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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Hungry? 4 Things to Do

It's not my brother nor my sister, but it's me, oh, Lord, standing in the need of prayer.
That is a line from an old gospel song, reminding us to only judge ourselves, not others.

God says it best in Matthew 7:3

Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?

Overeaters need support groups. They encourage us, inspire us, and motivate us, but what happens in the afternoon when you're hungry enough to eat the strings off the floor? You promised God you wouldn't eat in between meals, but dinner is three hours away. You're on your own.

What do you do?

1. Plug into your power source.

   Spend quiet time with God. Read God's Word, pray, and meditate.
   I'm powerless over food.
   God can handle this, if I surrender to His will.
   My job is to ask, seek, and knock.
   His job is to answer, provide, and open doors.

2. It's not all about you.

Gratitude moves out pride.

Call someone. Write a card.
 Compose an e-mail. Visit a shut-in.

   If we're struggling with the desire to overeat, we're dwelling too much on ourselves. We may be angry, envious, or frustrated. When our attention is drawn to the needs of others, God provides our solution. 

3. Is not eating too drastic?

Are you really hungry? Maybe you need food because you haven't eaten enough earlier in the day, or maybe, you exercised more than usual.

As overeaters, we don't want to obsess over food, but neither should we obsess about not eating. Snacks aren't bad. Some lose better by snacking. Are you feeling faint? Is your tummy growling? Maybe you are really hungry? What healthy snack would energize you?

Have you missed out on sleep? Are you sick? Take time to rest or nap instead of grabbing a snack. What is your body telling you?

Don't be drastic or dogmatic to what you "think" you should do.

4. Write about it.

In the last few weeks, my weight has fluctuated 3-4 pounds, but it never goes all the way back down to my goal weight. Angst settled in. I teach how to maintain weight. Why can't I get back on track? I began to journal my food choices and activity level. The discipline opened my eyes. Through the months since I last did this, my appetite has grown. I didn't even realize it.

Do you need to list your foods again for awhile? It's helping me.

****Overeaters face hunger feelings by themselves. We can redirect that hunger. What is it you need to do today to get yourself back on track?
Give yourself a valentine. Lose three pounds before the end of February.

P. S. Watch out for those chocolate-covered strawberries. They're sneaky and dangerous.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

10 Options Instead of a Snack

Here's my ten options to get past the hunger besides having a snack.

1.     Take a short walk

2.     Call a friend.

3.     Chew gum

4.     Drink water

5.     Don’t eat to relax. Instead relax before you eat.

6.     Take a short time to do a chore you’ve been putting off.

7.     Brush your teeth.

8.     Work on a crossword puzzle.

9.     Women, put on some makeup or change clothes.

10.    Turn on radio and dance to a tune.


If you need to have a snack, lose the guilt. See my post a few days ago on snacking.

And my top tip for weight loss, see

What do you do to keep from overeating?

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Snacks aren’t bad. In fact, in some ways, snacking can be your friend in weight loss. Studies show no link between losing weight and having snacks. Often, the snackers lose better.

Must you go a long time between lunch and dinner, or dinner and bedtime?

When I worked, my lunch hour was 11:20 to 12:20. Then, I would get off work somewhere between five and seven, depending on the patient load at the doctor’s office. When I reached my house in the evening, I was ravenous.

Solution: I saved something for a snack about four.

Snacks come in three forms:

Savory, salty, and sweet. Which do you prefer?


It could be different on different days.

It could be a combination. This often works for me.


Plan a snack once or twice a day for when you need it. Each lifestyle is different. Each person is different. Even a different time in life might change our times and our choices.


Now, that I’m retired, I eat dinner earlier, which I much prefer, but sometimes, eating dinner about five-thirty is so long before bedtime that I need a seven-thirty snack. (I still, most of the time, require a mid-afternoon snack, but sometimes, it’s only a glass of Crystal Light or a diet soda.)


Here’s some snacking suggestions:


1 cup broth soup              
1 T. peanut butter

Boiled egg                        
small salad

Light cheese sticks  
tortilla with 1 T 2% fat cheese

Light beef jerky                       
celery or carrot sticks                2 T. hummus

    With 1 wedge Laughing Cow



Chips, 1 oz. not over 100 calories          
  1 oz. Pretzels

2 rice cakes
6 reduced-fat wheat thins

2 peanut butter/cracker sandwiches      
6 light Triscuits

4 Rye wafers                         
3 cups microwave popcorn

Large dill pickle                       
palmful of sunflower seeds in shell

 2 T. mixed nuts                               



Fresh fruit                     non-fat yogurt

2 Blue Bunny fudge lites         7 dried apricots or figs

3 T. raisins                    ½ cup fruit cocktail

1 cup thawed frozen strawberries   
2 T. fat free cool whip

½ cup canned pineapple in own juice  
½ c. natural applesauce

10  caramel corn mini rice cakes       4 hard candies

1 60 calorie Jello pudding    1/16 of a round angel food cake

10 plain or peanut M & Ms (if you can handle them)    

5 large marshmellows                   2 low fat graham crackers

Smoothie with 1 cup skim milk & fruit



Unlimited Snacks:

   Carrot or celery snacks

   Red pepper slices

   Cherry tomatoes

 Sugar free jello
Tip: Nutritious snacks are more satisfying than junk food.

Could it be that having snacks could be the help you needed to lose that weight?

What snack helps you?