Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Isn't it typical to make a big mess before we clean it?

I've been cleaning and reorganizing my kitchen the past three days and I'm tired. LOL
But now it's all out where I can get to it.

One pile of stuff I will throw away. One, I will keep and return to its normal spot. The third group of items I intend to keep but put in a different place or store in a different manner. I might give from that stack to someone who needs it more.

I purchased a potato bin and two shelves on which to put canned good. Since my kitchen is small, I deemed an unused bedroom closet as a second pantry. Once again, I made a mess before I cleaned it. Everything from that closet went to the floor or on the bed to be sorted. After three days, my baker's rack overflows with extra bowls and storage containers. One shelf holds excess foods. My recipe box perches on the top for easy access. Extra clothes are pushed to the back to make room for my vacuum. I'm rather proud of the end result.

You know its kinda like this weight loss journey. When our minds get cluttered, we lose focus. That's when we must start from where we are. It may be a mess, but how else can we clean it?

If that's you today, get started. What do you do first?

Pull out all the stuff from your mind.

Are you angry at someone? Put it in the throw away pile.
Did someone hurt your feelings? Ask God to handle that.
Are you tired, stressed, or bored? Innovate. Find new ways to overcome simple problems. Slow down, refresh, let God give you new ideas.
Are you too me-focused? Think of someone who needs what you can give.

Go through your food supply?

Do you have healthy alternatives? Restock you pantry and refrigerator.
Have you started buying your trigger foods again? Throw them away or give to a needy family.
What ingredients do you now have on hand? Make a healthy pot of soup. Throw in any available vegetables. Make a tasty, low-fat casserole that you used to make when you ate healthier.

What habits do you need to take up or change?

Have you quit walking because it's too cold? Learn to dance. Take an inside water aerobics class at the Y. Buy a DVD to do in your house.
Did you do away with morning quiet time? Get up early enough to start it up again.
Do you feel sluggish or bloated? Try making three weeks without sugar.
Is your life racing out of control with too much on your to-do list? Sit with pen and paper and prioritize every chore, both good and bad, that you do. Anything there ready for the throw away pile, or at least your delay file?

Little by little, just like my kitchen and pantry closet, we fit back important things into our lives and initiate new, helpful practices. We discard the waste to allow more room for God.

We step back and look. This isn't so bad.

The more we do it, the easier we manage. Our lifestyle changes. We lose weight and feel better.

If we spend time and effort doing this, we'll see results not only at the scales but in all phases of our lives.

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