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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Discover Your Why

Our walk with Christ is less sprint, more marathon. It's been said the completion of a long journey begins with the first step. Yes, it does, but unless we take steps number two, or two hundred, or two thousand, we still won't reach our goal.

Passion flower in our Wichita Falls back yard.
Traveling from our home in Wichita Falls, Texas to our daughter's home in Aurora, Colorado, we drive about 700 miles. Excitement moves us along. We can't wait to see her and our son-in-law.
View from Colorado Springs
When we reach Colorado Springs, we know we only have about an hour and a half until we arrive. Our hearts beat faster. We press on. We're nearly there.

What if we stopped in Colorado Springs?

After all, we've traveled most of the way. Very admirable. My back and legs ache from making such a long drive. The biggest sacrifice has been made. Only a short way left to go.

But -
I don't rejoice.
I never see my daughter.
So close, and yet, so far.

We have friends that gave their hearts to God at an early age. They sacrificed and worked tirelessly for Christ for years. Now in their late sixties, they've quit church desiring instead to frequent casinos and bowling halls. Now, I can't judge their hearts, but the Bible tells me I can judge their fruits. I grieve over what I see. So near, and yet so far. I pray they complete their walk with God.

My hubby & daughter walking the dogs in Aurora, Colorado
Most of my adult life revealed a story of weight loss/weight gain over and over until the last few years. Many times I reached the Colorado Springs point in my journey. I felt better. I had more energy. I was nearly at my goal.

But, I would get lazy, or think I knew what to do. My strong self will sent me on the rest of my walk by myself. I faltered. I froze. I failed. I stopped losing. I began to gain. The cycle began again.

A few times, I reached my goal. Yeah! One time, on the day I reached goal, I celebrated at a restaurant with steak, a loaded baked potato, rolls, and a big serving of Baked Alaska. Wow! The next day the scale showed a gain of seven pounds. I mentally pummeled my mind. I was a failure. I couldn't keep off the weight. I regained it all, plus more. I stayed in Colorado Springs and never made it to Aurora.

let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.
                                                                    Galatians 6:9  NIV

God taught me to always discover my why when I was tempted to stop.

What made you, in the first place, fall at the foot of the cross?
Why did you want to lose weight and stay slimmer?
Why did you feel led to teach that class, or sing in the choir, or witness to _____?

What is your why  for wanting that goal?
If you're at Colorado Springs (just reached your goal weight or are nearly there)(or maybe began a walk with Christ and are considering turning back), don't give up. Drive all the way to Aurora and stay there with God's help.

Recall your why.