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Saturday, February 14, 2015

My Valentine Story

     A new high school opened in Dallas, Texas. They named it Justin F. Kimball and drew students from two other high schools. Where I lived was designated to transfer to the new school. I was mad. I had made the drill team for my high school, but now I wouldn't get to participate. I would go to the new school. The only bright spot was that they took no seniors. With my upcoming year being my junior year, I was part of the top class at Kimball. That was fun.

     While sitting in my biology class, I heard tales of a boy named Charlie Brown. The song, "He's a clown, that Charlie Brown" was popular at the time. How neat that one of our students had that name. Mrs. Kyle, my biology teacher, often talked about the boy's exploits. I caught on quickly that she really liked him.

     "Charlie Brown drives a chartreuse Ford. He and another boy raced down the street. Brown received the first ticket ever given in front of our new school." She told us this story one day.
     "I would like to meet that boy," I told my best friend.

     A new semester began. I strolled into English class. The teacher was Mrs. Moseley. She became my favorite because she liked me. To one side of the room sat a cluster of boys, laughing, whispering, and whistling like typical sixteen-year-old boys tend to do.

     I took a desk on the opposite side of the room and tried to keep from looking at this one boy. His blond hair lay in waves. His beautiful blue eyes were the color of the sky. His biceps bulged against his shirt when he picked up his books. Yeah, I had a hard time not staring. Then, I learned that this good-looking guy was Mrs. Kyle's Charlie Brown.

     During the next few weeks, every time I passed Charlie Brown in the hall, he nodded, keeping a serious expression and said, "Hello, Janet."

     Others waved, grinned, yelled, "hi," but only he remained serious and used the full address. I learned later that when I walked into that English class, Charlie Brown turned to his friend, pointed to me, and said, "I'm going to marry that girl."

     And, so he did. He and I were in the first graduating class of Kimball High School in Dallas. By that time, we had dated for over a year. He carried my books to class and saved all the red Life Saver candies for me. At the all night party after graduation, we broke up. I went to Bethany Nazarene College near Oklahoma City. Charles joined the navy and shipped off to San Diego, California.

    As happens if you're meant to be together, we reunited months later just before Charles left for Japan. When he returned, I took the vows to become Mrs. Charlie Brown.

     On this Valentine's Day, I salute the love of my life. He's been my sweetheart for 52 years. Since I've become a writer, he tells me he's still "carrying my books."

     What God puts together, let not man put asunder.

     I love you, Charlie Brown.

     That's my love story.

What's yours?