Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Lady by the Lake

All my life, I've heard stories told about a ghost appearing around White Rock Lake. The lake is a small body of water bound on all sides by commercial and residential properties in North Dallas. Sail boats dot the blue waters especially on a pretty Sunday afternoon. My husband and I lived blocks from there when our oldest daughter was young, and we hadn't yet had the two younger girls. Trees circle the lake. It's one of Dallas' most scenic areas.

This ghost story has many versions, but they always include a young woman in a white evening gown. She is dripping wet and asks to be taken home. Somewhere along the way while they drive this young lady to her destination, she disappears. The story dates back to at least the 1930s. In 1943, it was printed in the Texas Folklore Society's newsletter.

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This lady is believed to have been a warning to people driving on the road around the lake when they're inching too closely to the water's edge. Some claim stopping for her saved them from plunging into the depths themselves. This will usually happen on nights with a full moon.

By the way, a full moon is due on April 4, so if you're in Dallas on that day, be careful if you cruise around White Rock Lake.

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