toby’s neck. Shivers crept down his spine. A cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

Lord, please.

A gust of wind cooled his damp brow.

Boom. The house exploded. Toby’s feet left the ground. The blast propelled him toward the tree line. A brittle mesquite tree stopped his backward progression, its thorns buried in his back.

With quick pants to stabilize his breathing, he pulled away from the painful tree, bent over, and breathed in the deep, life-giving breeze. A chemical smell burned his nostrils.


The tall black man, his face powdered with white, neared Toby’s position. “I’m here. You okay, Boss?” Willie’s voice sounded faraway like he was talking through cotton.

 Toby swatted the white powder from his jeans with his Stetson. “Yep, just can’t hear, and that smell makes me sneeze.” The dilapidated house was now a heap of smoldering wood and twisted metal. “Are you okay?”

“Just dandy.”

Toby reached to brush off Willie’s face. “Hey, man, you trying to paint your face so they can’t tell us apart?”

They broke into laughter. Spit flew. Tension evaporated. Fear departed.

“That’d never happen, Boss. Everyone knows I’m the handsome one.” Willie slowed down his chuckles and assessed the situation. “I’m getting tired of watching explosions.”

Here's another excerpt:


By six, Lacey arrived home, ready to flop. Her mother sat on a chair in the kitchen, her cane propped against her.

Lacey carried in the pizza boxes and set them on the table.

Rachel clapped her hands and climbed into a chair beside her grandma.

Without a word, Mom held out a letter to Lacey.

A cold shiver shook her—the same foreboding she had sensed in the morning. “What’s this?”

Her mother shrugged. “Came in today’s mail.”

Lacey opened it, her Mom watching as she read.

She threw the paper across the room. It bounced halfway back to her. “Well, if that doesn’t take the cake.” She paced, her heels clicking on the scratched and scarred kitchen tiles. The noise level grew louder when she snatched plates from the cabinet and dropped them to the table.

“Save the dishes.” Mom’s tone was dry, with no humor.

Something like a growl escaped Lacey’s lips. “Katie makes the messes. Lacey cleans them up. Isn’t that right, Mom?” She crossed her arms over her chest and glared at her mother. “Did you know about this?” Her fingers began drumming on her opposite forearm. Her jaw got so tight, it hurt.

Her mother shook her head. She glanced at Rachel.

The anger was difficult for Lacey to swallow, but she tried. “Sweetie, go wash your hands before we eat.”

The child scooted a chair toward the sink.

Lacey halted her. “Go to the bathroom and use the stool there.” Her voice shook from her effort at control.

Rachel looked at the pizza with longing, but she obeyed.

The pepperoni and mozzarella aroma permeated the house. Nausea churned in Lacey’s stomach despite how good it smelled.

“Has Katie gone?” Mom asked with a soft tone.

In contrast, Lacey nearly yelled. “Of course, she has!”

The lines in Mom’s face seemed to deepen. Her skin paled. Lacey was sure the cane was the only thing that kept Mom from falling as she coped with the pain inflicted by her favorite daughter.

The fight had gone out of Lacey. Her knees wobbled. She eased into a chair and nodded. “She wants me to have custody of Rachel. She doesn’t even want her own daughter, Mom. What kind of woman walks away from her flesh and blood?”

Both women turned when a whimper came from the living room.

Heat rushed up Lacey’s neck. She jumped up and ran, wishing she could erase her careless words.

Rachel curled into a ball on the sofa, her right thumb inserted firmly in her mouth.

“Aunt Lacey’s sorry. I didn’t mean what I said.”

Rachel sucked harder, pulling it out momentarily to speak. “Is my mama coming to get me today?”

“No, sweetheart, not today. Maybe another day.” She patted her niece’s bare legs.

There was no sound except the sucking. Lacey sat on the floor patting and wondering what to say or do. A clap of thunder reminded her of the unsettled clouds. “I need to go close my car windows. I’ll be right back.”

She ran outside, started the car, and raised her driver’s side window. Just as she got back inside, the downpour began.

Mom still sat at the kitchen table, her head in her hands. She rose, grabbing her cane. Red puffy eyes alerted Lacey to her mother’s tears, something that seldom happened.

