Saturday, February 2, 2013

What's Your Fav?

A recent trip to the Sacramento Mountains in and around Ruidosa, New Mexico stimulated my rolling writer's mind. I found myself using the usual exclamations. "Wow. and "What a beautiful scene." and lots of "Look at that. Gorgeous." My husband and I love the mountains. My heart lifts with adoration for their creator.

Out our trailer's window, a narrow canyon dipped toward a small creek bubbling from recent rain and rose on the far side to deep pines up the mountain. When we set up our campsite, deer grazed nearby--a big buck with a huge rack of horns, a smaller doe, and two youngins--a family of four. We laughed as the dad led the way to jump a fence, Mom and the larger kid followed, but the small one with short legs, dove underneath in pursuit of his kin. The next morning the sun crested the eastern end of the canyon like a video ran by God to entertain us.

One day as I sat thinking about the beauty before us, I remembered the scene I'd left behind at home. Sitting on my own back patio, I had thanked God for the green grass and trees, the multi-colored flowers, and birds diving into our pool for a drink.

Going and coming to Ruidosa, we enjoyed a picnic at a roadside parks with rocky crags and mesquites sticking out at odd angles, and we oohed and ahed over the charm of the area.

The truth dawns on me as dawn appeared over the campground in the mountains, God gave us diverse scenery. He knew we'd tire of the same old thing no matter how beautiful.

I compared that to another of God's creations--us. Not a one of us is alike, but loveliness manifests in varied combinations of physiques, hair color, face shapes, not to mention personalities, both sharp and kind.

I spot the simularity of that premise in our writing. We create varied characters, varied settings, varied problems in our works. We learn from the Lord. Our stories don't have to be the same to be good. In fact, they'll probably differ in many ways just like my back yard, west Texas canyons, and the rocky mountains, but all can inspire and bring pleasure.

What scene do you cherish today?


Samual said...

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Unknown said...
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Hallee Bridgeman said...

What a beautiful post!


Unknown said...

Thank you, Hallee. I appreciate you reading my posts. God bless.