Saturday, March 28, 2015

Stories for Stepmoms with Shawn Simon

An interesting new author named Shawn Simon has become an online friend of mine. 4RV Publishing Co. recently offered her a contract for her debut book, so first of all, I wish to congratulate Shawn. She offers inspiration and help for the new or soon-to-be stepmoms in Stepping into a New Role, Stories from Stepmoms.

I would suspect this would be a difficult transition. This author gives hope.

Shawn, can you tell us your personal story of how this book came to be?

After moving in with my husband and his children,

my goal was to be the best stepmom ever. I never

wanted to hear, “You’re not my mom! You can’t tell me what to do! “


So, I started asking friends for advice and

suggestions, and I logged online to find step-parenting advice books. There wasn’t much, except for self-help books; I prefer reading stories. But, being desperate, Idecided I’d buy a few.


My husband found me upstairs and asked what I was doing. I told him I was buying

books to help me as a stepmom. He looked at the

computer and my “shopping cart” and exclaimed, “You

need six books?” I argued, “Well, I want to be the best

stepmom I can be!” He said he understood, but

suggested starting with two.

Later, a friend and fellow stepmom told me about a

book by Sally Bjornson that became my “bible”. It is

funny and heartfelt, about her journey. One part

especially resonated and became a catalyst for writing

my book. To paraphrase, she said, “When a woman gets

married, she is given a wedding shower, when she gets

pregnant, she is given a baby shower, but when she

marries a man with kids, she is given a bottle of wine

and told, ‘Good luck!’” This is so true! No one tells you

what you are in for. No one has sage, helpful advice. In

fact, no one really talks about this mysterious role of

stepmom. This is odd to me as more than half of all

families are “blended”. The traditional family barely

exists anymore, yet the topic of step-parenting is taboo.

Over my stepmom years, I gathered stories of my

experiences, and every week at the salon, I shared a

story. One day, my manicurist said, "You should write a

book. You tell great stories.” At lunch with a friend, I

shared a story about my stepdaughter, and she said,

"You should write a book. I think your experiences

would be inspirational." On another occasion, a

stepmom friend and I were at lunch sharing our trying

experiences, when we decided that I should write a

book including other stepmoms’ experiences as well as

my own. Well, my belief is that when we hear something

several times, there must be something to it. So, I

decided to write a book.

Those moments led me to this point, with a book

that is a compilation of stories from real life stepmoms'

adventures. It was a therapeutic experience, hearing

these women tell their stories: some are stepmoms with

no kids of their own, some have blended families, and

some started as stepmoms and then added to their

families. Hearing their stories was akin to being in a

stepmom support group.

My goal is to eradicate the idea of the “evil

stepmother”. That fairytale is ridiculously old, yet, sadly,

nothing has come along to replace it, even though there

are thousands of blended families. I am not an “evil

stepmom”. I love my step-kids. It took time, of course,

but over the years that love has grown. I joke saying,

“Why should I have kids of my own? I couldn’t love

Jessie more if I’d given birth to her, and Aiden and I are

so much alike, I might as well have given birth to him.”

My hope is that this book of real stories from

stepmoms will lessen the fear of this taboo subject and

will start us talking about the struggles and successes of

stepmoms everywhere.

10 years ago, Shawn Simon met her husband, who came
with two kids. As an educational therapist teaching children,
Shawn thought becoming a stepmom would be easy. She was
wrong. However, as someone who was born with only one
arm, she has learned to overcome obstacles. Therefore, success
in this chapter of her life would happen, too. From learning to
navigate her way in a world designed for two hands, she knew
she would navigate her way as a stepmom.
When Shawn discovered there was no support for stepmoms,
she decided to write her book, Stepping into a New Role,
Stories from Stepmoms. Shawn is thrilled to have her book
published by 4RV Publishing. Currently, she is working on
her second book, Stories from Stepdads. Shawn lives in
California with her husband, step-children, her dogs and cat.
Shawn's book should be out next year. Until then, find her at:

Facebook: Shawn Simon
Twitter: @shawnsimon44

Thank you, Shawn, for telling us your story. I know there will be many ladies eager to purchase your book. Be sure to return to Writing with God's Hope blog when the book releases.



Charles said...

I am a stepfather,and I raised a stepson, so I can appreciate these stories. Good luck with your book!

StepmomShawn said...

Thanks, Charles! I'm actually working on my second book right now for stepdads. I have interview around 15 stepdads to hear their stories and experiences. I figured their voices deserve to be heard, too. :)

StepmomShawn said...

Janet, I wanted to thank you for hosting me for my first guest blog! :)

Visit my new website blog for weekly heartfelt, funny, and inspirational stories from step-parents' and my experiences. I also post helpful articles. It's all meant to support and encourage step-parents on their journey.

Thank you!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Charles. I'm thinking Shawn's stories could work either way. Same problems. My hats off to you both.

Unknown said...

Oh, Shawn, it was a pleasure to have you as my guest. FYI from the views we've received, I think your topic is greatly needed. I'm sure the one for stepdads will be just as helpful. Glad I could give you your send-off into the world of being a guest blogger. Ha!

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

What a wonderful story, Shawn. Stepmoms should love learning your experiences and how they can be the best stepmoms.
Congratulations. Best of luck to you.

Unknown said...

Thanks for checking in, Beverly. I so agree. This will be a super book.