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Saturday, November 21, 2015

10 Tips for Dining Out During Weight Loss

Though difficult, losing weight doesn't eliminate dining out.

We go to restaurants for social time with family and friends. Dining out remains a fun activity. We use this for meeting places, business planning times, and just for talk.

Dining out does require judgement and God-control.

Here's my top ten tips for dining out during weight loss:

1.     Order exactly what you want the way you want it cooked or fixed. Don’t be intimidated.

2.     Portion control is the biggest problem. Plan on sharing an entrée or taking half home. You might even ask if they can prepare a half order.

3.     If everyone has an appetizer, order a shrimp cocktail, fresh fruit, or a cup of broth-based soup.

4.     Google the menu before you go, or ask the server for the nutritional info on their entrees.

5.     Take your own dressing if considering a salad, and leave off the croutons.

6.     Keep a visual in mind. What does 4 ounces of meat look like? (a deck of cards) How about a half cup of pasta? (one scoop of ice cream)

7.     Have water with your meal and drink a sip between every couple bites.

8.     Ditch the soda or sugar-laden drinks.

9.     Savor the conversation more than the food.

10.        Try for more color. Add red peppers slices, carrots sticks, or broccoli floweret’s to have with your meat or even a sandwich.

P. S. Terms to beware of when eating out:

Stuffed, breaded, friend, sautéed, parmigiana (with cheese), eggplant (one vegetable that really soaks up the fat), béarnaise, cream or creamy sauce, refried beans, taco salad with the shell, or salad with dressing already added.

 You can do it.
Eat out!
Lose weight!
If you have other tips, I'd love to hear them.