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Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Since my post last Saturday, I've had questions about what is the caprock? Anyone living in the northern half of Texas knows all about it.

I'm in awe of God's creation. Writing with God's Hope blog viewers from all over the world might extol the beauty near where they live. Some live in the mountains, and some by the seashore, but despite where we live, God placed breath-taking sights everywhere. I live in Wichita Falls, Texas on the North Texas plains. Our biggest claim to beauty is gorgeous sunsets.

a view from our back patio
When we drive about an hour and a half northwest, we come to another wonder, the Texas' Caprock. Weathermen watch the Caprock for accuracy in their predictions. Storms dissipate. Intensity increases. Fronts head in a new direction after they cross the Caprock.

What is the definition of a cap rock?
 A cap rock is a harder, more resistant rock type that overlies a weaker, less resistant rock type. Usually especially in Texas, this traps oil, natural gas, or water, keeping it from rising to the surface, and thereby creating a reservoir of the resource.

The erosion of our Caprock formed 1 -2 million years ago before the USA came into existence or the land was known as Texas. It stretches from the Texas Panhandle to Central Texas and separates high plains from low plains.

Grandchildren climbing near the bottom of Palo Duro

Our Caprock forms canyons such as the deep Palo Dura Canyon near Amarillo. This is a beautiful place. Find out more about it at:

My husband, me, & a grandson looking over Palo Dura

Find more about the history of the Caprock at:

Caprock State Park falls halfway between Lubbock and Amarillo (about 2 hours from each) For more info, check here:

God gives beauty in all settings. I thank Him for His mighty creations. Nothing was created without Him.

the part of the Caprock nearest Wichita Falls

Did you find Wichita Falls on the Texas map?

What is the most beautiful thing that your area is known for?

Saturday, August 8, 2015

What's My Best Tip for Permanent Weight Loss?

Permanent weight loss appeared to be an impossible dream to me twenty years ago. I learned compulsive overeating takes healing physically, mentally, and spiritually. Many good plans out there incorporate great ideas for the physical and mental, but I found I must also apply salve to the spiritual side of my life.

I've posted my favorite ten tips to weight loss. Trimming it to ten was difficult. Today, God sparked my mind to list the one thing that probably, more than anything, this time produced success.

Can you guess?

My biggest tip here is to keep this big boy in his cage at the Amarillo, TX. zoo.

What is it?

Is it learning to eat more veggies?
   That really helped because I didn't like them. At times, I could handle green beans. I ate my hamburgers with no veggies. I didn't like salads. My veggies consisted of eating more carbohydrates like with potatoes, corn, and sweet potatoes.

But, that wasn't most important.

Maybe it was becoming more active.
    For sure, activity is imperative for keeping off the weight. Sometimes, I've done nothing right except exercise. When I began with ninety-five extra pounds on my body, I was a couch potato. My job was done sitting. I plopped as soon as I could at night. Walking would give me a stitch in my side.

That isn't number one.

I know you've by now guessed going to your support group.
    I have Weight Watcher friends who fear missing even one meeting. I began weekly Divine Dining Christian Weight Controllers classes at my church because I feel the support and encouragement of a group is important.

Yet, I would put that at about number four or five on my tip list.

I believe my one best tip, the thing that made the most difference to heal my thinking and helping me lose weight and maintain that loss for eighteen years is:


Daily Writing.

For me, as a writer, keeping a journal comes natural. For some, it's hard, but I can only tell the difference it made for me. Perhaps, it will ignite in you a writing frenzy.

Here's the benefits:

1. On paper, I verbalized to God what I needed that day.

    Lord, I'm feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with all I have to do today. Please give me an extra measure of Your peace. Make me focused, alert, and productive.

   Communion with God can make a difference in the day you have.

2. Writing out angry words enables me to "let go and let God."

     Lord, my husband made me feel worthless when he talked about my writing income not covering my expenses. I did make some money, Lord, and I work hard. I'm really mad at him. Would you take the anger away, so it won't make me overeat.

Anger and resentment are the biggest causes of overeating. They're right up there with frustration and boredom. We must allow God to remove it, but that's not easy. Once I write it in my journal, it seems to disappear. Try it.

I've even written a whole letter to someone that has hurt my feelings. I tell them they acted hatefully. Sometimes, then, I throw it away, but it gets it out of my heart where it will fester.

3. I draw closer to God.

     Using more than one sense causes us to more effectively learn. That's why it helps to write down a new person's name. We use two senses, hearing it and seeing it. Writing out praise to God uses two senses, hearing our words and seeing it in print. The closer we draw to the Lord, the less we overeat.

My best tip to my husband, grandson, & me is not step back off the ledge at Palo Dura Canyon near Canyon, TX.

That's my number one tip to permanent weight loss.

Do you agree?

Why?  Why not?

What's your number one tip?

Saturday, July 25, 2015


Not giving up may be the hardest lesson to learn if you're trying to lose weight. The road looms lengthy with many peaks and valleys. Stepping on a scale that doesn't move, or worse, goes up threatens the strongest motivation.

God's weight loss plan challenges us to rely on Him, not our wishy-washy self will that can turn on us with one step on the scale, or one roadblock to our carefully-constructed plan. While we immerse in God's Word and pray for His direction, He whispers for us to presist, to keep our eyes on Him, not the problem.

I love how God uses His creation to teach us lessons.

On a short trip with our grandchildren to Amarillo, TX., God provided two great examples.

The first I spotted at the Amarillo Zoo. In the educational building, one of the cages held a prairie dog. He so wanted to be out of that cage to roam free with his buddies. He jumped toward the door at the top, over and over and over. I couldn't help but admire his gutsy leaps. His stamina was strong.

How many times would I jump to escape a prison. Ninety-five extra pounds along with low self esteem imprisoned me as surely as those bars confined that prairie dog. I grew weary, gave up, and wallowed in failure. Will that prairie dog do that? "No," the young man in the room told us. The animal jumped most of the day every day, a tribute to its instinct for freedom.

The other example was a beetle. My hubby, the three grandchildren, and I hiked up to a cave in the Palo Duro Canyon. On the return trip, my grandson spotted a beetle the size of a dime pushing a rock the size of a golf ball up the hillside.
I obviously didn't zero in on the beetle that well.

We surrounded it watching. The rock fell to one side. The beetle repositioned itself and pushed again. The rock began to roll. The beetle moved out of the way and then circled back behind the rock. We tired of watching and left, but the beetle was halfway up the hill with his treasure.

The example of the prairie dog and the beetle might inspire us in any field. A writing journey requires much persistence. Any career can challenge or defy us at times. A road toward sobriety or away from drug addiction may seem long and tedious. With God in charge, He asks only that we keep trying, keep praying, keep submitting to Him.

If you're on a difficult path now, whether it's weight loss or something else, stop today and remember the prairie dog and the beetle that persevere.

If God is for us, who can be against us.
                        Romans 8:31