Saturday, September 12, 2015

Why is Weight Loss Important to the Christian?

      The National Health and Nutrition Survey in 2004 tells us 133.6 million (66%) adult Americans are obese or overweight. A Purdue University study indicates conservative churches such as southern Baptists, Assembly of God and Church of God fight this battle more often. Richard Kreider of Baylor University gives further insight into this. These denominations “avoid dancing, tobacco and alcohol, but give no guidelines for overeating.” He goes on to say our churches more often attract with food, not action events.
     Even if you don’t suffer from compulsive overeating to the point where it almost ruins your life like I did, still unhealthy eating habits can slow you down and diminish your witness.

     From my own true story, I can say that though I gave my heart to God at age seven and attended church regularly, compulsive overeating almost ruined my life. I teetered on the brink of suicide and divorce for several years. Praise God, He gave me an emotional and spiritual healing just  in time.

Have you given your heart to Christ?

Have you set Him on the throne of your life?

                That is the question each Christian must face.

  Think about it.

If anything  (even food) takes the place of God in your life, you hamper your walk with Christ, you drown in your own powerlessness, and you're not putting your trust where it needs to go.

Why is weight loss important to the Christian?

It's not about the food. It's about the fix.

Is your mind fixed on Jesus, or the next treat you plan on eating?


Bea said...

Jesus is my Lord but I struggel with food! I love Him so much and yet have no controll over what and how much I put in my mouth.How to fight that addiction?

Unknown said...

I so understand, Bea. Thanks for you comment. I have no doubt that you love the Lord. My advice is quit fighting & stewing over the eating. We can make ourselves sick worrying over it & working & failing again & again. Concentrate on drawing closer to God every day. Take 1 step in faith each day. Our class this week is starting with a healthy breakfast every day this week. Seek God for what that might be. Don't change anything else. No matter how hard we fight, we're powerless. Our super-doper willpower can turn on us & drive us to eat. Pray daily, "Not my will, but Thine be done." I'm praying for you today.