Saturday, December 8, 2012


In this day of recession and job loss, we need only search history to relive how God provides for the needs of His children in ways beyond our reasoning.
My husband, Charles, me, and my mother-in-law celebra-ted her eighty-eighth birthday last February. Others in the picture include Charles' cousin, his daughter and granddaughter, and our niece and her mother.

Tomorrow, God will use Granny again to build up the congregation at Crossroads Church in West Tawakoni, Texas. She survived the depression years of the thirties. Her stories encourage us to never succumb to fear, because God always provides. Her pastor thought her testimony would help those in the church who've lost jobs or have wavering businesses.

Charles and I will drive there to attend and support her. I remember some of her stories. Life was hard growing up in the twenties and thirties. Granny's parents and three siblings faced hunger on almost a daily basis.

When Granny was a child, she and her family lived on Love Field, an airport now in the middle of Dallas. Life was hard for everyone. A blessing for one often brought a blessing for many. One neighbor slaughtered a hog that he owned. With no refrigeration, he couldn't eat all the meat before it went bad. He went to Granny's mother and offered her 6 pork chops. Granny dug up the last of her potatoes, and their family had an unexpected feast. (Granny's older brother fed most of his pork chop to the family dog, but that's another amusing side line.)

Another time, the family of six was down to nothing to eat with a weekend stretching ahead of them. The kids discovered an old wreck of car out in the field and played in it like they were driving. One of her brothers found this box in the back, and kid-like, he opened it. It was filled with canned peaches. The kids lugged them to their momma.

"Are they any good?" Granny asked.

"Woo-hoo," her mother yelped. "You bet their good. Wash your hands, and we'll have supper." (That's what we in the south call the evening meal.)

Other times, the church brought food. God always had provision even in the bleakest of times.

Granny is an inspiration, allowing God to use her even now when her health is not great, but her spirit is strong.

Always remember, God, not government or employers, is the source of our provision.

Do any of you have a story about how God provided for you during a rough time?
Share with us if you do.


Moonine Sue Watson said...

I know the members of her church were inspired by her stories. Life is getting tough again like it was back then. Her sharing will help others to look for God to help them or to look for opportunities to help those around them .

Unknown said...

Yes, she was funny & interesting. They love her there. We left feeling she was in good hands. Thanks for the comment, Sue. She sure encouraged us in these rough times.