Sunday, August 26, 2012


Do you love to write?
Do you have trouble comprehending what you read?
Do you believe that you'll never be able to write because you are a slow reader?

You're not alone. Let me give you hope. Notice the name of my blog "writing with God's hope." Everything I write, I desire to give hope. We don't have to be ruined because of an addiction, whether it's to food, alcohol, gambling, or drugs. With God, hope abounds. True to my theme, let me explain my writing/reading challenges.

During elementary school, teachers gave us Scholastic Magazines. Each week, we read a story and answered questions about what we read. I love English, and I love reading. I received good grades on most exercises, but on the reading ones where there was a time limit, I failed. When the teacher said "time's up." and passed out the tests, I usually had only read the first few paragraphs, so I didn't know the answers.

I require quiet when I read. If people are talking around me or the TV is on, I can't concentrate. I paint word pictures in my mind to understand what I read. This takes time. I often reread a sentence or paragraph that I didn't understand the first time. Because of these challenges, I read slowly.

This year, 4RV Publishing debuted my fist novel, an inspirational, paranormal YA "Victoria and the Ghost." I have completed seven books and started number eight. I can testify that being a slow reader doesn't prevent a writing career. Take hope. If you want to write, do it.

Here are the biggest difficulties:
1) reading for pleasure 2) reading to support other writers 3) reading blogs or books to help with your craft 4} reading e-mails, or any info onlne quickly enough to leave time for writing 5) reading and rereading your own work for edit while you're completing it, and the hardest for me, so far 6) reading fast enough the editor's copies for correction while preparing a book for publication.

Yes, reading is required constantly to be a writer. I'm slow, but all good things come to those who perservere and pray. Go for it. There is hope for slow-reading writers.


Moonine Sue Watson said...

I do so much reading I don't ever get around to writing. So maybe that is another problem.

Unknown said...

Yes, Sue, it is better to write, but reading so slowly does hamper you as a writer. Perhaps you have to be more determined than ever. Thanks for your comment.