Saturday, August 17, 2013

Stop and Smell the Pine Trees

Without fear, my husband drives our Dodge Ram hooked to our Cougar travel trailer around narrow mountain trails and through rain storms, but don't get him talking about going through Denver traffic. On our way to Yellowstone, we hit the 6 lane Highway 25 in the middle afternoon, thinking we wouldn't have too much problem at that time. Good advice from a fellow RVer told us to take the middle lane, so we did.

Cars flew by us like a Nascar racetrack. The traffic lasted ages. The road seemed non-ending. Though we knew staying in the middle lane was the wisest course of action, there comes a time when you must stop. My husband inched over to the right lane. The movement resembled closing our eyes and facing a bull head-on, because no one allowed enough room for about 56 feet of rig to pull to the side.  I feel sure God widened a spot for us. We made it, stopped, got back on the track, and survived Denver to go on to our destination.

Mountains to the west of Denver with my husband and my Aurora, Colorado daughter. Notice the pines.

That race track of Denver traffic, not unlike what we encounter when we go through Dallas, reminds me of the fast pace of our life. I stood at the edge of 6 lanes of hurling vehicles and asked, "Where is everyone going so fast?

Fishing Bridge RV Park in Yellowstone National Park

Life is short. Most of us move with more speed than a rocket ship on the way to the moon. Thank God for vacations that slow us so we stop and smell the pine trees. Some never take vacations. Some never pause to enjoy life. Some don't stop and smell the roses in their own backyards.

Denver, Colorado is a beautiful city, nestled at the foot of high mountain peaks. The downtown area offers much history to enjoy. Small lakes dot the landscape of the city. To the west,, the area teams with wildlife, pine trees, and unsurpassable beauty. And, even snow in October as you see in my picture above.

If Denver traffic tell us anything, it's that we need to slow down and appreciate what we have. Standing  beside Highway 25 and watching all those fast-moving people reminds me to enjoy the blessings God gives us and when we find ourselves getting too busy, to find a pine tree and inhale.


Unknown said...

Hi Janet, I enjoy reading about your journey. I was in Denver in the late 60's...same time as the first moon-walk. :) I know how fast traffic moves, too. Being in FL people from all over drive, and fast! Makes me truly want to escape some place peaceful, and do as you suggest...stop and smell the pines! Blessings, Safe Travels!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Diane. Good ideas popped into my mind all along our trip. Hoe you survive Florida. Our backyard is the nicest place to unwind, but no pine trees.

Cheryl said...

This is so true, Janet. The best days are the ones where we can appreciate all life has to offer.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comment, Cheryl. Life is too short to run so fast.

Moonine Sue Watson said...

I hate big city traffic. I guess some people are big city people and some aren't. That said, I am looking forward to visiting our grand daughter who lives near Denver. She loves it there because there is so much to do, and it is a beautiful area after two years in Abilene, Texas.

Moonine Sue Watson said...

I love the pine trees and mountains. So why am I not living there?

Unknown said...

I wonder that too, Sue. Why don't I live there, but the fact is it's so far from family & friends in Texas. Of course, my oldest daughter is moving back to Aurora. You & I will have someone to make us want to go more often.