Saturday, September 20, 2014

You Might Be A Compulsive Overeater If ...

If you think you might be a food addict, here's a simple test to take to be sure.

I've listed ten signs. Count how many of these sentences or questions that you answer in the affirmative.

1.   You hide food at different places; your home, your job, your car.

2.   You tell white lies. Maybe you say you spent $20 on the kids’ books, but forget to tell that you spent $10 for junk food for yourself.

3.   You think of food all the time, planning what you’ll eat next.

4.   You leave early for work, meeting, whatever to allow time to pick up something to eat in case you get hungry while you're there.

5.   You buy one of your favorite foods, intending to eat it over several days, but you can't leave it alone. Instead you eat and eat until it's gone.

6.   Have you ever eaten so much at one setting that you were stuffed and nauseas?

7.   Have you ever eaten one meal by yourself, and then eaten another meal with someone else?

8.   You’ve  lost weight on a diet only to regain it again  with more added.

9.   Have you every suffered from a sugar overdose and then craved  sweets for days?

10.  Have you ever looked forward to time by yourself at work or at home, when you could eat uninhibited?


If you say yes to three or more of these signs, run, don't walk, to get help. Find a twelve step program for food addicts, a teacher, or class that won’t advise you to just use will power, but will instead send you to the One who has all power.
Don't search for answers. Seek after God.

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