Saturday, January 26, 2013


This weekend seems like a good time for an old-fashioned love story. It's short and funny. The heroine is a klutz like me.

Nicole circled the conference room but found no chair available. Her cheeks flamed. One man, probably two or three years older than her own thirty-three years, screamed arrogance by stretching his long legs across a second chair. With fingers tapping at her side, she glared at him. His eyes remained glued to the page of a book.

She cleared her throat. “Excuse me.”

Her new supervisor arrived and began the meeting. Nicole’s hands shook as she tapped the man’s shoulder. Why did she have to be running late this morning?

Without looking Nicole’s way, the rude man answered the question the supervisor asked. “That will be finished by tomorrow. Looking good.” His blond hair shimmered under the fluorescent lighting. His relaxed posture posed no rebuttal of his opinion.

Nicole leaned against the wall. She plopped her briefcase on the floor and pulled out a legal pad. Her notes toppled from the bag. Bending over to pick it up, she dropped her pen. A handsome older man retrieved the pen and offered his chair, but when she picked up her case to move, the contents dumped on the floor.

By that time, the supervisor stopped his talk and faced Nicole. “Should we wait for you?”

Perspiration played jack-in-the-box across Nicole’s upper lip. “I have no chair. This man…,“ she stared at the blond trouble-maker, “…confiscated two chairs leaving none for me.” She put hands on her hips and moved one step closer to the object of her anger. “You, Sir, are a rude, unfeeling man with no handle on common courtesy.” As her fists tightened, her pencil snapped.

Sighs erupted around the room.

The blond had the grace to look condemned. He stood and motioned. “Take your pick of seats.”

Both men helped pick up her belongings. Nicole perched on the chair which had recently balanced manly, muscular legs and looked up at her new supervisor. “I apologize.”

Though Nicole’s anticipation of her first week’s meeting had heightened as it neared, she failed to glean any knowledge but instead prayed for its completion. When they finished, she gathered everything and strode out before anyone could speak.

Nicole crisscrossed the office several times that day passing friends, old and new.

“Hey, Nicole,” called the receptionist.

An old friend barreled into her. Both sets of papers flew. “I’m so sorry, girlfriend.” They laughed and picked up their stuff.

When she moved on, her blond nemesis sauntered down the hall. “Still having trouble, Miss Wilson?”

“I…yes….I. None of your business.” She moved away but her pulse pumped harder, and she found it hard to breath. How did he know her name?

As she worked the next two days, greetings followed.

“Hey, Nicole.”

“Hi, Nicole.”

Again she passed the man from the meeting. “Hello, Miss Wilson.”

A lump swelled her throat making it impossible to speak.

Nicole’s supervisor approached her desk later that week. “I’m calling a meeting for two this afternoon. I need your figures on the Kelly contract. Hope you find a seat.” He walked off laughing.

Nicole made it on time with notes organized. Despite her heart hiccupping from the sight of the blond, she determined to be professional. During this meeting, she learned the man’s name was Clint.

When the meeting ended and she prepared to leave, her peripheral vision saw Clint lean toward a younger man behind him. She overheard his comment. “See that woman there. That’s who I’m going to marry.”

She choked. Her breathing came in short gasps. Who did he think he was? She answered her own question—a man who twisted her feelings like a bunch of pick-up sticks. She dashed outside. When she reached the cool October air, she inhaled. Her heart slowed.

A huge shadow blocked the sun. She feared turning. She didn’t, but she knew who was there. Flutters tickled her inside and rendered her useless.

“Miss Wilson, I never got to apologize appropriately.” Clint moved to her front. He reached for her legal pad and placed it under his arm then he clasped both her hands in his. “You’re right. I was rude and unmannerly last week, but most of all, I was blind. Forgive me.”

Blue eyes the color of her sapphire birthstone initiated Nicole’s amnesia. She dipped her head fearing he’d hear the gurgle of her stomach. “Okay.”

“Have dinner with me tonight?”

She held onto his hand like a life vest. “Okay.” Again, her cheeks felt warm. Would she always perspire around this man? Maybe not, but she sensed something special was happening.

He smiled, handed back her pad, and walked away.

Her old friend dashed toward Nicole. “Wow, making friends with the big boss already.” The woman went inside.

Numbness froze Nicole’s body. Had she gained an influential boyfriend or jeopardized her job?

Let me know if you liked it.


Anonymous said...

Good story Janet. Especially loved the ending. Will there be more? An answer perhaps?

Unknown said...

Thanks for reading it. Who knows? As I was writing it, I thought I ended it like the end of a chapter 1. Mmm. Have to think about that.

Moonine Sue Watson said...

Well, don't leave me hanging. Those kind of chapter endings cause me to burn the midnight oil. Good job.

Unknown said...

Yeah, Sue, after I wrote it as a short story, I realized it sounded like a 1st chapter. Might have to rethink that. Thanks.