Wednesday, December 31, 2014

One Last Ghost Story from Deb Hockenberry

Deb Hockenberry, Children's Author
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Deb visits us again on this last day of 2014 with another of her ghost stories from the old home near Gettysburg, Pa.

There was only one ghost that really bothered Mom. This was a modern ghost. Mom woke in the middle of the night to find an old woman sitting on the hope chest, which was next to the bed. Mom pinched herself and felt the pain. The clock gave her the correct time.
The woman had shoulder length greasy hair and was dressed in a modern day sweatshirt which had satin ribbon woven in around its neck. She wore ordinary slacks like any woman would do today. She gestured over and over for Mom to come to her or follow her. Mom didn’t. The old woman gave her a creepy feeling and intuition told her not to follow the instructions. When Mom didn’t move from her bed, the old woman finally gave up and just disappeared.

Thank you for your stories, Deb. Perhaps God warned your mother that this ghost was evil.
What do you think?



Deb Hockenberry said...

I'm sure the instinct Mom felt telling her not to follow that ghost was indeed, God warning her.

Unknown said...

That would be my determination. Thanks again, Deb.