Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Last two reasons why I walk with the Lord

Thank you for following my weekly posts about why I walk with the Lord. Last week I entertained grandkids and didn't post on Sunday, so I'm running late. God has blessed me while I pondered this question and the blessings I have in my life because of walking with the Lord. I hope you also have been blessed.

Here are my last two reasons:
13. Goodness enters my world through Him. I have insight into what's good and what's true and kind. Without Him, all seems negative.

14. He affords me Holy Spirit power.
As I come to the end of my blessings, I cherish the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. He gives me supernatural power to overcome and to witness.

To summarize, here are all fourteen reasons why I choose to walk with God.

1. The Lord loved me enough to die for me.
2. He provides my daily necessities.
3. He gives me instruction and guidance.
4. He answers my prayers according to what's best.
5. He furnishes courage when I am fearful.
6. He renews strength when I am weak.
7. He provides protection and help when I'm powerless.
8. He gives confidence when I have low self esteem.
9. He's my inheritance.
10. He's my hope and that of my children.
11. Justice and truth come through Him.
12. All blessings enter my life through Him.
13. Goodness enters my world through Him.
14. He affords me Holy Spirit power.

I hope you've made up your list.
What would you say if someone asked "Why do you walk with the Lord?"

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Two More Reasons I Walk with the Lord

If you've been following my blog, I've been listing each week two reasons to give if someone asked me why I keep walking with the Lord. Today, comes reasons eleven and twelve.

11.Justice and truth come through Him.

Despite the trend toward relative truth, justice for all comes only through Christ. God is truth, and truth is what sets us free.

12.All blessings enter my life through Him.

He allows or directly provides everything good in my life. Without Him, I, like Paul, would of all men, be most miserable.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I Walk with the Lord. Why?

Well, here's two more reasons following through with the question why am I blessed to walk with the Lord.

#9 He's my inheritance.
I had never thought about this until recently. Most of us understand the meaning of getting an inheritance. Two things happen.

1. Someone we love dies.
2. They love us enough to leave us something of value.

Being an only child, my mother put into a document known as a will that everything she had became mine upon her death. She wasn't rich but my inheritance from her did help my husband start his real estate business, gave my daughters some furniture to remember her by and purchased me a new car. Yet, I would have rather had my mother with me. Fortunately, both my mother and father were Christians, so I can see them again in heaven.

Jesus died on the cross because He loved me and thereby left me a priceless inheritance. Because of His death and His love, I will live again and see Him in heaven.

#10 He's my hope for the future and that of my children.
This is similar to number nine, yet different. The inheritance He left gives me hope for the future.
Without Jesus, I have no hope for me or my family, both in this life and in heaven.

Thank you, Jesus, for my inheritance and my hope for my life on earth and afterward.

I have four more reasons left why I walk with the Lord.