Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Ghost for Shelley

How would you react if you experienced ghostly happenings?

On Weird Wednesdays at Writing with God's Hope blog, we learn that a lot of people have stories to tell. In my upcoming young adult book, A Ghost for Shelley, Shelley refuses to believe in ghosts until so many scary things happen to her while working to clean the old McKinney, Texas courthouse, that she must face her fear.

Here's a excerpt from the book:

     Shelley scooted the washbasin on wheels from one room to the next. When she opened the dark room, she fumbled to find a light switch. The side wall was smooth and cold. She dropped her hand. She opened the door wider and felt against the wall on the other side. Something touched her. “Yow!” She flinched.

     “What’s wrong?” Dad called from the next room. “Are you okay?”

     When she yanked back her hand, a cobweb draped each finger. She wiped it on a rag hanging from her pocket. A cold sweat gave her a strange Saturday bath. Staring into the room’s blackness, she couldn’t see nor retreat. No sound escaped her closed throat

     Before she could relax, a squawk from the dark room sawed off her last nerve. She bolted and didn’t stop until she reached the elevator. She punched the button.

     Cranking from below, the elevator made its slow ascent.

     Dad came up beside her “Stop it, Shelley. Where do you think you’re going?”

     Bending at the waist, she panted and labored to calm her body and mind.

     Dad put his hand on her shoulder. “What happened?”

     “A … cob … web … squeak … scare …” Finally, her panting lessened. She gulped for oxygen. “When I tried to turn on the light in that room, I got cob webs on my hand. Then, I heard a squeak and got scared.”

     “You jump at everything. I never knew you to be a scaredy-cat.”

Are you a scaredy-cat?
A scoffer?
Or, a believer?

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