Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Small changes bring big results.

I chose my two passions (not counting my grandchildren, of course. They're perfect) to indicate how this applies.

5 small steps for Weight Loss

1.Eliminate all sugared drinks.
When I owned Diet Center, a client of mine lost fifty pounds. He did nothing I advised him to do except one small item in which he was perfect. He stopped drinking seven or eight Dr. Peppers each day.

2. Never talk on the telephone while sitting.
At two hundred and fifty pounds, exercise loomed like a formidable restraint. By the time I got to the end of my street, I huffed and puffed like a smoke-breathing dragon. My job was sedentary, but my phone rang a lot. Every time I answered the phone, I stood. I paced. I raised up on my toes and back to the floor. I did knee bends. I did anything except sit. Soon, my stamina increased. I could walk. I could dance. Start small.

3. Allow for four meals at four hour intervals.
Rodale Publishing put forth a book called Flat Belly Diet. They recommend eating every four hours.

Though difficult, I broke the habit of continual grazing by eating nothing between meals. I suffer from low blood sugar if I go six or seven hours without food.

At that time, my lunch hour came early (11:20 ro 12:20), but we worked late, so dinner was often seven or eight at night. I can't do that. I took two meals to work with me, a lunch and an afternoon snack, if you will. Neither were large. The meal in the afternoon had to be eaten on the run while working, so I stuck with turkey wrapped in a whole wheat bread slice and a banana, or two cheese sticks and grapes. This little step brought satisfaction. Not only, did I stave off low blood sugar, but I didn't come home starved to fix dinner.

4. Go through a twenty-four pack of water bottles in twelve days.
Count them out, two a day. Mark on your calendar when the twenty-four pack should be finished. You can do the same with filling a jug with water each morning to be drunk before you go to bed that night. Without flushing impurities from our body, we can't lose weight.

5. Increase your sleep by half hour.
Depending on your lifestyle, either go to bed earlier or arise later, but increase your sleep time. It's a proven fact that a rested person loses better.

5 small steps for Writing

1. Set a written monthly goal, a three year goal, and a lifetime goal.
How are we reach our destination without measuring how far we want to travel?

2. Take one writing course this year.
The craft of writing can be taught online, in workshops, or duirng conferences. If we stop learning, our writing grows dull, listless, and unexciting.

3. Cultivate five online friends..
Social media can be daunting, but small steps even here can bring results. Author Media recommends we strive for quality when there's no time for quantity. Develop relationships that last. Meet and follow the careers of only five, and you will reap enduring reward. If five meet five, and those five, meet five, get the picture.

4. Read every day.
If you con't have time to read, you don't have time or the tools to write. Stephen King.

I took a workshop for the phenominal Cec Murphey, a writer, speaker extraordinaire. He recommended not only reading the genre in which we write, but read many different genres to learn. Read also blogs, devotions, thoughts to stretch your mind.

5. Be a snoop. Keep a record.
Everywhere a writer goes, he can learn. Listen to the conversation behind you at the restaurant. Watch a child play in the park. Soak in sermons or speeches. Note scenery as you walk or ride. Jot down what you see and what you hear. Observation deepens your story's meaning.

One small thing to help both passions.

Remain positive.

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Moonine Sue Watson said...

Wow. You had a great list of advice about weight loss and writing. You are such an encourager. I gave up diet soda a month and a half ago, and I can't begin to tell you how much better I feel doing just that one thing.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your encouragement, Sue. I sure appreciate your reading this.