Saturday, August 9, 2014

5 Tips to Save Yourself Dips in Blood Sugar

     Sugar and insulin jockey for top place in our bloodstreams. Too much sugar can throw a person into a destructive disease known as diabetes. When the blood sugar becomes too high, a person can feel weak, faint, sick, go into coma, or even die.

A condition known as hypoglycemia is less known but is on the opposite end of the spectrum. When blood sugar levels drop, the same symptoms apply. This can happen when we go too long without eating, exercise too much, or can even happen to diabetics that take too much medication. Blood or glucose levels must be kept in balance for good health.

According to the healthline website, here are some of the symptoms for low glucose levels:

1.     blurry vision

2.     rapid heart beat

3.     sudden mood changes

4.     unexplained fatigue

5.     headache

6.     sudden nervousness

7.     pale skin

8.     hunger

9.     shaking

10.   inability to concentrate



Compulsive overeaters often deal with imbalanced glucose levels because of how much or what we eat. If I eat a bag of Reeses candy, I overload my system with sugar. God made our bodies perfect and provided for even this eventuality. Our pancreas produces insulin to clear out the sugar and bring balance again.

Here’s the Wikipedia link about this process if you care to read it:


When we continually abuse our bodies with eating too much sugar or simple carbs, we produce too much insulin that causes drops in sugar. When we feel the above symptoms, our tendency is to eat again (usually the wrong thing), so that our system rides a roller coaster of ups and downs. See my sketch below.
Poptart at 7AM, donut at 10AM, candy bar at 3 pm makes a roller coaster ride for our blood sugar levels and bad health for us


When we ask God’s help in dealing with our unhealthy eating, He provides wisdom. I just came back from vacation, a challenge for anyone who struggles with food. Here’s five tips that helped:


1.     Start your day right.

Go for a more complex carbs, that is fresh cherries instead of cherry poptart, or a banana instead of a banana-nut muffin. Pair that with a protein such as peanut butter or cheese.

2.     Put on your boy scout uniform.

Prepare for surprises. Never leave on a hike or a sight-seeing trip without something to eat in your pocket or purse.



a.     light cheese sticks

b.     low fat protein bar

c.     Piece of bread or low fat cracker smeared with peanut butter

3.     Don’t go too far.

Sometimes, with hiking mountains, or hunting for sea shells along a long stretch of beach, we exercise more than we’re used to doing. Our body uses our carb store much more quickly.

Stop for frequent rest breaks even if you feel gung-ho.

Take a water bottle everywhere you go.

Remember that tucked away snack at the slightest touch of fatigue.

4.     Walk, baby, walk

Don’t let the need to not exercise too much keep you from exercising at all. Walking naturally lowers blood sugar, so if you indulge in a special treat with your dinner, a walk afterward can keep your levels even.

5.     Balance you food, balance your blood sugar

Aim for a veggie with every lunch and dinner.

Add a glass of milk or a slice of cheese to meals.

Go for a leaner steak, a salmon filet, a sandwich piled with turkey.


Don't neglect healthy eating though you add those special treats along the way.


These tips will help you maintain level glucose. Look back at that list of symptoms. Would you not enjoy a vacation better or life in general if you didn't suffer from those things?


Do you have other tips to control your blood sugar levels?

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