Compassion knocked at Lacey’s heart, but she locked it out, when she realized the tears were all for Katie.

Lacey sat on the floor beside Rachel. “You ready for some pizza?” Lacey wanted kids one day, but she wanted her own with a husband by her side. She couldn’t attract a man, but now she had a child.

Mom plopped into her recliner. “Do you think food will fix everything?”

“Works for me.” Lacey tried a teasing note. “Whenever things go wrong, food makes it better.” She huffed at Mom and grimaced. “Didn’t you know that?” Good thing she hadn’t planned on the cruise. She crunched up the pamphlet and threw it in the trash along with a few other dreams. She’d stay fat and lonely.

What was she going to do with a four-year-old?

Here's how to gain a chance to win a free Worth Her Weight, and help me at the same time.

Click on "Post a comment" below. Tell me if these excerpts made you
1. want to read the book
2. not want to read the book
3. or, doesn't sway you either way.

Also, tell me which excerpt you like the best.

Don't forget to leave your e-mail address, so that I might contact you if you're the winner. My hubby, and official drawer for contests, will draw a name from the ones who comment before midnight on Tuesday, January 12. That Wednesday, I will post the name of the winner. If you win, you may choose your copy from kindle copy, pdf copy, or print copy.

P. S. If you try to comment by using anonymous, google log-in, or any other option and can't get it to post, go to my Facebook page
and post that this is your comment about the excerpts of Worth Her Weight, and I will include that in the drawing.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

God's Word For Today's Needs

I offer new posts every Wednesday and Saturday on this Writing with God's Hope blog. Often, the articles are devotions from God's inspiration.

Notice the icon to the left for the Putting on the New blog. This one was created by author, Cherie Burbach and features a different author's devotion for each day of the month. On the second of each month, I post a devotion.
Near Red River, NM

Last week, for the first time, I joined a group of writers that post a weekly devotion on a Facebook site, titled, I Can Hear the Sound of Rain. I agreed to post on this site each Saturday.

With these three opportunities, this week featured three God-inspired devotions from my hand to you, all in the same week. If you missed one or more of them, Here's the titles and the links.


In The Arms of God

Love is a Verb
On the Facebook site, there are many devotions, so to find mine, you'll need to scroll down several posts until you find the picture of my book, "Worth Her Weight" for my devotion, but there are several good ones along the way.

God bless your new year. May you find the devotion you need.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Review from a Critique Partner

             Worth Her Weight                                                           


Reviewed by Sue Watson


Worth Her Weight  by Janet Brown is a story of inspirational fiction about a woman who has struggled with  her weight for many years. She has tried every kind of diet and failed. Mostly she has lost a couple pounds, and then gained them back because of treating herself to unhealthy food choices.  She eventually learns she is indulging in emotional eating due to stress, anger, or hurt feelings.


Lacey works full-time for a demanding boss, takes care of her disabled mother, and eventually takes over the responsibility for her four-year old niece after her sister is busted for drugs. She’s the person everyone seems to lean on for whatever they need done.  She finds her self-worth in doing for others even when it is not a good idea to do so.


Her long time police officer friend, Toby, comes around a lot and helps with heavy chores and gets very involved in helping her raise her niece. Unfortunately, the pastor’s beautiful, slender daughter has her eye on Toby as potential husband material.


 Author Janet Brown has lost 95 pounds and kept it off for many years. She wrote a devotional book, Divine Dining, and teaches a weight loss class at her church. Her life long battle with food addiction helps her write a story that touches on the intended and unintended unkindnesses people subject overweight people to.


Since I am a member of her critique group, I have watched this book go from a nugget of an idea to a well-written story. Anyone who reads this book, whether they have a weight problem or not, will not only read a good story, but also gain some insight into the problems over-weight people face.


You can contact Janet on Facebook as Janet K. Brown, Author, and on Twitter @janetkbrowntx, or e-mail her at You can learn more on her website/blog:  Her book is available through Pen-L Publishing on line.

Thank you, Sue, for allowing me to post your review on my blog. God bless.