Saturday, October 13, 2012

11 Ways to Increase Exercise on Vacation

When I travel, weight gain plagues me. New and different foods are a huge factor in the pleasure of my trips. Eating enhances my enjoyment. I look forward to certain ethnic or geographical treats.

Another element of gaining weight comes from too little activity. We sit in a car. We sit on a plane or in the airport. We recline in easy chairs and visit friends or family. We sit and read or watch shows.

Activity must be increased purposely. While on my fall vacation with our travel trailer, I dreamed up new ways to move my body. It was either that or not try favorite local restaurants. That isn't going to happen.

Here's ways I've thought of to move more:

1. Every time I stop for gas, walk around the station, or step up on the curb and down again twenty repetitions.

2. Carry 1 to 3 lb weights and do bicep curls while riding.

3. Take nightly walks in the neighborhood or recreational vehicle parks.

4. When rain shuts you in your cabin or trailer, do twenty kicks and squats twice daily.

5. When making hotel reservations, check on the exercise room. Take advantage of it each night or each morning.

6. In the summer, watch for stops with swimming pools even though you no longer have kids at home that beg for that. Swim laps or do water aerobics before retiring.

7. While waiting at the airport, pretend you're about to miss your flight. Run from one end of the terminal to the other, case in hand.

8. Take equipment for activity such as a tennis racket and ball, volleyball, or basketball. Is there a horseshoe-throwing game to the side of your cabin?

9. Walk the golf course instead of spending money on a cart.

10. Love shopping? Walk the strip of gift shops. In a city, find a mall and loop twice to see what stores are available. If something in a window catches your eye, walk back to that store.

11. Challenge each other to climb a mountain or make a trudge through the White Sands National Monument or on through the sands on the Florida beach.

That's my suggestions. Send me yours. Please. I'm desperate. I want to eat.

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