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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Christine Lindsay Gives us a Mother's Day Message

LEAVING OUR KIDS TO GOD by Christine Lindsay

As Christian moms we know we should pray and leave our concerns for our kids to our Heavenly Father. We know that, according to the scriptures that He loves them even more than we do. So why was it, that back in 2006 while I prayed desperately on my knees for my daughter that I feared God was turning a deaf ear to my prayers?

Why was I struggling to trust God to heal my child’s life, and tempted to try and “fix” her life in my own way? It breaks our heart when our kids make all the wrong choices. And Lana sure was as at university. She was also paying for those choices in painful ways that have left physical scars to this day. Everything her dad and I had taught her about obeying the Lord’s will drifted out of Lana like a dandelion puff in a breeze. 

Life can be gut-wrenching at times, and when our kids hurt, we hurt.

One day as I was cleaning our den I found a box of old photographs, old diplomas and photographs, and came across a faded blue airmail envelope my grandmother had sent me back in 1980 upon my engagement.

She wrote how thankful she was to the Lord that I had turned my young life around after a tumultuous youth, and that I had found a good partner in life. My grandmother wrote that her prayers for me were answered, that I was living the joyful things that God had planned for me. 

For most of my life my grandmother and I were separated by the Atlantic Ocean. With her still in Ireland and me living in Canada, she didn’t have much opportunity to do things for me, other than pray and write letters. She certainly didn’t have the opportunity to “fix” things for me if I messed up my life which I certainly did until I turned around and started obeying God.

My grandmother died in 1984, but many years later in 2006 as I re-read her letter, and I was the mom of an adult daughter, I felt the Lord’s comfort. Behind my grandmother's writing was the Lord's voice right when I needed it, and His gentle reminder to trust Him with Lana. 

I resisted the urge to “fix” everything in Lana’s life. It wasn’t a matter of letting her suffer the consequences and to learn from that. We had to by faith put her into God’s hands, to trust that He would open her eyes. It was hard at first to stand back in faith and let God work. But then we saw the Lord start to work in her life. We saw our prayers for Lana answered. In 2010 the Lord brought her back to Himself, and her faith was all the stronger for it, because it was her own faith in Christ, and not just that of her parents.

As much as we want to, we cannot save the ones we love. Only Christ can do that. Give your loved ones over to God. Trust Him to save them, because ultimately seeing Him save my child reaffirmed in my soul that He had saved me.

Seeing our kids desperate need of God underlined for me that I too desperately need the Lord for everything, my heartbeat, my breath, my salvation. There is not one single thing that we can do to “fix” anything in life. It’s a matter of stepping back and letting God do the saving.

Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved." Acts 4:12 (NIV)

And even though at the time I was praying so hard for my daughter she was an adult, in my heart she was still my little girl. And Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” When he had placed his hands on them, he went on from there. Matthew 19: 14-15 (NIV)

This is one of the themes of Sofi’s Bridge my brand new historical romance release.


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Sofi's Bridge


Seattle Debutante Sofi Andersson will do everything in her power to protect her sister who is suffering from shock over their father’s death. Charles, the family busy-body, threatens to lock Trina in a sanatorium—a whitewashed term for an insane asylum—so Sofi will rescue her little sister, even if it means running away to the Cascade Mountains with only the new gardener Neil Macpherson to protect them. But in a cabin high in the Cascades, Sofi begins to recognize that the handsome immigrant from Ireland harbors secrets of his own. Can she trust this man whose gentle manner brings such peace to her traumatized sister and such tumult to her own emotions? And can Neil, the gardener, continue to hide from Sofi that he is really Dr. Neil Galloway, a man wanted for murder by the British police? Only an act of faith and love will bridge the distance that separates lies from truth and safety.



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Christine Lindsay is the author of multi-award-winning Christian fiction. She is currently writing her 8th novel. Aside from being a busy writer and speaker, Christine is the happy wife of David of 35 years, a mom and a grandma. She makes her home on the west coast of Canada, and in Aug. 2016 she will see her long-awaited non-fiction book released, Finding Sarah, Finding Me: A Birth Mother’s Story.

Please drop by Christine’s website or follow her on Amazon on Twitter. Subscribe to her quarterly newsletter, and be her friend on Pinterest , Facebook, and  Goodreads
****P. S. from Janet Thank you for stopping by to visit Writing with God's Hope blog on this Sunday, Christine. I'm excited to hear about your new release and know others will be also.

With Mother's Day coming up next Sunday, I think we women understand the desire to save or fix our children, nieces or nephews, or maybe our grandchildren, but only God is able to do that. As we near our day of honor, thanks for this reminder.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Contest Winner

The winner of the Christine Lindsay e-book trilogy is:

Beverly Stowe McClure
Congratulations, Beverly.
I apologize for not getting the winner posted on Saturday. I was out of town and just now finally got internet back.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

A New Release for Author, Christine Lindsay & A Giveaway

Today, I welcome to Writing with God's Hope blog inspirational author, Christine Lindsay. She tells us about her WILD, TECHNICOLOR IMAGINATION and shares her heart. Lindsay truly "writes with God's hope."

