Wednesday, November 19, 2014

2 More Ghost Stories from Deb Hockenberry

Children's author, Deb Hockenberry, visits us again on Writing with God's Hope blog. She has two more ghost stories about her mother's haunted bedroom. After all, it is Weird Wednesday.
A few weeks ago, Deb spun a tale involving people marching across her mother's bedroom in the home near Gettysburg, PA. She returns today to tell us two more "weird" happenings. Thank you, Deb.
One Christmas I was staying with Mom and slept in that same bedroom. I was having trouble getting to sleep. I heard loud footsteps on the stairs leading to the living room which was right off my mother’s bedroom. Slowly, they came up the stairs.
Mom heard them, too, but she also saw something. The person wore a short blue coat that came down close to his knees. Mom thought it was my brother.
When she questioned him about it, he assured her it wasn’t him. To this day I’m convinced it was a Union Soldier who was still on guard duty.

Once again, this time at Easter, I was at home in Gettysburg for a visit along with my sister-in-law's parents. In the middle of the night, we were all awakened by horses snorting, the metal in their bridles clanging, and marching through the house.
Oh, my, Deb, you are full of ghost stories. I love it. What an exciting place to visit, obviously.
 I wish Deb well with her upcoming children's book soon to be released by 4RV Publishing.
 Find her at
She has wonderful helps for new writers, so be sure to seek out her site.
One more thing, Deb, will you return another Weird Wednesday to tell us another Gettsburg story?

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