Saturday, August 11, 2012

Interview with Author, Mary Beth Lee

This weekend we welcome multi-pubished author, Mary Beth Lee. Her Inspirational women's fiction Letting Go released in July. She lives near me and is a good friend and a good writer.

Tell us something about your latest release, Mary Beth
Letting Go is a story of forgiveness, redemption and second chances. The main character Clarissa has a criminal past and so much resentment toward her mother, it weighs her down. She’s worked for several years to become a different kind of person than she’s been raised to be, but that difference doesn’t include God at all. The book is a romance, but it’s also a book about God’s unconditional love and salvation through Christ. It’s book 1 of a planned trilogy. Right now it’s available in paperback or in e-format on kindle

Where did you come up with the idea for this book?

The main characters just showed up in my mind one day. I see so many people hurting today because they can’t forgive those who’ve hurt them in the past, I wanted to write a book that showed the healing power of forgiveness when it follows Christ’s example.

I love that idea. You're right, forgiveness is so needed. What do you hope the reader will come away with from this book?

I hope they’ll fall in love with my characters, and I hope they’ll be left with a feeling of peace. God’s grace truly covers all. As one of the characters in the book says, Thank God He doesn’t base our salvation on our pasts! If my writing touches hearts, I’m happy.

Praise God. What do you like best about writing? Least?

Best: Probably my dialogue. It feels real to me when I read it. Least: description. I’m terrible at it.

Wow, you echo my own strengths and weakness, so I so relate. What do you feel you did right in your writing career?

Making the decision to self-publish while also pursuing a career with a traditional publisher.

Did you have trouble coming up with your own distinctive voice?

No. I’ve written forever. My friends say they can tell my writing even when it’s not signed.

You’re also published in young adult that isn’t inspirational. One of your books Honor and Lies recently hit the top #50 “coming of age” book list on Amazon. Do you plan on continuing to write in both genres?

Yes! I love YA. Honor and Lies was my first published book. It holds a special place in my heart, and I love that so many people are falling in love with Sissy and Savannah. It’s also a story about redemption and family, although it’s not overtly religious.

Tell us something of your writing journey.

I started writing novel length fiction in junior high. At the time I LOVED the Harlequin Teen romances, but there weren’t enough of them for me and my friends. I started writing serial romances in spiral notebooks with Erasermate pens. My friends would pass the spirals around and tell me to write faster. When I started my college studies, I put the fun writing away until I reached the end of my English degree. One of my last English undergrad classes was Drama. The professor, Dr. Thomas Hoffman, made us write a play for an assignment. I did, loved it, moved on to a career teaching. A couple years later Dr. Hoffman told me I needed to be writing and he’d like me to start work on my master’s degree. I’ve been writing fiction ever since. Honor and Lies was my thesis.

What do you do for fun?

I read and write more than anything else, but I love to watch movies and I spend way too much time playing Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I love social media. You can find me on facebook at and on twitter @marybethleeybnp.

Thank you for this interview, Janet. It's so much fun to share about writing with friends!

Mary Beth also writing YA as Elizabeth Lee

Thank you, Mary Beth. I enjoyed visiting with you. I look forward to reading Letting Go.


Linda Broday said...

Mary Beth, I loved learning a little more about you even though I've known you for years. Your book looks great and it's something I know I'll like. The idea of finding redemption resonates in me. I'm going to have to download this onto my Kindle. You have such an enormous talent and all your stories touch me. I'm wishing you much success in this writing journey.

Unknown said...

I agree, Linda. I'm old fashioned so I bought on of her books in paper copy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Linda. I love your work, too. I wish I could learn to write description like you!
I hope you enjoy Letting Go. The support from RRRW made all the difference! :-)