Wednesday, January 23, 2013


On our group blog, I've posted twice about storyboarding as it pertains to writing.

I find storyboarding a wonderful technique for plotting my novels. Others utilize this for a plot outline as they begin the story. I complete the first draft all the way to "the end." Then, I draw lines on a huge poster board forming squares enough for each chapter of the manuscript.

1. In each square, I write the basic scenes and highlight the POV character.

2. I use neon-colored sticky notes for each of 4-5 main plot lines. The last one I did used a)romantic tension b)trouble with protag's children c)trouble with hero's nephew and d)trouble with church people.

3. Next, I go thru with pastel sticky-notes for each small subplot. The last one showed these: a)older woman b) teen's romance c)hero's secret and d)use of the symbol for protag's dream come true.

Did I bring up trouble with the protagonist's children in chapter one and never come back to it, or not allude to it until chapter twenty three?

Did I bring up the blue dress as an indication of the protagonist's dream and never say anything more about it?

My storyboard poster gives me instant feedback as to what I should add to the story, to what more I require.

Today I normally post on weight loss, exercise, nutrition, healthy habits, but I wonder could storyboarding not also apply to weight loss or maintanence?

Sure enough, in the bottom of my drawer, I found what could be called a storyboard for while I was losing weight. I had drawn 8 squares and filled in the steps it would take to get to the end goal.

I'm sharing them with you today. Perhaps, God could direct those needing help to storyboard their plans for weight loss or healthier eating.

(Though I lost most of my 95 pounds doing the American Diabetic Exchange Diet, I finished the weight loss with Weight Watchers.) I must've been doing it when I wrote this because I speak about points. Your plan might count carbs or calories, whatever. Tailer it to meet your need.

1. Eat no more than 22 points a day with no more than 14 extra flex points.
2. Walk in the mall 5 days a week unless it's impossible.
3. Do zone exercise room/machines 20 rotations 3 times a week.
4. On trip to Temple, stop at Applebees & not have any fried foods or desserts on trip.
5. Journal on paper and online when in town. Take paper and book and journal when gone.
6. Go to class every week in October and November.
7. Weigh 150 lbs on WW scale.
8. Wear burgundy suede pants.

Those 8 squares pointed me in the right direction. If the scale went up, I could go back and see which one of these things, that I hadn't done.

Have you ever thought of Weight Storyboarding?
For those of my viewers who are also writers, do you use storyboarding to plot?

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