Sunday, April 29, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Here's six sentences from my WIP "Auction Her Heart."

“You look pale.” His arm draped around her


A hitch caught her breathing. Her legs buckled.

She needed to sit down, but her chair seemed two

Texas counties away. For just a moment, she would

submit to the offered refuge. Taut muscles supported

her weakness.

Carol Shenold asked us to participate in her Six Sentence Sunday, so the above is my contribution. Thanks, Carol. This is fun.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Do you ever feel a let down when you finish a book? Three years ago I plotted a new contemporary romance at a plotting retreat in Quartz Mountain of southwestern Oklahoma. Since I was in the middle of other projects, I set it aside. Last fall, I began writing it with all the excitement of a school girl with a new cell phone.

Yesterday, I wrote "the end." Now you would expect that would be an exciting time. For the last six weeks, I wrote as fast as my fingers could tap the keyboard antipating "the end." I achieved my goal. Where was the enthusiam?

I tried to catch up on a few other ongoing stories or ideas, but soon succumbed to the numbness. My heart wasn't in my writing. I suffered a real case of the blues, and it all came back to the fact that I'd written "the end."

As a reader, I have experienced this before with a book that I loved. I hated to leave the characters behind as if saying good-bye to old friends or family. I have written "the end" on seven novels since I started writing, but this is the first time I feel adrift, sad, let-down.

During my quiet time with the Lord, this morning, God revealed the why. In both writing and reading, we end one book and open another eager to meet new friends, see a new world or even continue the first story if we're reading a series. Yesterday, when I wrote "the end" on my novel, I reached a dead end street with no outlet.

When we reach one of those deadends while driving, we turn around and look for a new direction. This morning, I search my options. I look through my idea list. I glance over old stories that need rewriting. One, in particular, needs a point of view change. Most of all, I pray for God's guidance.

What comes next? Only delving into a new story will chase away my let-down.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Are Ghosts Real?

Are ghosts real? No doubt, ghosts intrigue us. Supernatural beings scare us, and paranormal activity interests everyone. Still, there are those who disavow their existence. There are Christians who believe they exist, but should be avoided because they are evil.

Let me know what you believe.

The dictionary gives this definition of supernatural as: not explainable by natural forces or accepted rules. Many people testify to occurrences that can’t be explained in the natural realm. Are they crazy or hallucinating, or lying?

The Bible is a Christian’s reference for knowledge and guidance, so here's my take:

I learned two things about ghosts or supernatural beings from my study.
1) Spirits of people who have died are not real.
Hebrews 9:27 tells us God appointed one time only for each of us to die. I would not put "out of body" experiences here because they do not move around the earth as spirit beings, but drift off and immediately back to earth as living people. I concur from this verse that people can’t die and live on as spirit beings before they “follow the light” as popular TV shows such as Ghost Whisperer demonstrates. These shows are fun, but not factual. Another verse, Matt. 25:45 tells us the same thing. Evil people go to eternal punishment and ones upright with God go into eternal life.
2)Spirit beings or ghosts are real.
The Bible refers to them as angels and demons, but denotes their authencity.

God created angels as a different type of being than men. Neither distance, nor gravity nor visibility binds angels. Because of that, angels are GOOD supernatural beings. We can’t explain or understand them, but they do exist.
Wonderful testimonies abound of angels appearing to people, helping, strengthening or bringing about miracles. In the Bible, angels appeared to men such as Daniel in the Old Testament and Mary in the New Testament.

Demons are BAD supernatural beings or ghosts, if you will. 2 Co. 11:14-15 gives us insight into their ability to disguise themselves as ministers of righteousness or angels of light. 1 Peter 5:8 explains that these demons will do anything to destroy Christians. Because they masquerade as “nice people,” unsuspecting victims trust the psychic or medium, when they should trust God.
Eph. 5:18 warns us to “not be deceived.” A psychic will conjure up loved ones to convince us of their desire to help. Old Testament Scripture reminds us that God is against psychics. (See Deut. 18:10-13 and Lev. 20:27). The closest thing to a haunting listed in the Bible is the story in Mark 5 of the man possessed by a “legion” of demons so that he lived in the graveyard and scared people. This was another example of evil ghosts.

Most ghost tours or legends exemplify a person that used to live as human, but now, after death, as a spirit. Biblically, I don't believe this can happen though many times ghost stories are fun and not intended to take as a serious worry. In cases where people believe in these apparitions, have seen them or been scared by them, they could be real. Our job would be to classify them in the right category--angels or demons.

Per 1 John 4:1, “…test the spirits whether they are of God…” So, we know they can be of God, but can also be of the devil.

“If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not and it shall be given him. James 1:5 KJV.”

Christians should view ghosts as real, able to deceive, can be good or bad, and are never reincarnated people. At least, that's my take. What's yours?