Be sure to read all the way to the bottom to find out about the giveaway that Lindsay is offering.

As a child I was constantly getting into trouble because I was one of those dreamy kids always lost in my imagination. Later as a professional fiction writer I discovered that my wild, technicolor imagination was actually a god-send.

But let’s face it, some of us have tough childhoods. Maybe that’s why I was always retreating into my imagination. My dad was an alcoholic, no need to go into detail, but learning to overcome childhood challenges through my faith in Christ taught me to believe in happy endings.  

Mix that with a fascination for exotic India during British colonialism and I came up with  Twilight of the British Raj—a trilogy of historicals that I like to call Big Love Stories.

My critique partner describes my brand (my promise to my readers) as the following:

“Wonderful historical detail and historical events colliding into the heart of deep psychological and relationship drama. Rounded characters, profound spiritual threads, sacrifice and satisfying endings.”

Wow, isn’t that nice of her to say that. But really I took instances from my own background, my dad’s drinking, his abuse of my mother, various types of trauma in other people’s lives, and came up with a British and American family saga that shows how the family curse of alcoholism can follow people, but more importantly how that can be overcome and lives and family find healing. I set it all in India between the first two World Wars as India was fighting British for her independence.

Throw in handsome, dashing British Cavalry officers, gorgeous horses, Gandhi, a Russian spy, beautiful Indian women in their saris, the beauty of tropical India, a cholera epidemic, cyclones, missionaries, and American and British women who overcome tough obstacles and find love and joy, and you have my three books in that series Shadowed in Silk, Captured by Moonlight, and Veiled at Midnight. 

What can I say—it was a blast writing them. And now it’s time for me to retreat back into my imagination and write the next series.

Shadowed in Silk

After the Great War Abby Fraser returns to India with her small son, but her soldier husband Nick has become a cruel stranger. Major Geoff Richards, broken over the loss of so many of his men finds his faith does little to help him understand how to protect Abby and her child from the husband who mistreats them. Amid political unrest, inhospitable deserts, and Russian spies, Geoff and Abby, caught between their own ideals and duty, stumble into sinister secrets and are thrust in the fires of revolution.

Captured by Moonlight

Nurse Laine Harkness and her friend Eshana flee to the tropical south of India. Laine takes a nursing position at a jungle plantation only to discover that her former fiancé is the owner. Eshana, captured by her traditional uncle, forced into the harsh Hindu customs of mourning, doubts freedom will ever be hers again, much less the forbidden love for Dr. Jai Kaur. Amid cyclones, epidemics, and clashing faiths, will the love of the True Master give hope to these searching hearts?

Veiled at Midnight

Caught up in the explosive and passionate wake of Britain’s relinquishment of India, is Captain Cam Fraser, his sister Miriam, and the beautiful Indian Dassah. Cam has never been able to put Dassah from his mind, but a British officer and the aide to the last viceroy cannot marry a poor Indian woman, can he? As for Dassah, she has no option but to run. Cam may hold her heart, but she cannot let him break it again. Miriam rails against the separation of the land of her birth, but is Lieutenant Colonel Jack Sunderland her soulmate or a distraction from what God has called her to do?


Christine Lindsay was born in Ireland, and is proud of the fact that she was once patted on the head by Prince Philip when she was a baby. Stories of Christine’s ancestors who served in the British Cavalry in Colonial India inspired her multi-award-winning historical series Twilight of the British Raj, Book 1 Shadowed in Silk, Book 2 Captured by Moonlight, and Book 3 Veiled at Midnight.

Londonderry Dreaming is Christine’s first contemporary romance set in N. Ireland, and she is looking forward to the release in 2016 of historical romance Sofi’s Bridge, and of her non-fiction account of her birth-mother experience called Just Like Hannah.

A busy writer and speaker, Christine makes her home on the west coast of Canada with her husband and their grown up family. Her cat Scottie is chief editor on all Christine’s books.


Please drop by Christine’s website or follow her on Twitter and be her friend on Pinterest , “Like” her Facebook page, and  Goodreads.


PURCHASE LINKS FOR Veiled at Midnight and all of Christine’s novels.

Thank you, Christine for visiting with us today. All three books sound amazing. Stories set in this time period and in India are unique, and I find that fascinating.

*****NOW FOR THE GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT: Do you have a comment or question for Christine Lindsay? For everyone leaving a comment below along with their e-mail, they will go into a drawing. I will draw the name on Saturday, Nov. 7. The winner will receive the full trilogy on e-book. This offer is for anyone anywhere in the world. Don't miss this chance.