Saturday, March 1, 2014


In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. 1 Thess. 5:18

We need God's power in our life. When He opens doors and provides us with the needed power, do we thank Him?

 Question: What good quality does an attitude of gratitude provide for us?

    Answer: humility

 Question: How does humility help with weight loss?

 Answer: Humility keeps the focus off us. When our mind dwells on ministry, other's needs, or interesting activities, the desire for food diminishes.
         Also, humility reminds us of where we came from, of our binging, ungrateful attitudes of the past.

 Question: What is the direct consequence of focusing on ourselves?

 Answer: When we dwell on ourselves and our problems, we take on the “poor me” syndrome. We overeat to make us feel better or to relieve stress.

 Question: How does gratitude help with that?

 Answer: Gratitude and conceit can’t reside in the same mind. Jesus told us, we can’t serve Him and the devil both. Neither can we sincerely thank God for His bounty and faithfulness and be all wrapped up in how rough it is carrying our load or not eating what we want.

 Question: If we have pride in our knowledge, the ability to eat right, control situations and succeed on our own, how may that precipitate our downfall? 
 Answer: When we rely on our knowledge, strong will, a diet program, or extreme exercise, this is false pride. Then when we falter, self pity lashes out at our confidence. False pride and self pity inevitably reduce us to helplessness and failure.


.Our part is to ask, to seek, to knock. His part is to answer, to come, to open.   Courage to Change, compiled and edited by Bill Pittman and Dick B. 
Be grateful.
    Stay humble.
         Rely on God's power.

An attitude of gratitude is God’s best weapon against an overeating compulsion, or any other addiction, battle, or hang-ups.
In everything, give thanks.


Jean Ann Williams said...

Janet, what a great post and all so true. Thank you!

Janet K Brown said...

Thank you, Jean Ann. You know about keeping that attitude of gratitude in handling life's battles.