Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rumble Strips

The state of Texas lines the highways with rumble strips to wake up sleepy drivers and keep them from veering off the road. God gives us rumble strips (warning signs) to keep us on His path. Here's my list:

1. Doing anything else appeals to you more than going to church.
Boing! You've just hit a rumble strip. The vibration rattles your mind. What's wrong with me? Walk, no, run to the house of God. Listen to His Word.

2. You're depressed. No one speaks to you. You feel so tired, so very tired.
If you're dwelling on yourself and what's wrong with you, look up. God is flashing a yellow light. Beware! Beware! It's not all about you.

3. Temptation to speak harsh words comes more frequently. You find yourself laughing at an off-color joke. When was the last time that was a problem? You absolutely hate your boss and dread to go to work. WARNING: When was the last time you prayed?

Resentment and compulsive overeating plague my personal life. God's rumble strip shows up for me when I constantly long to eat sweets. I must check my life. What is wrong? Am I angry with someone? Have I been too busy for a quiet time of meditation? Have I really forgiven my friend or my family?

Fellow Christians, think of your own life. God places rumble strips there for all of us. At first, they distract or aggravate us, but have we allowed them to steer us away from trouble? Do we use the warnings to get us back on God's path?

Rumble strips on our highways and in our lives bear a purpose--to save our lives, but only if we follow their nudging.

Rumble strips steer sinners to saving strength and success.

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Beth Reinke said...

Janet, I love your analogy using rumble strips. My state has them, too, so now the "va-voom, va-voom" under my tires will be a reminder to look for little warning signs in my own life. Love practical ideas to keep on the right track. Thank you!